Baitullah Mehsud: Eliminated

August 7, 2009

Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com


Pakistani Terrorist chief Baitullah Mehsud, who led a violent campaign of suicide attacks and assassinations against the Pakistani government, has been killed in a US missile strike, a TTP commander and aide to Mehsud said Friday.

‘I confirm that Baitullah Mehsud and his wife died in the American missile attack in South Waziristan,’ Kafayatullah told The Associated Press by telephone. He would not give any further details. [Source]

In February this year, PKKH had reported on how Baitullah Mehsud had outlived his shelf-life, and was of no further use to his American masters. With the TTP defeated in Malakand, he had been cornered in his hometown in South Waziristan and it would only have been a matter of days before he was captured.

This is what we reported earlier this year:

It now increasingly looks like Baitullah Mehsud is living on borrowed time. It would be interesting to see who gets to him first, the Pakistanis or the Americans. Pakistan Army would be well advised to attempt to capture him alive, something that the Americans and Indians would try and ensure does not happen.

It is important to note that the (Afghan) Taleban’s Supreme Commander Mullah Mohammad Omar issued a statement nearly two years ago distancing himself and the Afghan Taleban from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its chief Baitullah Mehsud. He also condemned Baitullah Mehsud in strong words for fighting against the Pakistan Army instead of against the US the NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Baitullah Mehsud had also gone as far as threatening Kashmiri Mujahideen groups earlier this year, accusing them of ‘only fighting external enemies such as the US and India’. The TTP justified attacking members of these Jihadi outfits by pointing out that these outfits ‘do not fight the Pakistan Army’ and commit mass murder of innocent Pakistani citizens like the TTP has been doing.

The leaders of Harkatul Mujahideen, Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jama’at-ud-Dawa had strongly opposed and rejected TTP’s version of ‘Jihad’ inside Pakistan in which it has been murdering Pakistani citizens indiscriminately.

Armed with US and Indian supplied weapons, Mehsud had been fighting a bloody war against the Pakistan Army and Government, and had claimed responsibility for a number of suicide attacks and assasinations all over the country.

Close aids of Mehsud who had denounced TTP further revealed the extent of support Baitullah Mehsud had from US, Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies using Afghanistan as their base. (Read: US, Israel and India backing Baitullah Mehsud: reveals close aide and Baitullah Rival Qari Zainuddin Mehsud Shot Dead

According to a report published earlier this year, senior military and national security officials had submitted to the Pakistani government “irrefutable evidence” of the involvement of Indian and Israeli secret agencies in Baluchistan and the tribal region of Waziristan and Malakand. The report added that there is irrefutable evidence that Indian and Israeli agencies are providing financial aid and modern weapons to the militants in the tribal region.

According to Roznama Jang, the military leadership had urged the civilian government to take up the issue at diplomatic levels with the nations whose secret agencies are supporting Taliban commanders Baitullah Mehsud and Maulana Fazlullah.

In another exclusive report published on June 2nd this year, PKKH revealed the US plans to either dispatch a JSOC rescue mission for Baitullah Mehsud by infiltrating Pakistani territory from the Afghan side of the border, or to eliminate him before the Pakistan Army got to him.

This is what we reported on June 2nd:

The Americans do not want Pakistanis to capture Baitullah Mehsud alive, and attempting to eliminate him using air-strikes will not be easy since Pakistan Army is advancing towards him already. They will either take him out before he is captured, or he will mysteriously disappear only to re-emerge later at a different location.

The Pakistan Army must capture Baitullah Mehsud alive. But before that, they have to ensure they block Baitullah Mehsud’s supply lines from Afghanistan – with aggression if necessary – and ensure he does not disappear towards the Afghan border where there is a getaway crew waiting for him.

It seems that with Baitullah’s capture imminent, the Americans chose to finally pull the trigger.

Who was Baitullah Mehsud?

Why Pakistan Will Never Catch Terror Leader Alive



  1. good riddance…


  2. Zaid Hamid had been saying that once USA thinks that Baitullah Mehsud is of no use to them and has served them enough they will take him out.

  3. I feel it would have been much better had he been caught alive by Pak-Army, it would have given concrete evidences that America and India are involved in this terrorist campaign inside Pakistan.

    • I double that!

    • I don’t understand what makes you guys believe otherwise.He was the creation of Pak Army and there is continued double speak. I’m quoting DAWN news here where a senior intelligence officer outlines the nexus between Haqqani and Baitullah. So why is Haqqanni supposedly the good taliban and an ally of Pakistan…. I think its time that people in Pakistan realise the truth


      ‘The failure by the shura to quickly come up with a Baitullah successor indicates a power struggle within the key players,’ a senior government official said.

