62 Years | The Dream Lives On

August 14, 2009

PKKH Media Production

Exclusive Messages For PKKH Readers From Ali Azmat, Aatif Aslam, Mushahid Hussain, Hamid Gul, Ahmed Quraishi, Zaid Hamid and TeamPKKH!







  1. Pakistan mubarak ho seb umt-e-muslima ko

    Jashn-e-Azadi mubarak

    Good to hear all voices, the message they gave

    ye awaz ek awaz nahi rekhti, pegham rekhti hai
    Pakistan se muhebbet k berey huwe jaam rekhti hai
    ye imaan hai muslmaan ka, yahan ho gi seher peda (InshAllah)
    sirf dekhna ye hai, ye kin sayadet mendon k naam rekhti hai

    Every muslim and Pakistan make sure that your name is written on that list which make Muslim umma and Pakistan be the no 1 nation of the world. Amin

    • In the first 10 years, the founding fathers virtually accomplished a
      miracle when they turned an idea called Pakistan into a country, carving
      out in the process, an independent economy from a single sub-continental

      The part of the subcontinent which became Pakistan on August 14, had no
      currency of its own, no central bank and virtually no industry. It was,
      however, very strong agriculturally. It was a net exporter of foodgrains
      and the main source of jute and cotton for the factories located across the
      border in India.

      On the day the country was born, the till was virtually empty with India
      refusing to transfer Rs 3 billion which were payable to Pakistan from asset
      distribution under partition agreement. And down the road even before the
      first decade had come to its conclusion, India unilaterally stopped the
      supply of coal, the major source of energy for West Pakistan in those days.

      In the face of the gigantic challenges of settlement of millions of
      refugees, establishing the administrative, social and physical
      infrastructures and even a war over Kashmir with India, the country not
      only survived economically but even launched its first five-year plan and
      conceived and drafted the second one.

  2. Indeed the dream lives and will always live on till it becomes a reality Insha’Allah……. Pakistan Zindabad

    • Pakistan ll remain till day of judgement….


  3. Iraday jin k pukhta hon, Nazar jin ki khuda pr ho
    talatum khaiz mojon se wo ghabrayaa nahi kartay !!

    ::: Pakistan Zindabad :::

  4. Part 1 n 4 is awesome!

  5. pakistan zindabaad!time is come to make zindabaad pakistan,INSHA ALLAH.

  6. This is the land I belong to,
    This is the land I will die for,&
    This is the land that defines my identity.
    This is my country.
    This is PAKISTAN….
    Say it Loud n Proud,
    Proud to b a Pakistani

  7. I love my Pakistan very much, and i miss my country.

    • East or West

      Pakistan iz The Best . .

      May U n Ur patriots live long Pakistan ! ! Aameen.

  8. beautiful inspiring video and gr8 masgs by sir zaid, hameed gul, ahmed qureshi and dan qayum…. INSHALLAH PAKISTAN will rise and shine INSHALLAH we will see the future where PAKISTAN will b center of gravity of the world and ummah INSHALLAH that will happen soon lets b part of it… i just want to appreciate alot to the team of PKKH u u r doing an awesome job brothers may ALLAH give u strength to do it till end and may u succeed really proud to see u guys


  9. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan ,

    The Last Castle Of Islam ,

    The Guardian Of Muslim Ummah,

    This ‘Land Of the Pure’ is the Sign of Bravery and Honour Of..

    Our Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu ,Our Emperor Baber, Our Emperor jehangir,

    Our Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir.

    I’m so blessed that i’m a Muslim and i’m a Pakistani Muslim…

    The Pride, The honour which i hold into my heart for being a Pakistani Muslim is beyond one’s imagination, and i can’t put it into words even if i try my hardest coz i don’t find the such words which could reflect my Junoon for This ‘Land Of The Pure ‘.

    I Love Pakistan to Death,

    I Love Pakistan to Death,

    I Just Love the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan to Death.

    “Khuda Kare Meri Arz-e-Pak Par Utray

    Woh Fasl-e-Gul Jissay Andisha-e-zawaal Na Ho

    Yahan Jo Phool Khilay Wog khila rahay Barson

    Yahan se Khaza’n Ko Guzarnay Ki Bhi Majaal Na Ho ”

    Ameen!! Summa Ameen !!

    Azadi Mubarak to

    PKKH Team nd All MY Pakistani Brothers nd Sisters over here.

    Pakistan Hamesha Zindabad !!

    • You said it all my friend =)

      Pakistan Paindabad!

    • man you just wrote whats in my heart 😦 GOd Bless Pakistan

  10. No More Musharraf @ PKKH??? more focus on Gen. Hameed Gul!!!! 😦

    • Dont say like this that “no more musharraf” bcoz respect people so others will respect u.and secondly today is 14 August so forget your quarrels and live like brothers.

      • u didnt get me actully my friend, that was my questen why no more musharraf on pkkh any more since long time, pervaiz musharraf ka bhi agar msg daal daitay to bohaat he acha hota

  11. Rise Pakistan Rise ! Divine Destiny beckons you as the Imam of the Muslim Ummah, Insha Allah.

    Let Unity, Faith & Discipline be your sheet anchor at all times.Pakistan is the second Medina.

    It will be the embodiment of a true Muslim State as it should be.Exemplary and the citadel of Islam to reflect the Muslim Renaissance long overdue.

    Strive on , Failure is no longer an option !
    Pakistan Zindabad

  12. Jo muslmaan hai tere wajood mein ker be-daar us ko ab
    Tu imam tha duniya ka, k main muntzir hu phir teri

    For Muslima Umma

  13. Pakistan Zindabad..

    i am ready to sacrifice anything for this GREAT NATION.. May Allah give us the strength..

