The Way Ahead For Pakistan

August 13, 2009

Romesa Khalid

42-15969391 It is an irrefutable fact that Pakistan and Islam can never be isolated from each other. One was created for the protection and promotion of the other. The British tactic was always to instil territorial nationalism in the Muslim world and thus drive them apart. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the great twentieth century Muslim poet-philosopher, confronted this attempt with his enlightened Islamic philosophy which emphasised how important it was for Muslims to unite and revert to the teachings of Islam which came with “legal concepts”, “civic significance”, and “religious ideals” that could not be separated from a social order. According to his Two-Nation Theory, Pakistan was the only way by which these ideals could be realised. Thus, it was essentially on the basis of Islamic philosophy and as a hallmark of Islam that Pakistan came into being.

President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto revived Iqbals’ notion of an Islamic Common wealth of Nations in the shape of the Islamic summit in Lahore where Muslim world leaders gathered and established an agenda of “determination of Muslim statesmen to promote solidarity among Muslim countries, to respect each other’s independence and territorial integrity, to refrain from interference in each other’s internal affairs and to resolve their differences through peaceful means in a fraternal spirit”.

38 states participated. Resolutions calling for the vacation of occupied Arab territories by Israel, restitution of the rights of the Palestinians, and promoting and safeguarding the political and economic rights of Muslim and third world countries were adopted. It helped in the reconciliation of Pakistan and Bangladesh and proved its potential as a promoter of great peace and stability. Muslims leaders in the conference also deliberated on trade relations. Bhutto said, “It is not spiritual but economic strength we have lacked so far…Muslim countries are so placed as to be able to play a most constructive and rewarding role for co-operation among themselves…their economies are such that they are able to supplement one another’s development effort.”

The summit proved that Pakistan was a genuine “Muslim ideological state” that was not restricted by geography, caste, colour or creed. It could potentially function as the uniting force between all Muslim countries because of the strong communal and spiritual bonds they share.

Pakistan’s geopolitical position also contributes immensely to its importance as a leading Muslim state. We are surrounded by some key state actors in the Muslim world like Iran and Afghanistan and have an influential relationship with Saudi Arabia. Now that we are caught in the War on Terror our ulemas should take the opportunity to distinguish between true Islamic principles and extremist brands by which they are now being abused. Ruet-i-Hilal Committee chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman stated that those “fighting in the name of Sharia must first abide by Islamic rules”. Such clerical statements should be made public internationally in order to explain to the Muslim world that the offensive against the TTP is justified because they are fighting with unIslamic means. That is the only way we can make the international Muslim community realise who the aggressors really are so they can stand united with us against this conspiring Anglo-American bloc.

It is high time for Pakistan to host another Islamic Summit, the most crucial one in history, despite our internal situation. We must revert back to the timeless principles of unity and progress that Iqbal emphasised. If we can do so internationally, we will be successful in uniting and leading the Muslim ummah. Pakistan is a means of positive change in the Muslim world, not an end. General Hamid Gul said that Pakistan is an unfinished revolution.

The time is now for its completion.



  1. The way forward has to be very positive. The purpose of our existence should not be forgotten, that it is a homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. It was never to satisfy regionalism.

    Muslims, if Pakistan is truely a Muslim State, cannot be stopped from entering Pakistan for emotional reasons. Qaed e Azam did not give any deadline for this. Even if somebody is born today and thinks Pakistan is his promised land he should not be stopped.

    Having realized independence we should have immediately gone about dismantling the system by which The Colonial Powers controlled the populations. They awarded huge tracts of land to a few feudals to control the populations with their iron grip and tyranny. It has not been dismantled in 62 years. The dismatling of the colonial system must begin this year.

    We should immediately struggle for Land Reforms and ensure that Land Ceiling is introduced and strictly implemented. No body should have more than 56 acres of land and if it is under a canal not more than 14 acres per head. Land is limited and people unlimited and most should avail of a dam water and not a few. Prosperity should touch all, not a few. http://thinker-thinkingoutofthebox.blogspot.com/2007/08/introduce-land-ceiling.html

    This will help Pakistan and people in many many ways. It will demolish the power structure which is unduly in favour of the land lords. No Pakistani should lord over another Pakistani and that cannot happen when one has a few thousand acres of land and the other none. This system should have been abolished long ago. But it hadn’t. At least now it should.

    The excess land must then with full honesty and without corruption awarded to the poor not to the political workers as reward. Strict guidelines must be worked out and implementation done according to eligibility defined without any favoritism.

    There will be objections from people having large tracts of land. But the majority will like it. Having increased the purchasing power of many there will be demand for many many goods which must be met with local production. When that happens there will be an economic boom like of which you have never witnessed.

    The assemblies will be filled with common Pakistanis who will think for Pakistan and its people and make policies accordingly.

  2. I’m with you brother. But this can only happen once we flush out all these blood suckers from parliament. Pakistanis need to come out onto the streets.

  3. Indeed. You are on the dot Sir. But we have to begin somewhere. Let this be a single point agenda for people to come out on streets and they will when they see hope. Once that happens and hype is created for Land Ceiling and its benefits see how things change. That is one sure way of propelling common man in National and Provincial Assemblies. If you do not take the winds away from the sails of the landed class the common man will not be in the parliament. Read Dawn: http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/the-newspaper/columnists/kuldip-nayar-can-drought-bring-us-closer-589
    Read above they are talking of reducing land ceiling from 56 acres to 18 acres. Equitable distribution of scarce resources. State should be strong not a few individuals otherwise you will never get law and order and hence never security and hence no investment and hence no development etc etc.
    More on this on: http://thinker-thinkingoutofthebox.blogspot.com/

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