US to deploy 1,000 marine commandoes at Islamabad’s American Embassy

August 6, 2009

US Marine commandoes numbering 1,000 will be deployed at American Embassy in Islamabad under massive expansion work which is nearing completion.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit Khan has said that 1,000 US Marines will be coming to Pakistan to be deployed at US Mission.

He said that there was no restriction on the number of personnel that a foreign mission could station at its mission but it is done through mutual understanding.

The FO Spokesman stated on Wednesday while replying to a query relating to increase in the strength of the US personnel at Islamabad’s mission, The Nation reported.

A former Pakistan diplomat had objected to the US plans to have a bigger presence in Pakistan in the pursuit of its strategic interests in the region.

Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan said that it is evident that America wants to remote control the region from Islamabad.

According to an estimate, Washington is planning to spend a whopping one billion dollars for revamping its main embassy building in Islamabad and increase the strength of its staff.

The Obama Administration is about to spend 405 million dollars for the reconstruction and refurbishment of the main embassy building and 111 million dollars for constructing a new complex for 330 personnel.

A further 197 million dollars would be spent for construction of a housing unit for about 250 personnel.

Not only this, the United States is also planning to give its consular buildings in Lahore and Peshawar a new look.

Experts believe that this is a clear cut strategy of the US to augment its presence and establish control over the region.



  1. Embassies help control countries and regions, and they also play destabilizing roles e.g US embassies in different South American countries like Bolivia and stuff or how Richard Hoolbrooke was instrumental in destabilizing Yugoslavia.


  3. Exactly my sentiments Yousuf!!!!!!!!!

  4. well done democratic government … remember “democracy is the best revenge” … now see will cj take sumoto action ??? where r media anchors,shouting for democracy and bad democracy is far better than dictatorship.

    • Exactly! where is Cheap Justice now? Where are his statements now? where is Nawaz Badmash now? where are the religious parties now? Where are all those who criticized Musharraf’s policies now? where where where…..

      These so called Democracy lovers are ALL anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan. This list also include the population who truly believes in democracy. I hope u r all satisfied now. Zardari/Nawaz/JI/TI represents u all democracy lovers. WHERE R U ALL NOW?

  5. A Allah Pakistan ki hifazet kigiay. Amin

  6. WTF ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!

  7. Navy base in Balochistan, presence of black water in Peshawar, so called “embassy” in Islamabad. They are just occupying Pakistan slowly!

    And please nobody should expect any objection from anyone in the government, thats why they are in government…to get there swiss bank accounts filled and letting them occupy Pakistan in return!

  8. How can we let something like that happen are we a sovereign country or what, I wonder if we ever had Independence. May Allah(swt) help us

  9. May Allah help us..we cannot let this happen though..our government needs to do something or our people will do something even crazier..i can sence a great war coming up

    • Don’t worry! Zardari has sold our homeland now. Is there any Salahuddin Ayubi or Mohammad Bin Qasim to save Pakistan.

  10. we can contribute by spreading the message … listen to ZAID HAMID and read IQBAL’s idealogy … and rememer 1 thing:

  11. keep watching mate!

    a new washington is being built. lul PPP.
    zardari + gadari = meer jaffar

    N leageu got loli pop from USA. they have started dreaming about islamabad.

    now imran is mum as well.

    zardari (f****g 10%) is busy to fix the deal for French submarines to get his commission

    nawaz is busy in planning how to humiliate musharraf?

    Corruption is on peak level in all the public sector


    what the f***** ALL this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    today a balochi minister is killed in karachi. new game started to create mess between provinces.

    target killing keep going on in all over Baluchistan.

    no one is blocking their website and they are keep writing all the bullshit.



    • dont advertise the sites

      • these 1000 will come to Islamabad killing each one of Paki Senior leaders near in future. yes i agree with you, nawaz is behind Musharaf, Zardari is increasing his rate from 10% to 100%. who care about nation let them die with hunger and fight every day on different places.

        To revel all the basics i think you should watch “Evidence of Revision” on youtube. my comments you will see under the user name of mithoauau

        Allah keep Pakistan safe ..Amin

    • Thanks Kiani for the sites to come into notice. I am in armed forces department which keeps focus on the mass comm. media. I shall be able to block these sites on short notice. InshaAllah.

  12. I would strongly advise Americans to save money and move their embassy to Kabul, where, not just one thousand, in fact tens of thousands of their fellow-beings are available to protect a handful of their embassy staff.

  13. Wowwwww…wat the hell’s goin on in there…is Pakistan the 51st state or what…its fuckin shameful…our security establishment should be alarmed at this

  14. We know how this government came about from NRO. The big question what is it that PPP promised in return to Washington and London.

