EXCLUSIVE: Drone Strike Not Meant For Mehsud

August 9, 2009

CIA Stunned – Americans Led To Strike Wrong Target.


BrassTacks & PKKH Exclusive

The drone strike that resulted in the death of Pakistan’s most wanted terrorist is believed to be a result of deliberately planted false intelligence, sources in South Waziristan have confirmed.

Rival militants close to Qari Zainullah Mehsud (who was killed on Baitullah Mehsud’s orders) tipped off suspected local CIA informers about the presence of a ‘high value afghan taliban target’ in a house in South Waziristan.

Qari Zainuddin, a former aide of Baitullah Mehsud, had denounced Baitullah Mehsud in June this year and had revealed Mehsud’s links with Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies. Zainuddin was gunned down in his office the next day and Baitullah Mehsud claimed responsibility for the killing.

In what appears to be an attempt to extract revenge by those loyal to Qari Zainuddin, false intelligence was deliberately fed to a number of local residents suspected of working as informers for the Americans in Afghanistan. Hours later, a CIA operated drone guided by a physically dropped electronic homing device, attacked and destroyed the house which the Americans believed was occupied by Anti-US Afghan Taliban.

The CIA has been paying tribesman in Waziristan “plant the electronic devices” near militant safehouses, reported the Guardian on June 1st this year. “Hours or days later, a drone, guided by the signal from the chip, destroys the building with a salvo of missiles.”

This isn’t the first time an electronic homing device has led the Americans to strike a wrong target. The Guardian’s report continues:

Word of these tiny transmitters has been circulating in militant circles for months. In early April, the Pakistani Taliban leader Mullah Nazir said he had caught “spies” who were inserting into militants’ phones “location-tracking SIMs” — Subscriber Identity Module cards, used to identify mobile devices on a cellular network.

Ten days later, 19 year-old Habibur Rehman made a videotaped “confession” of planting such devices, just before he was executed by the Taliban as an American spy. “I was given $122 to drop chips wrapped in cigarette paper at Al Qaeda and Taliban houses,” he said. If I was successful, I was told, I would be given thousands of dollars.”

But Rehman says he didn’t just tag jihadists with the devices. “The money was good so I started throwing the chips all over. I knew people were dying because of what I was doing, but I needed the money,” he added. Which raises the possibility that the unmanned aircraft — America’s key weapons in its covert war on Pakistan’s jihadists and insurgents — may have been lead to the wrong targets.

The ‘wrong target’ for the Americans on this occasion has turned out to be the right one for the Pakistanis, who have seen a violent rise in suicide attacks and assasinations in recent years, most of which had been tracked backed to Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Pakistani security officials have long complained about the Americans’ choice of targets.

Various reports have also surfaced in recent months disclosing the extent of support Baitullah Mehsud received from India and Israel, using Afghanistan as a base for training and arming anti-Pakistan terrorists. US army and NATO issued rifles and communication equipment has been seized from captured militants and TTP safehouses, and captured terrorists have often spoken of training by Indian nationals in Afghanistan.

The Americans were concentrating on Taliban and Qaeda forces that attack American and coalition troops in Afghanistan but were ignoring militants operating in Pakistan, a senior Pakistani official in the administration that oversees the tribal region told TIME Magazine last year.

“The Americans are not interested in our bad guys,” the official said, referring in particular to Baitullah Mehsud.

Other sources within the Pakistani intelligence community firmly believe that Baitullah Mehsud was being protected by US Drones, warning him of Pakistan Army’s action and movement in advance.

It appears the Americans have finally heeded to the long-standing demand of the Pakistani security services, even if unintentionally.

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Who is Baitullah Mehsud? Watch this Video

First aired on PTV over a year ago – Ahmed Quraishi talks to Zaid Hamid on Baitullah Mehsud’s history and his links with foreign agencies:



  1. The CIA hasn’t yet decided to get rid of its asset Baitullah… Nevertheless, inshallah soon he will be exterminated!

  2. CIA hasn’t yet come out of the shock. ISI should use the opportunity; strikes while the iron is hot;

  3. good article . I hope army should move in now and eliminate these cockoriches

  4. […] Originally Posted by Asim Aquil link please… EXCLUSIVE: Drone Strike Not Meant For Mehsud Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz […]

  5. Pakistan Army, ISI, you rock ! 😉 well… you know why? 🙂 I won’t be believing that there’s no hand of our heroes in that false intelligence “mishap” 🙂

    • well said…… 🙂

    • This is obvious……


  7. How do we know this story is true, not just something invented to puff up Pakistani pride from the embarassment of having nurtured, protected, and bargained with Mehsud for years?

  8. I strongly oppose the expansion of US embassy. This is not going to be good for Pakistan. This NRO government of thugs and murderers is letting them do things which are against the national interests of the country.

    • Just to set the records straight, it was Musharraf who allowed the CIAs to operate in Pakistan in first place. Zardari gov only got the credit to expand that base.

