Sindhi Soldiers Of Pakistan Army Repel Terrorists From Afghanistan

August 10, 2009

The tide is turning and the morale is high. ‘Our boys from Sukkur’ create a good feeling through military ranks today.

Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Ambush attacks usually work in favor of the attackers because of the element surprise and the relative unpreparedness of the ambushed target. But not today. The soldiers of the 1st Sindh Regiment Battalion who were part of a convoy passing through Asad Khel, south of the town of Miranshah in North Waziristan, numbering about 80 soldiers, repelled today a huge attack by terrorists from Afghanistan and their local recruits.

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  1. Jeway Jeway Pakistan,,,,,,1st pakistan and only Pakistan

  2. happy independence day…….

  3. Major Afzal Shaheed was an Ahmadi Muslim, dozens of news channels refused to mention his Shahadat or burial, as it could cause embarrasment for them and the government. and now this report removed also from AQ 🙂

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