‘Break-up of India: The Only Regional Solution’

August 10, 2009


Almost coinciding with the 13th round of Sino-Indian border talks (New Delhi, August 7-8, 2009), an article (in the Chinese language) has appeared in China captioned ‘If China takes a little action, the so-called Great Indian Federation can be broken up’ (Zhong Guo Zhan Lue Gang, http://www.iiss.cn, Chinese, August 8, 2009).

Interestingly, it has been reproduced in several other strategic and military Web sites of the country and by all means, targets the domestic audience. The authoritative host site is located in Beijing and is the new edition of one, which so far represented the China International Institute for Strategic Studies (www.chinaiiss.org).

Claiming that Beijing’s ‘China-Centric’ Asian strategy, provides for splitting India, the writer of the article, Zhan Lue (strategy), has found that New Delhi’s corresponding ‘India-Centric’ policy in Asia, is in reality a ‘Hindustan centric’ one. Stating that on the other hand ‘local centres’ exist in several of the country’s provinces (excepting for the UP and certain northern regions), Zhan Lue has felt that in the face of such local characteristics, the ‘so-called’ Indian nation cannot be considered as one having existed in history.

According to the article, if India today relies on any thing for unity, it is the Hindu religion. The partition of the country was based on religion. Stating that today nation states are the main current in the world, it has said that India could only be termed now as a ‘Hindu religious state’. Adding that Hinduism is a decadent religion as it allows caste exploitation and is unhelpful to the country’s modernisation, it described the Indian government as one in a dilemma with regard to eradication of the caste system as it realises that the process to do away with castes may shake the foundation of the consciousness of the Indian nation.

The writer has argued that in view of the above, China in its own interest and the progress of Asia, should join forces with different nationalities like the Assamese, Tamils, and Kashmiris and support the latter in establishing independent nation-States of their own, out of India. In particular, the ULFA (United Liberation Front of Asom) in Assam, a territory neighboring China, can be helped by China so that Assam realises its national independence.

The article has also felt that for Bangladesh, the biggest threat is from India, which wants to develop a great Indian Federation extending from Afghanistan to Myanmar. India is also targeting China with support to Vietnam’s efforts to occupy Nansha (Spratly) group of islands in South China Sea.

Hence the need for China’s consolidation of its alliance with Bangladesh, a country with which the US and Japan are also improving their relations to counter China.

It has pointed out that China can give political support to Bangladesh enabling the latter to encourage ethnic Bengalis in India to get rid of Indian control and unite with Bangladesh as one Bengali nation; if the same is not possible, creation of at least another free Bengali nation state as a friendly neighbour of Bangladesh, would be desirable, for the purpose of weakening India’s expansion and threat aimed at forming a ‘unified South Asia’.

The punch line in the article has been that to split India, China can bring into its fold countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, support ULFA in attaining its goal for Assam’s independence, back aspirations of Indian nationalities like the Tamils and Nagas, encourage Bangladesh to give a push to the independence of West Bengal and lastly recover the 90,000 sq km territory in southern Tibet.

Wishing for India’s break-up into 20 to 30 nation-States like in Europe, the article has concluded by saying that if the consciousness of nationalities in India could be aroused, social reforms in South Asia can be achieved, the caste system can be eradicated and the region can march along the road of prosperity.

The Chinese article in question will certainly outrage readers in India. Its suggestion that China can follow a strategy to dismember India, a country always with a tradition of unity in diversity, is atrocious, to say the least. The write-up could not have been published without the permission of the Chinese authorities, but it is sure that Beijing will wash its hands out of this if the matter is taken up with it by New Delhi.

It has generally been seen that China is speaking in two voices — its diplomatic interlocutors have always shown understanding during their dealings with their Indian counterparts, but its selected media is pouring venom on India in their reporting. Which one to believe is a question confronting the public opinion and even policy makers in India.

In any case, an approach of panic towards such outbursts will be a mistake, but also ignoring them will prove to be costly for India.

D S Rajan, is Director, Chennai Centre for China Studies.



  1. brilliant idea Zhan Lue, keep it up!

  2. Perfect Idea. I mean all the indian government has done in the past 50 years is cause instability and turned a once powerful Mughal Empire into a SLUMDOG country with all the problems of the world and the largest sex market. No one is happy there except for a small minority… We the muslims need to take our country back from them and TIME HAS COME FOR THIS !

