Creation of Pakistan

August 11, 2009

Must Watch Video – Created by PKKH Media Team



  1. Masha’Allah..Great job PKKH team. I can never control my tears when I hear Quaid-e-Azam’s speeches. We are truly blessed to have had a leader whose strength of character has been acknowledged by friends and foes alike. May Allah rest his soul in peace (Ameen).

    Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad. Pakistan hamaisha Zinda aur Pa’indabad (Ameen)

  2. what a shambles its in today, telling its own population that its scared of america and thats why its fighting with it and that america is trying to break it up. all this just to buy time to carry on helping to kill innocent pashtuns both sides of the border. calling anyone that opposes it within its own borders ‘zionists’ when it is the one on the payroll.

    i am a witness to what devilish crimes pakistan is commiting

  3. *fighting with it – as in for it not against it

  4. Jumbo,did you go to the troubled zone for sight seeing? I am surprised how you survived.Come on.Take off the cover from your face.

    Pakistan Zindabad.
    Traitors and enemy agent Murdabad.

    • dont dare call me a traitor, you should refute my allegations if you can.

      does gen kiyani get trips on US warships because he is working against them?

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