    I would like to join ur team Mr Dan Qayyum…

    Muhammad Bilal Khan

  14. Time is not so far, when we will be the Army ! We will die for our country and not afraid of any thing. Allah is surely, our protector !!!

  15. Subhan Allah – Zaid Sahib Rocks.

  16. PKKH I salute your effort in bringing these overwhelmed messages to us. Ae Nigare Watan to Salamat rahey- Mang teri sitaron sey bhar den ge hum Inshallah.

    • Tera Khawar e Darakhshan Rahay Ta Abd Farozaan

      Teri Subha Noor Afshan , Kabhi Sham Tk Na Ponhchay

  17. “Allah and not America is the only superpower” Excellent!

  18. love pakistan!! may our dream to see a prosperous, progressive, islamic state come true soon …
    and with people like the team of ‘pakistankakhudahafiz.com’ inshala its gonna be a reality sooon…

  19. Mashallah Pakistan Zindabad

  20. we were born by a miracle
    We will rise by miracle
    stick to the destiny and work to reach it
    tides shall turn over night

  21. Salam to everyone. Great program and great comments.

    • aray umar mera dost kaisa hai 😀

  22. Salam
    I am new to this website. I request all Pakistanis to promote websites like this and the message of Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid to all Pakistanis. It will be nicer that some of the members can goto this cricket website called pakpassion.net and promote our agenda to their members which is around 14,000. I believe that such actions will only strengthen our cause of united Pakistan

  23. Thanks for the wonderful comments. Please continue spreading the word – we’re all one team, we’re all Pakistanis.

  24. im a student(FSc) n dont get much time on net… if there is a job not requiring much time, im ready. I also tried to join Pakistanfirst but the work was a bit time consuming so i had to give up!

  25. Great comments by our patriots and Dan Qayyum. We are with you!!

    Our public is like a lion. It is time to Rise!

    The time has come for this lion to rise and devour all the serpents surrounding it!

    The time has come for this nation to complete the revolution that began 62 years ago!! Whose roots can be traced to a 1000 years bak.

    When the divided Ummah asks Who will unite us?? There is only one answer!

    When the muslim ummah, the palestinians,the iraqis, the african nations suffer, they ask, who on this earth can we turn to?? There is only one answer!

    That answer is Pakistan!!!

    My dream is that Pakistan play a great role in the 21st Century that goes way beyond its borders! Inshallah that day will come soon!

  26. Admin.PKKH,
    Thanks for cleansing.It shows the positivity of your mission.

    • Thanks,
      dude I had to do it.
      I couldnt stand that fascist language anymore 🙂

  27. […] 62 Years | The Dream Lives On (A PKKH Media Production) Iqbal Ka Pakistan: Azadi Special with Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Quraishi, and Imran Khan Pakistan: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon (Aazadi Special) The Revolution Within Us – Talha Mujaddidi | PKKH Pakistan’s Natural Riches – Noreen Shaikh | PKKH The Way Ahead For Pakistan – Romesa Khalid PKKH Goes To The BillBoards! The First Of Many InshaAllah Slap on the face of Brahamdagh and India Video: Pakistan – Tu Hi Mera Pyar Hai Video: The Creation Of Pakistan […]

  28. My being, my heart, my dream is a strong, prosperous, proud Pakistan. Let’s create a nation that would make the Quaid e Azam proud, make Bahadur Shah Zafar proud, make Allama Iqbal proud, make Liaqat Ali Khan proud, make Babur proud, make Mehmud Ghaznavi proud, make Aurangzeb proud, make Ibrahim Lodhi proud, make Shahabuddin Ghauri proud, and indeed make Mohammed bin Qasim proud.

    • Ameen

      • Ameen..

    • Except Quaid, I don’t care about anybody else. I want to make my son proud, I want to make your brother or sister proud. I want to make the guy living in kachiabadi proud.

      And the rest of you, quit saying Ameen.. Ameen.. and pull your heads out of you ass.

      • Ameen again to your wishes dear Namewithheld…. I’m sure you’ll make your son very proud with the kind of language you’re using 🙂

    • Ameen ya Rabbul Alamin

  29. Your dream is right, but logic is flawed. We need to stop the slogans and need to work on solutions. Instead of giving broad stroke solution, we need to have clear cut solution roadmaps that average people can understand and can stand behind.

    For example if we want to change the education system or the police act then I would like to see

    1) What is wrong with the current act
    2) Who are benefiting from this act
    3) What changes are needed
    4) How will the changes will improve the common man
    5) What is the option of the police force about the changes
    6) What would it take to get the changes approved
    7) Once changes are approved, how can we implement them on ground
    8) What hurdles will we run into when we implement these changes
    9) What kind of support we need from people to help implementing it.

    I disagree with your solution of a group of patriotic Pakistani (laptop cabinet) driving the solutions. Among other reasons, most of these hand picked cabinets are not answerable to any law, they come in and screw up the things and they disappear without any accountability.

  30. For all you Army lovers, who think they can solve the problems.

    Here is the satellite view of the US embassy in Islamabad where 1600 marines will live. Count the buildings, there are 90+ and still going. These buildings have not been erected in the last 300 days. This has been going on for atleast three to four years. The top brass of the army including Mush are involved in it. It was done with the consent of the Army. Millions have been made by army, and just like the cleansing going on the courts, I think there is a need to hang a good number of.

    This is East India Company all over again and someone allowed it to happen. Heads should roll on this.
    (If you don’t see the map, click the satellite button in the map)

  31. Thanks for the appreciation people..

  32. HAMEED GUL is really a source of inspiration for todays youth

  33. great work….

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