Speech – Not As Free As It Used To Be!

August 11, 2009

Atif F Qureshi | PKKH

Kashif Abbasi, who was allowed by a ‘Dictator’ to speak his mind and criticize the then government in a media campaign which eventually saw the ‘Dictator’ resign, has been kicked off the airwaves by our ‘Democratic’ Government. Irony at its best. The free-wheeling liberal social democratic facade is starting to peel as the current government now resorts to tactics not even ‘Dictators’ indulge in.The stifling of contrary opinion is normally only done in one of two cases: a desperate measure to veil weaknesses, or to shore up strength and consensus. No prizes for guessing which applies here.

This development forms part of a trend that follows the hysterics generated when – in spite of the fact that clowns/puppets exist to amuse – Mr. Zardari cracked his whip in frustration and ‘decreed’ that laughing at him would be an imprisonable offense. The most comical part of this farce is that being the social-democrat/ultra-liberal that he is (the new vice-President of ‘Socialist International’ no less), Mr. Zardari seems of the opinion, that his tin-hat Caesar decree will allow him to re-emerge Mandela-esque. Cue laughter.

Since the CIA engineered election, Pakistan’s national honour has been dragged through the filth at home and abroad. With opinion ratings for the current government barely above sea-level, the people of Pakistan are waking up to the fraud of democracy. Yet ultra-liberal fanatics such as Nadeem Farooq Paracha still clutch at non-existent straws, claiming that democracy is “the only thing left in Pakistan that can save this country.” Perhaps he should take a quick glance at our next-door neighbour. They’ve had democracy for 60 odd years. The result – rampant poverty, perpetual insurgencies and a parliament mostly stocked with convicted criminals. Yep, they can keep it thanks.



  1. Well Kashif….so much for democracy bro….which incidentally is the best revenge 😉

  2. this is not democracy..this is democrazy…full of crazy ministers. Only Khilafat is true way to govern country not this stupid democracy created by west…


    quite a Munafiq …. he will create dissent as long as his channel wants him. Rest of the time he will STFU and play dumb and mute.

    Shame on you Kamran … you absolute excuse of a human being

  4. This Chura Kashif Abbasi got exactly what he deserved. He bit the hand that fed him.. This idiot still gave the example of Musharraf cracking down the media. The entire Pakistan media is pathetic and they deserve what they are getting.

  5. I think this proves that the govt is CIA sponsered as weel as the media. During last days of Musharaf in which US was also bothered by him the media was united against him , on whose orders..its obvious. now when govt is dummy n liked by US the nedia is following orders of not teasing it and remaining silent on its harsh acts..

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