Memo to the Pak Revolution

August 10, 2009


Atif F Qureshi | PKKH

Picture this: Pakistan, 2009. You’re a revolutionary in a hostile nation. You believe your message will have a profoundly positive impact on your fellow citizens, but it seems they are so entrenched in the status quo that it is hard to get through to them. For one thing, they are mired in a state of corruption and despondency, unable or unwilling to break-out.

To the leaders, because you insist on ‘reactionary’ ideals such as honesty, integrity, solidarity and unity, you are a serious danger – a threat to the very fabric of existing society. They conspire against you, trying to undermine you at every turn. They fear you because if even a few were converted to your cause, society would be utterly transformed, the special interests would be overturned and the evils of the leadership would be exposed for all to see.

However, listening to you, although many nod approvingly, their commitment is superficial. Actually taking your message to heart would lead to a significant impact on their wealth, status and lifestyles. The material sacrifices would be enormous. Their income comes from impure sources – they would have to forego it; They are used to trampling on others to get ahead – they would have to start giving way; They wile away their days in self-indulgent frivolity – they would have to start paying attention.

It seems like a hopeless situation doesn’t it? Continue Reading


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