      • dear Humayun the fact is that Musharraf and our FORCES ditched them …they were wisely playing with them and in this game u have to give a piece of meet to get a full goat …as far as disinformation about Musharaf is concerned media and politicain cant even proof a single illegation against him… yes he has taken some wrong decision but i know one thing “MUSHARAF WAS BEST AMONG WORST” means among all politicians…

      • Sorry bro, unable to digest that. Musharraf also ditched his very own country men. He gave bad name to Pak Army by pitching it against Pakistanis. He sold his country men against dollars. Not only Musharraf but other Pak Army Generals and high ups have also some share in this, not all ! but majority of that time. They wouldn’t dare to go against the interest of Pakistan if Musharraf hadn’t deviated himself in first place. Subordinates follow the evil doings of their boss. If you are more than willing to give a piece of meat to get a full goat, than it better be your sons and daughters, not of your country men ! Why innocent people suffer against the evil doings of those bloody generals ?

        Please don’t mention those filthy politicians, if they get a chance they would have literally sold this Pak Sarzameen by now. They don’t even deserve a mention here. Cut them off!

        Yeah I agree with you on “Musharraf was best among the worst”. But, never, ever try to cover up wrong doings of any person, let alone Musharraf. Musharraf did not made “some” mistakes, he has his plate full !

        We, as a nation, should stop refuting and hiding the bad and the ugly in us, we must have to develop enough courage in our selves to stand up united against any actions which will going to harm this Pak Sarzameen, no matter who on the opposite side is, be it my brother or yours or Musharaf for that matter, we have to resist !

  9. i hope our army throw this dog “zardari”, out..not only throws out but put him in tight cell and give him only channa to eat… and hope our ISI take the revenge from indians too… by doing the same they did in Pakistan.

  10. I read that drones attacked was not delibratly on mehsud.it was planned and monitered by hawk eye aew system and exact cooridnates was set by ISI.and fired by drones and intellginece office in makeen said that.

  11. Interesting article good news, I think its a good time to do some counterinsurgency in waziristan and elimanate other important leaders in TTP. I feel that the victory of Pakistan Army over TTP is coming very soon

    • Insha-ALLAH – I feel same.

  12. Two news items in support of this information:

    1. There is reported fighting between “successors” to Bait – more like between followers of Bait and Qari?


    2. Afghan war review delayed:


  13. finally Mr Zaid Hamid is absolutely right about Baitullah… he said Baitullah will be killed once Pak army will start operation coz then American will kill their asset to avoid his arrest alive, and dats wot just happened … besides these issues Pak have worst issue of corrupt politicians like Mr. 10% and parteners of drug kings ruling pakistan

  14. I believe, extermination and annihilation of ZARDARI is indispensible. I look forward to the day when this man will die a dog’s death. Traitor of the higgest accord. He should be put in atomic bombs repeatedly so that each and every ato of his body is completely destroyed.

  15. Musharrf is the real culprit. In 2002 he allowed CIA to induct as many as Pashto speaking people in NWFP. And you have seen the results. Musharraf gave NRO to restore these thugs and in return these thugs allowed US to expand the US embassy. Can any of you get away with a theft of a few hundred rupees while Zardari gets away looting several 100 millions!!?? Amazing how the corrupt generals and the politicians play this charade while people like us dont stop admiring one or the other!!!

    • Dude! What ever he did,,, the masses wanted and elected the NRO in to government.

  16. Well done boys! well done. CIA tastes its own medicine. well done boys.

  17. As somebody has said”It is risky to make America your enemy but it is dangerous to befriend them”.
    One gets power,in Pakistan, only with the help of America.Nowadays we are seeing how Nawaz and Zardari are trying to outdo each other.
    Ayub,once a baby of America,wrote”Friends not masters”.He was made an example,when he asked Badaber air base to be vacated.Bhutto was also taught a lesson by Kissinger.For Zia,Kissinger said”we thought we were fooling him, but he fooled us”Musharraf did the same.He was shown the door.Musharraf wanted another 11/2 year or so ,as the change was taking place in America.If he had stayed,alongwith Benazir,things would have been quite different.
    Another point to note that Benazir had agreed with Zia for a “Ishtirak-e-Iqtedar,Zia was eliminated.Now she agreed with Musharraf,Benazir eliminated.
    Pakistan armed forces have to keep close contact with Pentagon,as all equipment(Army,Navy,Airforce)isAmerican.The only thing you need is a clever and farsighted person running Pakistan,which Musharraf,definitely was.

  18. This shows there are a lot of planted informants in our society. God help us and our impoverished people understand the value of freedom.