  3. The Khalistani people would help in doing that by all means. India is not a single country. It is a region brutely ruled by brahmin. It is an artificial country that would fall apart as soon as Indian army is beaten. Chine can do that. I hope we can have our Khalsa Raj in that way. Brahmin India is naturely an enemy of Chinese because Hindi is very mean to all their neighboring countries. I am wondering why the realization of breaking the Brahmin-ruled butcher land was so late.

  4. This will be nice if India is devided in small states. I hope there will be a state only for Lower Cast Peoples in this set up.
    I do not have problem if Christian and Muslim take their share from this too.

    At this time India smells like a dead animal.

  5. while Pakistan keeps India busy, China can work out its strategy……. plus, we’re simply waitin for the right moment….. USA’s on the verge of collapsing, the new BLACK President ain’t much except for a dummy with the label of “Change” tattooed on his candy ass. A recent report showed he’s already beginning to lose the great “admiration and support” that he had come around with. Zion will have him work for them just like his lousy ass predecessor. He’s only better than Bushy Baba in one aspect, he’s got a colored skin…… and that’s about it πŸ˜‰

    If the Americans truly want a change and an improvement in their economy, they should all stand up together and ask their bloody Govt. to put a STOP to the nuisance they’ve created in Iraq and Afghanistan with the blood of the taxpayers of the US of A. Their tax money is going down the drain in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their hands are stained with blood of innocent children and women, just like the hands of the US Govt. and its Military.

    • Complete idiot you are. I was kidding, so take some Chinese medicines and sit back down. I’m not strategizing anything. I’ll leave it to your shit commanders to do. In the mean time, I’m not sure if you can read this in your cave, because it might get blown up. Hope all is well.

      -Zhong Guo Zhan Lue Gang

      • This to the ugly stinking Indian (Injun) who calls himself “Zhong Guo Zhan Lue Gang” here. You can be friggin’ sure that we can read this crap sitting in our caves. And sitting in our caves we can also press the button to shoot our nukes up the Injun bungholes. Sleep with an eye and an ear open you vermins…

  6. So wheres the indians gone now ??? they attack in each topic , come on attack this one aswell ! they know china will wipe them off !

  7. Interesting ideas but too wishful I am afraid. While India is a continent in it’s own respect encompassing several nations in the form of languages, cultures and religions, this same hold true for China. Turning the coin around India could try to do the same thing (not that I think China is working on any plans).

    The only thing that can beak up India is an external occupying force which can address these different sub-nations. But I do not think the day will come when the Chines will send armored brigades across the Himalayas (what a stupid scene that would be).

    As for my own conviction I see a devastating war between Pakistan and India in the horizon. It is simply not avoidable, be it in our life time or our children’s, because of the Hindustani occupation of the Pakistani Muslim province of Kashmir.

  8. Nothing would give me more pleasure!

  9. good day dreaming , haha

  10. Alhumdulillah, inshallah human beings of india wil take a sigh of relief to get rid of authority of birahmans and their evil caste system which exploits the poor people.

  11. In the event of India pushed too far by China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and a dozen industrial cities might be vapourized in a matter of hours.

    China’s new found prosperity and confidence might come to a naught.

    China will not be dumb enough to go to that extent.

    All it will do is to continue with its smart policy of pushing Pakistan to do its dirty job against India.

    • @neel123

      lol …..and do you think you have the balls to take on two nuclear powers at once in Pakistan & China ? ….hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

      I hate to say this man but you guys wont even vaporize …it would be more like YOU NEVER EXISTED …what a poor joke !

      • If Pakistan is mad enough to step in, all the Sunni muslim nations within India’s reach, from Bangladesh to Libya would also be vapourized !

      • @neel123

        We wont be stepping in, we will be orchestrating it :D…..Because you people dont have the balls to straight up attack a country like sri lanka ….and u will nuke a coountry like china ?…ahhahahahahahahah

        Buddy, you should try to get back the northeast part of your country which is falling away from ur hands …:D…You people cant do shit because of the underlying fear in ur hearts which makes u people SHIT IN UR PANTS everytime a proper adversary raises his head.

        You are so obsessed with small adversaries that you come up here on a PAKISTANI forum to get some moral juice :D.

        And how do you expect to vaporise the land mass from libya to china ?…You have no long range weapons …lol lol lol lol

        Or u plan to use HAL Tejas …which is a flop even before it began πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        This is a war which u started but Inshallah we will finish it !!!!

        Radio Pakistan will indeed be broadcast from New Delhi !!!!