      ‘It’s not just the key players within the Mehsud clans wanting the mantle of leadership, the Ahmadzai Wazir militants in Wana and the Utmankhels’ leader in Miramshah would like to take on the mantle. They are lobbying and jockeying for power,’ the official said.

      ‘And I think the Haqqani-Al Qaeda network will play a pivotal role in the whole process,’ the official said, referring to Siraj Haqqani, son of veteran Taliban leader Jalaluddin Haqqani.

      The young Haqqani, often referred to as Khalifa Siraj, is Mullah Omar’s pointman for North and South Waziristan. Baitullah had taken oath of allegiance to Khalifa Siraj, who had helped the 37-year-old gain leadership of the Taliban in South Waziristan at the expense of the one-legged former Guantanamo detainee, Abdullah Mehsud.

      • Mullah Omar is against the Taliban fighting in Pakistan, he ONLY believes in fighting the US/NATO in Afghanistan, they are freedom fighters.

        If you even check out the video of “rules of conduct” by the Afghan Taliban they have clearly mentioned in the handbook any other group formed other thn “Mullah Omar’s” will be denounced!

      • I don’t know if you are being naive or just being blinded to reason out.Mullah Omar or in fact any form of Taliban is no good for Pakistan and history is replete with such examples and the only way forward is Zardari and Gilani and not ZH and AQ.

        MOD EDIT: I think we’d know whats best for Pakistan rather than someone commenting from India – thank you very much

      • I think we’d know whats best for Pakistan rather than someone commenting from India – thank you very much

      • Viali

        As I said earlier Mullah Omar is against fighting in Pakistan and he is even against Baitullah Mehsud and has said several times that Baitullah should fight in Afghanistan and NOT Pakistan.

        Pakistan’s ISI has close ties with the ‘Real’ taliban (Mullah Omar’s group) and has even said that if US wants them to bring the taliban to tables Pakistan can help, but as always this news was never covered by any foreign news channels. The US wants to talk to the so-called ‘moderate’ taliban which do not exist and they don’t seem to be interested in getting out of Afghanistan in the near future even though they are failing miserably. The truth is NO ONE can win in Afghanistan.

        As for Zardari/Gilani as the Mod said “We know what is best for Pakistan rather than someone commenting from India.”

    • LOL

      Yeah you are thinking of doing a ‘Kasab’ on India…keep dreaming.

      You forgot that Baitullah is your child turned against yourself.Taliban is your child not ours.
      The terrorists you are fighting are yours own ‘Paidaish’.

      • btw…

        A better Intelligent idea to blame ‘India’ which pakis are already using to BLAME INDIA … kill all the uncircumcised people in pakistan and claim they are Indians fighting in pakistan.


      • Buzz off u useless scum bag Amit!!

        Why don’ t u first control ur north east … which is filled with Maoists and Naxals … ur security forces couldn’t even conduct a single small operation is Lalgarh!

        And before u complain how we put all the blame on u…an Indian journalist of Mid day news said “he was shocked whn an earthquake took place in India in 2004 and people said “Isme bhi Pakistan ka hath hai”…What a bunch of @$$!

  4. Thank God!

  5. Pakistan army was trying to catch him alive and us do not want this, reason why american kill him. Pakistan govt must talk with the TTP people and tell them that what they are doing is against islam. Also explain to the new leader of TTP that do not support us,indian and israeel coz all three will use them for the time being and sooner or later american will kill them as well like batullah.
    I wish the new leader of TTP will understand and will support Pakistan InshAllah. The person who will negotiate with the new leader of TTP must be very reliable and patriotic to Islam and Pakistan.
    I hope things will get better and better for Pakistan InshAllah and Amin ya rabulalamin.

    • Sorry mate. i disagree with ur version. They all must die!

  6. Mehsud was the master mind of suicide attacks and other atrocities now he is dead, and USA has just cleaned out the proofs of its involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. But few questions remain there to be answered.

    1) whether his death would bring peace and normalcy in our lives?

    2) Would TTP sustained after the lose of their leader?
    3) Who is next agent for USA and its allies in Pakistan.
    4) What about FAzalullah and others? When they will be eliminated?

  7. Congratulations to all Pakistanis.
    Allah is nasoor (Baitullah) ki mot ko Pakistan k liye khush aaind bnaye (Aameen).
    Pray for Balochistan also and for a desrving leadership for Pakistan. May Allah Bless you all.
    Pak military zindabad. Pakitan Paindabad

  8. I wish we would’ve caught him alive, and I believe this is what US/CIA can’t afford and hence the missile right on target ! should we celebrate ? no, we should not… because we’ve loose a crucial asset of CIA and had we caught him alive, we would’ve gain more insight into the evil designs of US/CIA. May all mighty Allah save Muslims and Pakistan from all such evil designs.