  19. I was surprised why would CIA kill one of their own.

  20. […] آپ نے جو سوالات اٹھا ئے ہیں وہ بالکل سوچنے کے قابل ہیں ۔ یہ دیکھیں The drone strike that resulted in the death of Pakistan’s most wanted terrorist is believed to be a result of deliberately planted false intelligence, sources in South Waziristan have confirmed. ریفرنس EXCLUSIVE: Drone Strike Not Meant For Mehsud […]

  21. Sooner or later it had to happen, the fate of mahsud was written when CIA had enough from him. i dont know if someone remembers i left a note on this website that it is just a matter of time that pak army will inshallah take over swat & all troubled area and will cleanse them of these traitors. anyway, now the biggest issue is (which i mentioned in my earlier note as well) lack of leadership. please try to understand if v r hopeful that v get some good leaders out of the prevailent economic system of pakistan then it is a gross mistake, it will remain a ‘sardar or wadaira’ system which will produce leaders like zardari or nawaz or at max some army general. the system has to be changed in order to bring out good honest people from our potential rich nation. if it will remain the same the unfortunate illeterate masses will always vote the choudhry, sardar or wadaira for a threat or a petty amount or a petty issue. my learned friends on this website, who are the fortunate and choosen ones (because they are apprx 1% or so of total global population who have this facility of internet)please try to see the bigger picture, analyse and get to the root cause and attempt to cure rather than just attempting to prove our own point of view. My brothers Allah almighty has sent us with great responsibilities. please do your share. Thanks. Allah hafiz.

  22. Ibrahim_S : agreed with your analysis. The thing is, what we need to change the system is mass awareness and mass support. The PKKH team and all Pakistani nationalists can only do so much. Mass mobilization is the only answer, public activism. If you look at all the countries with popular gov’t and satisfied population (Cuba, Venezuela etc.) you will see that the public is well informed, organised, optimistic and motivated to change the current system. This is one of the main criteria for a happy country.

  23. Very high possibility… Americans are really having a hard time admitting he is dead. And if he is not dead then he is in anonymous custody. Our rotten officials in Government are leaving the slot open about his confirmation of death only to cash in on a future coming scenario. News of his death is just an ACE card waiting to be played off!! Something to Bargain about…


    • true that!! *thumbs up*

    • LOL !!

    • LOL….Just Imagine it….

  25. @hasan ismail & s.m hunayun

    This baseless obsession with demonising Musharraf for everything must stop.

    Intelligence agencies do not need permissiom from anyone to conduct their overt or covert operations and Musharraf was too smart and nationalist to accede to any such request .
    As a matter of fact the Americans got scared of him and manipulated his ouster by insisting on a figleag
    of our dyslexic feudocracy/dynastocracy so that they could continue with their sinister agenda in the region. The same forces when could not find any thing to destabilise Musharraf, bankrolled the Turncoats Movement to provide the necessary traction.
    To claim that the Afghans pathans are so naive that somebody has to tell them to get into cahoots with the CIA is absurd.
    Such elements have been there historically in great numbers everywhere. The British policy in controlling the area along the Durand line was exactly the same. Purchase traitors for cash, divide and rule.
    It was musharraf who kept on appealing to the locals not to provide any sanctuary to the Taleban or foreign mercenaries who pose a serious hazard for innocent Pakistanis and attract Drone attacks.
    The other canard of handing over Pakistanis to the USA for dollars is absolute nonsense. For our own security we need to identify, isolate all foreign elements who melt away into the local populace and create law an order/ suicide bombings within Pakistan as clients of foreign powers.Handing over such Al Qaeda operatives or Taleban insurgents is our patriotic duty.
    Our cost for providing such vigilance and cooperation through our army is then reimbursed by USA. What is so wrong with that ?
    Musharraf has not done this for himself but in the supreme national interest.
    Instead of lying about such matters based upon personal hate and vendetta , just try to understand the facts.
    Same is the case of missing persons. Sufi muhammad had taken about 2000 yougsters for jehad into Afghanistan without the consent or knowledge of their parents. A container load of them was riddled with bullets killing most of them when Sufi’s deal there soured for some reason. On his return Musharraf had arrested and jailed him for this reason.
    Musharraf has gone now. Cheap justice Iftikhar had used this as also the corrupt politicians against him. Why dont they come up with the whereabouts of such persons now ? Hypocrites !
    It was Musharraf who had refused to provide Pakistani troops to the Americans for deployment in Iraq.

    Same goes for the NRO.Knowing fully well why did we re elect the same twice tested and twice rejected
    losers again. Since we did so we are equally culpable and punishable for it.

    Why is the media and chaudhry quiet on it.Why no Movement against this or protests even ?
    They are not ‘Azad’ they are ‘ Awara’

    • brothers this is the point i was mentioning in my above note that v r still in the business of defending our own point of view and in that we forget to identify and cure the root cause. please put your geniuses together to CHANGE not just defend. Allah hafiz.

  26. was CIA unaware about hideouts of Mehsud? i think CIA new about his whereabouts and i also believe that he was no more required by them and hence gone

  27. Are Pakistanis this gullible to swallow the ISI propaganda or all most of the posters here part of the establishment (like Hamid, Quraishi et al).

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  29. […] US involvement in Pakistan here it is. actually it is govt work but unfortunately im doing it. EXCLUSIVE: Drone Strike Not Meant For Mehsud Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz do read this for those who think that US is in favour of us and in destroying […]

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