    • Easier said than done. What do you think, neel123, India would be able to respond if China attacks India overwhilingly upon getting the very first indication that Hindus are about to do another ugly thing.
      BTW, I am sure it wouldn’t go to that extent. China just needs to start supporting insergencies in India (specially Indian occupied NE), all the suppressed people (including Sikhs, Christians, and shudras) will fight with the Brahmin Indian govt. They are all patiently waiting for the right moment.

    • I think only Indians can day-dream to vapourize these mega cities with 250Km range dud missiles. Neel you are not fooling any one else but you are surely making your own self maha-fool. Good going. Keep it up. I am sure one day you’ll be able to land a rocket on sun (may be at night time).

    • You Indians (Injuns, Hindians, Black Injuns) should always remember 1962 when the Chinese army well and truly rogered and bambooed the Injun army. Just go read your history…

      If Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and a dozen other cities get vapourized what makes you stinking Black Injuns think that Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and a hundred other cities will not be???

  12. It’s not a question of if but when will China attack India and invade it!.Pakistan can certainly help by keeping the Indian forces occupied before the inevitable takes place!.Pakistan is no more China’s slave then Israel that uses India time and time again before spitting it out like a bad habit!!

    India is a cancer on the entire subcontinent that must be cured!.The only solution is for Muslim’s to justly rule Hindu’s and Sikh’s like we’ve done in the past much to their anger that still haunts them even today!

    • The Chinese do not think through rotten Pakistani brains. They would do their home work before even contemplating any serious action against India.

      • @neel123

        Ofcourse neel, which is why this is a Chinese report because they have done all this thinking and come up with the same end result as what Pakistan has been saying for years !!

        What is happening now is a TIGHTENING OF THE NOOSE…!! πŸ˜€

        Look we as individuals didnt know the chinese were contemplating this, but despite of this we and Zaid Hamid has been telling u that Radio Pakistan will indeed be broadcasted from New Delhi.

        Now how is that true ?…well because we have indications from our elders that this will happen.

        India is the land of the Moghals and we will take it back, whether you shit in ur pants of drink litres of cow piss. Reality will not change. πŸ˜€

        What you are seeing now is a convergence of interests by multiple countries. Just wait till Russia jumps on this bandwagon too.

        “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW”…what you have done in kashmir and to the dalits and the shudrs and other minorities will COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU.. YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE.!!

        Wait till the day when 200 – 300 jf-17s and j-10’s will rock ur ass πŸ˜€

        I welcome Pakistanis to gazva-e-hind – Subhan Allah !

  13. I would totally support China in any war with India.Just like in 1962 the Chinese would run circles around their inferior opponents but this time the takes would be much higher.

    I wouldn’t even support the Indian’s against satan because i totally detest them and their entire nation as a whole.

  14. @neel123

    lol …..and do you think you have the balls to take on two nuclear powers at once in Pakistan & China ? ….hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

    I hate to say this man but you guys wont even vaporize …it would be more like YOU NEVER EXISTED :D…what a poor joke ! πŸ˜€

  15. wah wah … i am desperate to be the part of GHAZWA-e-HIND … but also dont forget after india next will be israel

    • HAHAHA

      First Gazwa-e-Hind then Gazwa-e-Israel then Gazwa-e-US and then Gazwa-e-Mars…

      A country who is burning itself and losing its territory is talking about this Gazwa-e stuff…

      This is sooooooo FUNNY as hell πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Amit – the moron!

        Look at ur 21 states filled with insurgency thn talk about probs in our country! u @$$!

      • i think u dont no the meaning of word GHAZWA … soon we will teach u the lesson

      • Losing territory???…keep dreaming…just like we took your land in 1947!

        Delhi has NO CONTROL over the seven sisters region so i believe you’re a disturbed individual whose a bit confused.Your armed forces are afraid to enter certain parts of your fake federation for fear of getting their ass whooped by the Naxalites and their likes!

        That’s what i call REALLY FUNNY!

      • Amit – Or nachnay wali bulbul

        Hey guys – its AMIT :D:D ..lol lol

        Dont mind him guys …hes just a transvestite :D..lol lol

        Throw em a few bucks and he starts dancing ….u just have to sing “nach meri bulbul to him “…………………………………..


  16. MT,in case of a nuclear war,India and your race will be completely wiped out,whereas there are 57 muslim states.
    On a lighter note,I read that a piece of “Rama’s Lingum” has been kept in the Vatican museum.Would you let us know what it is.

  17. wow

    thats good news for us.

    china now regards india as a potentially big threat in the future

  18. Some PAKI here said that this site has NO PLACE FOR news related with China… HAHAHA.


    This story can win a fiction story prize. Pakis can read this article and get a nice sleep and dream India being divided into 20 or 200 pieces but…… when they wake up they would see Baluchis liberated itself from paki opression and Afghanistan engulfing NW pakistan in their territory.

