Pakistan: Tu Hi Mera Pyar Hai

August 12, 2009

Another production from the PKKH Media Crew



  1. Good to see all terrorists singing the song…. great patriotism yaar.. bohot accha hain.. first screw the world. .then screw up yourself. great

    • great to see a bhindian shit scared! bohoot acha hein!

    • Bablu

      We are not talking about Indian army which is filled with “Hindu extremists” and has connection to them as well … according to an “INDIAN”!!


    • The whole Bhindi Bazar (Bharat) is burning with jealousy. Let it go! Move On…..Anyone smells burnt bhindi?
      Jeo aur jeenay do aur apna nanna sa dimaagh sirf Pakistan ko nuksaan pohnchanay mein mat lagao, Jissay Allah Rakhay…

    • i was very happy after watching burning indian flag by indian occupied kashmiri people and hositing pakistani flag on the front page of gulf times on 15 august.that is enough to burn indian assess in middle east.kashmirs are celebrating pakistan independence day “these are the warm words from the leading newspaper”

  2. it says the video is private.

  3. Video cannot be viewed…its Private…

  4. should work now

    • You guys are doing some really good work Dan.

      Could you please avoid using expansionist themes, such as the ‘future’ map of Pakistan showing India as a part of Pakistan. We have no aggressive designs against anybody, merely the desire to safeguard our right to exist independently, with dignity and by our own ideology.

      It is our dear neighbour with the aggressive antics, and this is what separates us from them. By stooping to their level, we go against our own ideology and deprive ourselves of the moral high-ground we currently occupy.

      If we indeed harboured these expansionist plans, then our neighbours would in fact be justified in their agressive manoeuvres against us.

      We should not hesitate from doing our best to annihilate them if they attack us, but the pre-emption should come from them.

  5. nice propoganda first quaids video whicj=h clearly was fake and then this.whos paying you guys the isi

    • that is the most stupid comment for the day! congrats james for winning that title

      • I second that!

    • James the people like you are hired for spitting shit. This is the only job you have been paid for otherwise i have a job for you to lick my d**k.

      I am sure you wont mind that.


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  7. @bablu………..good to see …..indian terrorist burning their ass……………..hahahahahaha…
    carry on …..you dont know the spelling and meaning of terrorist……..
    bloody bhindian ….cow piss drunker

  8. Love this stuff and the one before


    God Bless Pakistan, Long Live Pakistan

    Nawaz Shahzad

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  10. In this video Pakistani map was without kashmir please correct this and show Pakistan’s complete map.

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