14th August Sees Birth Of Two More Patriot Organisations

August 14, 2009


RISE PAKISTAN is a non‐profit organization committed to countering the negative media coverage Pakistan gets in foreign press by providing the true picture of the real Pakistan which is diverse, colourful with a rich cultural heritage, a thriving and independent media, and its people resilient in the face of multiple crisis. It promotes the various achievements by Pakitanis in all walks of life, from sports and economy to science and technology.

The aim of RISE Pakistan is to instill a strong sense of unity and pride in being Pakistani, and to encourage the youth to put aside their differences and focus on activities to motivate and unite the nation. Visit Website


An idea, a conception, an initiative, Pakistan Youth Movement worked upon by a group of professional Pakistanis with a noble cause of valuing the most precious belonging of our nation “Pakistan”.

Think of contributing to the cause of your country! Ignite your spirit and employ. Yes it is still a cause and shall remain so until we make our Pakistan our country in its true sense. Visit Website




  2. Excellent step…if u need any sort of help than plzz e-mail me

    • How i can contribute to work for my home land


      Mudassar Naveed

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