    • I second that opinion – Mixed feelings on this one as he was VERY close to being captured. On the other hand its good riddance – lets hope he’s not turned into a martyr by our sold-out media as we’ll then be back to square uno.

      • dan qayyum, i respect your oppinion. please tell us why you call the afghan taliban ‘the good guys’ yet support pak army’s involvement in their killing?

        DQ: We support Army’s action against TTP – Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, not the Afghan Taliban who had nothing to do with TTP and even denounced TTP on a number of occasions.

  9. it is great that he is dead, but if we caught him alive we could have further exposed mossad raw connections, i also have mixed feelings on this one. I thin the public hates baitullah mehsud so the media will not turn him into a martyr, especially when some of them have heavily criticized those who stood against military operations.

  10. I am passimist on this rumour, Baitullah was not
    the only enemy, we have his whole group supported
    by Am-brit and Indo / Israeli, we have to eliminate
    them as well !! all the invaders and terrorists.
    Lets wait,
    media and USA have produced such bluff !
    is Baitullah going to disappear like OBL ?

  11. Congratulations to all Pakistan. it would be a blessing In disguise if kabul handover the balochi culprit to Pakistan. I feel sorry for india because they lost a key asset in tribal region and few more coming!

    • Indian Asset????? This is what Hamid Mir is saying


      We must learn lessons from our past mistakes. We must admit that Baitullah Mehsud was actually created by our own establishment. We used Brig (R) Qayyum Sher in January 2005 to win the support of Baitullah Mehsud against Abdullah Mehsud. Lt Gen Safdar Hussain approved the first peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud in February 2005 and Pakistan Army agreed to withdraw its troops from the areas under Baitullah control. After the withdrawal of the Army from his areas, Baitullah broke the peace agreement in July 2005. He kidnapped 243 Pakistani soldiers from his area in August 2007 and Musharraf was forced to release these soldiers again through another secret deal with Baitullah on Nov 4, 2007. Pakistani establishment again struck a deal with him in January 2008 but it was broken in a few weeks. All these deals were secret. We don’t need secret deals with militants anymore. If we need peace deals then discuss these deals first in the parliament.

      • And we all know where Hamid Mir’s loyalties lie 🙂

        On a serious note – Hamid Mir has a history. I have personal emails from him which leave no doubt about the extent he’s willing to go to bring a bad name to the Army / ISI.

  12. unbelievable but some ‘politician mullahs’ are calling BM a shaheed???!!!


    • Now’s the time to find out who the traitors are within us.

  13. MT i can feel ur emotions …ur black heart must be very sad on the brutal death of ur ally mehsud and u lost a loyal servant,who was serving.and as far as BABAR and GHAZNAVI is concerned…just look at history and if dont u want to look than wait it will soon be repeated … one thing more donot forget that our missile’s name are on our hero’s names and india is on ur hit list … so have some patience… u will soon see a PAKISTANI flag,jets,arm forces all over india …and this will happen INSHALLAH … just ask ur pandit.

  14. To Dan Qayyum & fellow patriots

    If we believe that the TTP are bad and Afghan Taliban are good and that our fight is with TTP only (with us being the good guys obviously), how do we rationalize giving logistical support to NATO which is fighting the Afghan Taliban?

    What does ZH say about this? How would you justify the airbases, depots and transport routes given to NATO & USA?

    I do not support what has happened in Swat and elsewhere so I am not a TTP supporter. However I do not understand our duplicity & dishonesty when faced with the seemingly simple decision of NOT supporting NATO whose main goal is to colonize Afghanistan and eliminate the Afghan Taliban.

    While replying keep in mind that the “lesser of the two evils” argument does not speak well for our “emaan”.

  15. Umair:

    I agree with the points you’ve raised and we (PKKH) have been very vocal, alongwith ZH and AQ, that Pakistan should at the very least declare neutrality on the Afghan conflict, deny US & NATO our bases and supply routes, and send a VERY strong message to them to get out of our backyard. We have NO conflict with the Afghan Taliban and we should never have been a part of this war in the first place. In fact as far as Pakistan’s foreign policy is concerned, we should effectively support the re-instatement of Taliban in Afghanistan as we not only had excellent relations with them, but Afghanistan under their tenure was never used to destabilize Pakistan by the Indians and Israelis. It was only once the US puppet government was installed in Afghanistan that we started seeing terrorist attacks on our soil.

