PKKH Billboard in Karachi – The First Of Many

August 13, 2009

We Salute This Qaum And Its Mujahids

The billboard is located near the PSO petrol station near Agha Khan Hospital. Please send us YOUR photos of this billboard to admin.pkkh@gmail.com



  1. awesome!! keep it up people.

  2. Excellent going, make sure this is one name Pakistanis will remember.

  3. Way to go team. You all inspire me every day.

  4. keep it up. you are doing gr8

  5. MASHALLAH this is gr8 step keep it up INSHALLAH soon it will b all over PAKISTAN

  6. Many more needed,,, please ask all visitors to contribute , and have many more like these. You guys are giving hope to this nation, and i think you are doing a fine job.

  7. Masha’Allah PKKH team. I salute your courage and effort in countering the nefarious designs of our enemies. May Allah be with you in your struggle (Ameen)

  8. Very nice…. but where is the picture of Musharaf

  9. Interviews:

    Zaid Hamid….Sounds Alrite

    Ahmed Quraishi… WTF??? A F%*king Musharaf Pithoo

    Ali Azmat….WTF???

    Atif Aslam … WTF???

    True Pakistan Kaa Khudaa Hafiz :PPPPP

    • AQ, DQ, ZH U ALL ROCK !! KEEP IT UP !! 😀

  10. “Auz-o-billahe-minash-Shaitan(Devil)ir-rajeem

  11. Pakistan Aik ishq ..Aik junooon…

    revolution is near inshallah …

    Pkkh team .. Allah give ajar for wat you doing .. May Allah give you more strength … WE ARE WITH YOU GUYS..

    keep it up ..


  12. A-w-e-s-o-m-e!

    God bless PKKH team and our nation!

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  13. Excellent Work. Keep it up. It certainly is a good effort and keep up the good work all of you. Support our nation and ARMY. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


  14. whos paying you guys .billboard dunt come cheap you know.seems to me u r getting funding from the army to keep up the propoganda bulshit.

    • Wherever they get the money from thatz none of ur business!!

    • I m willing 2 giv them my money…

      • and mine too. Somebody trying something good and you doubt them??? Shame on you.

  15. nice work……
    inshaAllah Allah will help u in ur good cause….

    and im seriously GLAD to see u guys working hard in this cause…..

    keep it up…..


  16. Great, Karachiites are happy and proud to have PKKH’s billboard in our city. Pakistan Zindabad!

  17. @jjww:

    We neither get our money from Army or any other institution. PKKH is a selfless effort by the whole team, and all of us chip in to pull such kind of stunts. If you feel jealous, we feel glad. If you feel sad at it, we’re still happy. And if this billboard makes you angry, we’re feel proud!

    Pakistan Zindabad.

    -PKKH Team

  18. Zabardastttttttt

    keep them coming all over Pakistan

  19. devil what the hell!
    what’s your problem are you Pakistani

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  21. Masha Allah Allah appko or taraee ata farnay ameeeeeeeen !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!! LOUD N CLEAR

  23. Hey guys , Can we chip in aswell ? How can we contribute some funds to this cause

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