    I remember BB’s interview in Washington where she said that she will allow US forces to operate in Pakistan and allow IAEA access to AQ Khan.

    That is what we are seeing now.
    Link to IAEA news item: http://www.dawn.com/2007/09/26/top2.htm

    Link to the expanded forces role: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/02/world/asia/02military.html

    The Pentagon has spent about $25 million so far to equip the Frontier Corps with new body armor, vehicles, radios and surveillance equipment, and plans to spend $75 million more in the next year. Over all, a senior Bush administration official said, the United States could spend more than $400 million in the next several years to enhance the Frontier Corps, including building a training base near Peshawar.
    That $400 mil is now 1 billion. I am pretty sure some of this is going into untraceable Zardari accounts

    • BB changed her mind about AQ KHAN, interviewing khan is just about americas ego nothing to with reality

      As for Pentagon spending money the war costs pakistan around 5 billion $ a year pentagon pays for 10%

  15. It is time to do operation Rah e Raast against this government before it is too late.

    • totally agree.

    • Double that!



    this was probably agreed in musharraf term when he was head of the army. has kayani stepped in?

    stop blaming the civillian government for all the army has implemented

  18. While the situation might be alarming, it must not cause any pessimism among the fellow Pakistanis. We should be alert and determined to face the challenges without getting into panic mode. We are more than capable of changing the trends and making the history as has already been proven time and again since 1940. It should be a matter of satisfaction that we have a vigilant civil society, an active judiciary, live media, determined armed forces, a hardworking nation of believers, and a democratic government that can not isolate itself from people of Pakistan (regardless of how this government was established and how badly it is running the country). We see the news here and there that foreigners are manipulating our rulers like this and that. But the foreigners can not counter and control all these institutions and segments of the Pakistani population. In democracy, good or bad, all these segments play their role, some time more effectively and for other times less effectively. Compare that situation with a dictatorship. Despite all the shortcomings in the current government, one should give the credit for whatever good they are doing and encourage them to do more. In his today’s column, Hamid Mir wrote that the government has denied the permission to open a US consulate in Balochistan and have started monitoring the foreigners renting houses and bungalows in Islamabad. I am not a big fan of Nawaz Sharif and even less so for Zardari. But I believe that democratic process should continue just because it brings refinement in the society and produces a fresh, and hopefully a better, breed of politicians.
    A dictator is such a cursed character – by its very nature – that foreign powers can easily blackmail a dictator and then more or less all institutions in Pakistan are in the effective control of the foreign powers. Of all the dictators in Pakistan’s short history, I tend to regard Zia’ regime better than the others – much better than that of mirasi-ud-dolla Musharraf who remained on a slippery slope, thus, taking the nation deeper down for the most part of his dictatorship. Zia fought and won the war in Afghanistan, started and completed a few very important projects, and effectively buried the issues of Pakhtunistan and Greater Blochistan. But he too lost Siachin to India and no one was held accountable for that loss.
    We should be thankful to Allah (SWT) that the control of this nation is not any more in the hands of the dictator who took U-turns in our security and foreign policies. A one-man show is always prone to foreign blackmail and internal malice. This recent arrogant dictator allowed herds of foreign agents to freely roam around throughout Pakistan, picked Pakistanis and handed them over to the foreign powers, provided air fields only to be used to kill the innocent non-combatant Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan, buckled down under the pressure from Indians and promised them to take actions clearly so damaging Pakistan’s national interests. Above all, that dictator pushed us into a civil war like situation. True many powers are busy with their nefarious designs to harm Pakistan and bleed Pakistanis. But that can succeed only in a divided nation and Musharraf’s achievement was to get this nation fragmented. Nations rise only going through challenges and we will, Inshallah, rise from our current situation. These challenges are nothing new for us. Our nation building process, in fact, has actually been nurtured by the challenges right after the creation of Pakistan. Our belief in Allah (SAW) is our power, hope is our light, Du’a is our weapon, and struggle is our passion. This nation of 170 million is not that weak to get overpowered by the enemies easily. Many others will, Inshallah, go down even before a possibility arises of Pakistan going down.
    Our Baloch brothers should realize the difference between the struggle against an unjust system from the fight against the state. I am sure a vast majority of common people in Balochistan are not traitors. They may have numerous complains and serious reservations against the system for being deprived of their rightful share in the national wealth and opportunities but they firmly believe that the destiny and survival of all people in Pakistan is shared and lies in the national unity.