  16. Dan:

    Its good to know that ZH, AQ and you guys are all on the same page and are stressing the need to disconnect ourselves from the conflict.

    Since you guys have a relatively large audience, I am looking towards you to know the way to translate this view into street/mob power … cuz that is what democracy is all about as the CJP movement showed to us all.

    • We’re trying to bring a change from outside this system and the signs so far are encouraging, Alhamdolillah.

      Can’t be a part of this rotten system while at the same time trying to bring it down.

  17. paksarzamen,

    good day dreaming, but whether you see that or not, you will indeed see baloch , pakhtoon , sindhi flags

    As far as history is concerned , yes i told you already, you are dreaming babur and ghazni, etc, and trying to go back to stone age, and then come back, keep trying , LOL

    Are you guys are stupids to believe it without any proof, nothing happend, its all fake

    • it is not our dream,it is ur destiny… if u have any sense…there is massive difference between dream and destiny and as far as flags of baloch,pakhtoon and sindh,we have only 1 flag which is PAKISTAN’s flag white and green having a cresent and star…just open ur eyes and have a courage to face the reality…about history what happened to ur somnat?ur rajas?…read and ask ur elders…and just search one of last speech of ur leader gandni,he also said that india will fight 4 wars with PAKISTAN and very sadly said 4th will be the final…lets prepare for the final show down…

    • it proves one thing … u bloody indians have no common sense…why u people want to hide ur name and indentity … no courage to face reality or feel shame to be an indian?

    • MT – Mallu terrorist!

      Leave the baloch,pakhtoon sindhi flags…right now we are seeing PAKISTANI flags in ur north east! LOLZZZZ

  18. truth hurts, isn’t it paksarzamen , haha, i can see how you are boiling for nothing 🙂

    • no answer ? or no courage to face the reality .

  19. To umair,

    The is no difference between pak taliban or afghan taliban, both are two sides of the same coin. If you differentiate two terrorist, one as an evil and another as an asset, you will never be able to defeat terrorism. It will ultimately haunt back, unless you root it out from all sides.

    • Yes, thats it, keep believing the world is flat and you’re definitely on to something!

  20. MT:

    TTP was attacking ordinary Pakistani men, women & children and had termed them as killable due to their (illogical) interpretation of religion. Afghan Taliban attack the NATO armed forces who are illegally occupying their land.

    Huge difference MT!

    And just in case you are wondering, the same logic applies to the 100% valid freedom struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir whereas the TTP still falls short on that account.

    Same logic applies to the Palestinians who are trying to fight off a brutal & illegal occupation by Israel. TTP still falls short.

    Come to think of it … TTP is truly unique in its “jihad”.

    Its not as simple as the “my freedom fighter is your terrorist” adage. Its about the principle. If a party takes away your right with brute force, will you not fight back?

    Think about it.

  21. umair,

    Does the same logic not apply to baloch freedom movement, where pakistan army is crushing the people, illegally? Baloch rights are torn everyday and they are denied education/prosperity, that others get in punjabi dominated pakistan. Baloch also wants freedom, and so the pakhtoons and sindhis. If you cannot give freedom to them, then do not talk about moral/political or physical support about others.

    On the contrary, in Indian kashmir , there is freedom already, the are as free as others, its just a few isi backed groups here are there doing a little trouble, but we are used to it now. Indian Kashmiris are progressive and educated as any other Indians, and the amount of development work and funds that go to Indian Kashmir is among the top receiving states in India.

    pak taliban or afghan taliban both kills. Whether it is an army or police is also same as civilan , minus the dress or greater passion for thier nation. If you are trying to justify , one over the other, is is based on false premise.

    Pakistanis try to pretend to be leader of islam states, but they were mum , when there was attrocities on Uighur chinese muslims.
    Why do you not support Uighur chinese muslims? give them moral/political/arms support. OR is is that Uighur chinese muslims, are not real muslims, but half muslims, because they are not fundamentalists. Just because you get arms/money from china. Means your principles are flawed and can be easily sold.

    • I am sure that your exposure to Balochistan is due to the recent coverage of the area which is pretty skewed. We have had some issues with the tribal system which is part of the Baloch culture as the grants given by our government was used by the Chieftains for their own benefit but despite that we have had at least one Baloch Prime Minister under whom we saw a lot of development of infrastructure in Balochistan. The “freedom” struggle in Balochistan is not a popular one so your argument fails there. Pakhtoons & Sindhis do not want freedom so please do not generalize.