    Anyway getting back to the topic…

    If this news can be believed then …… seems like China wants to hamper its development or has done enough development and want to get back to where it was 30 years ago by trying to break India.Pakistan has tried to break India but India keeps gaining ground.China knows very well that India is not that ill-prepared and under-strength like in 1962.

    There are now already 60,000 plus troops in Arunachal Pradesh alone and about 30,000 specially trained mountain warfare troops sanctioned to be deployed soon with few Sukhoi’s already
    operational. Also there is 40,000 additional Terrotorial Army in North-East.In Laddakh there are already 50,000.

    Because of 1962 defeat India realized it cannot rely on a small army which was only good to fight Pakistan 1-on-1 and then doubled its forces.
    China has done some adventure aginst India in 1967 and 1987 and met with force and China had to BACK OFF and get on talking tables as they know Indians are not that ill-equipped. And then India was not even a nuclear power while China was still much stronger in terms of missiles and nukes.

    If China tries adventurism against India then India can also opt for not only defending itself but also look for weak points China has ie.Tibbet, Xianjing, Vietnam, Taiwan and all it’s adversaries.

    HAHAHA Long live this kind of China-Pakistan. All China can do is to intelligently USE pakistan as a proxy to fight against India and backing off in case of a war between India-Pak(like in 1971 and 1999 LOOOOOOOL) and keep supressing its own 60-70 million muslim population and slaughtering them anytime.

    • This article has been put up coz it talks about India!!

      Before saying “LOOOOOOOL” about Kargil, take a look at an article in TOI which said “India wanted to stop Kargil because India didn;t have enough weapons against Pakistan and it even stated after Mumbai India can only shout about war but it won;t start it coz it doesn’t have weapons”!

      India is stronger…wht BS!! Your 21 states are not under ur control, ur thousands of army men can’t control a small piece of Kashmir! Get ur head outta ur Bollywood $hit!

    • What a fool is this guy, Amit, living in his own paradise. He thinks that keeping a few MIG planes near Chinese border will fend off China, a country that manufactures planes better than the borrowed or bought planes that India has. He also mentions that 30,000 specially trained mountain warfare troops will be deployed on Chinese border soon. One should really give a shit to futuristic Indian claims thinking of such claims as their habitual helplessness. It is a problem with their psyche. We have been hearing tall claims about their IGMDP for last 30 years. All prestigious global periodicals kept reporting fancy-worded stories about Indian missiles during all that time. What was the end result? A 250Km Prithvi plus a lot of shame for the Indians! The similar stories are true for their tank Arjun, LCA, Lakshya, and what not. They were barely able to show off a skeleton sub (with massive Russian support – Russian engineers are working on this project). Arihant, rust bucket, is essentially a bad copy of the subs that Russia allowed the Indians to borrow in the past for many years. So, hell with your claims of 30,000 additional troops with specialized training being deployed at the Chinese border.
      Amit’s claim of having doubled their military is also bogus. They barely can fight only with Pakistan with their current strength. A few years back, when a few Pakistan Army divisions returned from foreign assignments, Indian defense experts had rough time while figuring out how to deal with these additional Pakistani troops. Only Amit kind of fools can claim that Indian Army can fight with both Pakistan and China.
      Some Indians point out that China is using Pakistan as a proxy to bleed India. China, in fact, helped Pakistan to successfully fend off the blackmail and sanctions by the Americans and Europeans. With Chinese support and cooperation, we are making our own tanks, planes, missiles, and other strategic systems. Indian cowards brought their forces twice on Pakistani borders but failed to find guts to attack Pakistan only due to the fear of Pakistani power and capability to massively retaliate. That speaks volumes of very fruitful Pak-China friendship. Indians, being in the state of extreme disappointment and helplessness, vent their misery by uttering non-sense about Pak-China strategic partnership as Amit is doing. Hindus have proved themselves as cursed people for the whole of our region due to their devilish mean acts of war and conspiracies against all their neighboring countries. Time is coming, InshaAllah, when duds like Amit will spread even more insanity on the net. We should take that easy and express our sympathy for their bad taste and state.

  19. barking dogs seldom bite
    let them bark and well indians always bark and never ever any courage to face us

  20. TM still not replied to my question. What is Rama’s Lingum?

  21. @amit & neel peel laal

    it seems u’re pretty much pinned here mates.. πŸ˜‰

  22. Dont worry, we have “ARIHANT” Sanskrit meaning “Slayer of Enemies” is watching over you and rest of arabian sea and bay of bengal and take care of the Enemies with its nukes….

    • Lolzz… first take care of the records you’ve set with the 500th jet crashed India’s flying coffin!

  23. Ok so Kabooter now come up with another fake name name since you have no air left.

    Pakies are masters of FAKING πŸ™‚

    • I chose Kabooter as my pen name. I like that pet bird since I used to live in a village. You have objection? Han? Don’t open your dirty mouth again or else a kabootr will send a ‘beet’ right through to your throat.

  24. SLUMDOGS bark good but have little else to offer!.SLUMDOGS should first clean up their filthy country then make enough toilet’s for it’s long suffering population.

    Being the epicentre of AIDS and prostitution they simply can’t afford war with anyone!.They only have enemies and no friends in the neighbourhood with Pakistanis,Chinese,Srilankans and Bangladeshis all hating India’s guts!.Zaid Hamid is correct in saying that the world must save Indians from themselves before they drown in their own excrement!!!

  25. neel and amit πŸ˜€
    u people got pwned…
    my brothers kabootar and emperorbabur…
    u guys have some talent to counter people like those who talk shit ….
    I mean they talk shit and get owned by you guys πŸ˜€
    brilliant πŸ˜€

  26. :)All of you are living in dreams.its never possible to break India into parts.and my fellow muslim brother either pakistan or bangladesh never save muslims from china,india and the west.how my fellow muslim brother forget about chinese genoside last month which kill more than 1000 muslims.remember one thing all kafirs are same either india,china or the west.what we muslim need is one and only republishment of KHILAFA the ultimate solution for mankind.so dont weste time in these useless article.we have lots of work for bring back real ISLAM.dream a country which starts from Morroco and ending in Indonesia.we the muslim rule the world for more than 600 year hai my brothers our inspiration is Ali Ibn Abu Talib,khalid bin walid,salauddin(saladin).not chinese or taliban or laden.:)

  27. hahahaha where are indians now ?? xP

  28. China should take care of pointing fingers at others when its home is shaking by internal things. Here is what China is doing:-

    Suppression of Tibbet
    Supression of Taiwan
    Supression of Xianjing
    Open support to North Korea by all means which is a menace to world peace with its nukes and missiles
    Open support to Pakistan by all means which is the real danger to world peace with its terrorism , nukes and missiles
    Tight Control on Freedom of speech
    Tight control to Right to know the truth
    Tight control to on Media and only showing Pro-Chinese govt news
    Tight control of practicing religions(including Islam)

    With things like these if any country needs to be broken into many pieces then it should be China where the above things are happening.

    These things are 100 times MORE dangerous than the so called ‘caste-system’ which China is citing the excuse to break India.

    HAHAHA many westners speculated that India would be divided into 30-40 princely states BUT India PROVED them wrong and not only India came UNITED but it successfully integrated a LOT of states in India and the last acquisition was Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in last 1970’s 1980’s .


    India is ONLY GROWING and pakistan is LOSING.

    • so you couldnt get anything in defense of the issues at hand so you start inventing stuff on other countries, so typical, and please quit the HAHAHAs, we know you are shit scared and probably crying..

  29. Well I dont think that this idea might have come officially from the Chinese government, but definitely if China indeed is contemplating on breaking up India, then I think it would not be very hard for them.

    Visit my blog for a very interesting military comparison between India, Pakistan, Israel and Iran: http://next-world-war.blogspot.com/2009/01/military-comparison-india-pakistan.html

  30. @zeeshan809

    This ‘break india’ news came from a reputed defense site of china… chinese cannot publish anything which is not approved by their military govt.

    Its not US where you have freedom of speech.

    The writer is one of the big military think tanks.
    We thank china a LOT for this as we now know whats cooking in their mind.At one time they are holding talks and then comes this news.

    Now we have STRONG VALID reasons for increasing our capablities.

    Breaking India has been pakistans dream too but what happened??? Pak got divided itself and now in civil war where army is killing its own people just like they killed 3,000,000 poor bangladeshis.

    Attacking India would not be easy as we are now NE has 100,000 forces stationed with heavy hardware and sukhois and more to come.

    Thanks to China for showing setting a PERFECT example of a backstabber second time πŸ™‚

    btw see this site to compare 2 countries military power …

    • once again, Amit musters up all of his intelligence, squeezes out every ounce of intellect and ends with something very well thought out… NOT!


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