      Freedom in Indian Occupied Kashmir eh? I personally know people from the Indian Occupied Kashmir so I know what level of freedom they have in Kashmir. The temple land issue, continuing atrocities being commited by your security forces (rape of 2 innocent Muslim girls being among the latest ones) and the presence of a huge army contingent against UN resolutions would suggest otherwise. Nothing that your government does will change the fact that it is a disputed terriroty under international law and the only way forward it to give Kashmiris their right to determine their future.

      Army/Police are the same as civilians? You have got to be kidding me! EPIC FAIL! Let me give you an example; if you are illegally occupying my house threatening me & my family, I have the right to kill you … not the right to kill your family who have nothing to do with your despicable acts. Understood?

  22. Ustad, I doubt that this scum bag is dead… It’s too obvious. I think he has just gone underground only to re appear after some time and get the current operation off his back! No.2 possibility is that he might be in the custody of Pak Army and they have labeled him to be dead which the Americans are not willing to accept as well. The way the militants swiftly accepted Mehsud to be dead is very doubtful aswell… Either way it is a major development. The message is very clear… “WE ARE ON TO YOU & WE’LL SEE HOW YOU CARRY OUT YOUR DIRTY PLANS.”

  23. test

  24. Thanx MT for sharing this information. If this is true, people responsible must be brought to justice. I know its easier said than done, but at least doing some thing for the innocent ones is better than doing nothing.

  25. INDIA : 2 Kashimir Girls Raped and Killed.


    Too Bad in this case the Indian Army didnt bother to even leave them alive.



    • bro, crime is a crime, no matter who commit it. I felt anger and pain on the atrocities committed by Indians on innocent Kashmiris. And I also felt disgusted by some one from our own ranks involved in torture and killing of our own country men. We have to deal with both the issues and resolve them, we can not afford to close our eyes from any one of them.

  26. Dan Q,

    Completely apprecite your candidness and agree that any unsolicted advice on what’s best for Pakistan will not be appropriate when its coming from someone who knows little about the actual ground situation there in Pakistan. You have the right for self expression, but my suggestion is that if you present a more balanced view there will be much better acceptance of your voice. I’m saying this because you seem to have a voice of sanity and not construe facts like ZH and AQ. I feel they are doing more damage to the Pakistan cause then anyone else. I’m saying this as my own personal opinion and need not be taken otherwise

  27. watch these videos.

    They are not meant to point fingers on anyone, just encourage to watch and think.

    I agree fault on both sides, and to the blog owner, please send proper message to your brothers, do not distort reports or borrow it from Zahid Hamid or Ahmed Quershi, because they blow it way out of proportions. Are they providing correct facts to the audience or creating/brainwashing zihad through video media

    saner voice with proper evidence is the best does to all sides

    • MT

      “pak taliban or afghan taliban both kills. Whether it is an army or police is also same as civilan , minus the dress or greater passion for thier nation. If you are trying to justify , one over the other, is is based on false premise.”

      ^- the fact that you wrote this a bit earlier discredits you as someone whose opinion should be given any importance.

      Instead of unleashing your awesome wisdom on us Pakistanis, how about starting at home and trying to resolve the many many issues within India?

      • we are only saying, do not measure your progress using India as measuring ROD. Make your own rod. Do you own business. If India is attacked (using proxy means), it will lead to further division of pakistan. If your ISI/army with its so called zihadi terrorists, do nothing on Indian site, then we have no business with you, you part your own ways and we part ours. Otherwise we will have to counterattack if required, we cannot sit idle and watch it happening.

        good bye

      • MT

        India has always been the aggressor. Why would Pakistan want to take on a country many times its size?

        Your country invaded Kashmir in 1948, crossed an international border in 1965 and of course invaded & annexed East Pakistan after supporting Mukti Bahni for a considerable time.

        Even Pakistan’s nuclear capability was acquired with self-preservation in mind considering India’s pre-disposition towards usurping its neighbours’ rights.

        Suspend your belief in Indian history books & media reports and then if possible, use your common sense.

      • Your country invaded Kashmir in 1948, crossed an international border in 1965 and of course invaded & annexed East Pakistan after supporting Mukti Bahni for a considerable time.

        ==> I have to say, you better come out of your Zihadi curriculum books and read from independent, neutral source. The game was started by pakis in 1948, and 1971 was a gift to them from India.


        If the same policy continues, new gifts can be dispatched. And Kashmir anyway in its entirety will be India’s, just wait an watch. Its just a matter of time.

      • lol@u

      • @ Mallu Terrorist…

        LOL @ “we are only saying, do not measure your progress using India as measuring ROD. Make your own rod.” with our ROD

    • Damn India’s obsession with Pakistan!

  28. Agree with you Dan, I like the straightforward and simple approach.

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