  19. I too like the idea of democracy but just want to get pass these two assholes in less than 20 year.

  20. You Pakistanis have been working full time for last several decades to bleed India by thousand cuts.

    Now it is your time to bleed, and find out how it feels.

    God is great !

    • u said that pakistanis are trying to bleed india but look at history in 1971,who provoked mukti bahni,…if u r talking abt kashmir ,democratically every body is allowed to live the way they want and thats y independence ws given to pak,india and so on….if american presence is incresing here (pak) think abt who is next target ???….india have taken 50% of american jobs and economically india can benefit us a lot and usa at ur doorstep ?…..wht do u think whts coming next ,taliban are like funded terrorist ,give them money they will fight and now there next target is india ,create havoc in india and then all businesses will be removed and sub continent will b again begging for independence

  21. this is the nature that if we dont want to change ALLAH will not change our condition so what else is going onn here in our country this is cause of our <AAMAALS. ALLAH MAKES A CURRUPT LEADER ON A CURUUPT NATION

    • You said it right bro…

  22. what people normally and conviniently pin on musharraf is not musharrafs fault at all. IT IS THE PAK ARMY who worked with musharraf to come to those policies and are still following those policies today yet they are spewing out propaganda which is at odds with its own policies


  23. jambo ur foolish argument cant help us infavour of this bullshit democracy and as far as PAK FORCES are concerned we believe and proud on our PAK FORCES… so go some where else where u find foolish democratic person’s forum.

  24. i think there should be a redline for americans.

  25. HAHHA

    I was almost going to post this news…

    You said…
    “Navy base in Balochistan, presence of black water in Peshawar, so called “embassy” in Islamabad. They are just occupying Pakistan slowly!
    And please nobody should expect any objection from anyone in the government, thats why they are in government…to get there swiss bank accounts filled and letting them occupy Pakistan in return!”

    But STILL you paki bewkoof kaum will NEVER learn that the real danger to pak is it’s OWN leaders in the form of Politicians/Army/ISI. They are RULING you on WRONG BASIS saying they will protect you from imaginary Indian ‘attack’.

    US likes having PETS specially of pakistani origin… whether it is Mushraf,Nawaaz Badmaash,Benzir,Respected Zardari and the LATEST PET of US aka Kiani who are ALL employees of White
    Pak is dreaming of breaking others into pieces and doing Gazwa-e-hind but in REALITY getting broken slowly. Siachin, Bangladesh gone decades ago due to paks WRONG policies. NW was never in control and now haunted by Baluchis and Afghanis Freedom Fighters.

    You said…
    “Wowwwww…wat the hell’s goin on in there…is Pakistan the 51st state or what…its fuckin shameful…our security establishment should be alarmed at this”

    Well you are almost right. It is f shameful to allow KAAFIRS on your homeland BUT you forgot Pak is already a 54th state of US.Pak has LOST its sovereignity but Pak is DENYING the truth.
    If you are wondering about the other then it’s 51st Canada,52nd Iraq,53rd Afganistan.

    US Eagle is circling Pak slowly by it’s claw in various Phases.First Phase is from controlling Afghanistan on west border with NATO, India already on East and Israel providing support. India also

    has a base in Tajikistan from where jets can reach within few mins to Islamabad. US fleets already in Middle-East waters always with it’s thousands of missile arsnel.

    Now in the second Phase US Eagle is conquring Pak slowly by placing it’s troops inside Pakistan itself in Balochistan, Peshwar and soon Islamabad which is the heart of Pakistan. Pak would
    be CHOKED.

    US is looking forward to TEACH pakistan a LESSON for double-crossing.

    But STILL… lets wait and watch 🙂

    • U lame guy amit!

      You got eyes or buttons instead?? This site is filled with articles and comments against the government and all the US puppets!!

      And we ONLY trust the Pak army.. no matter wht u say about them!! And before you tell us about NWFP and baloch probs… take care of ur north east which is filled with insurgents and just saw ur news channel stating that ur Lalgarh operation even failed so BUZZ OFF!

      • As expected you are one of those millions of bewkoof pakis who are blindly trusting the corrupt army.

        It’s all good because pak army will lead pak into further partitions like in Bangladesh and more HUMILIATIONS like in 1971 where your 100,000 so called superior race army surrendered.


        We are indeed taking care of all the parts of India but you are not taking care of your country as its in CIVIL WAR.

        It’s good now… pak wanted to set India on fire but now pak is burning in the fire itself.This fire is called TERRORISM.

      • LMAO…no civil war in India?? Get ur head out of ur bollywood $hit!!

        Do some research on ur $hitty country insurgency is filled in 21 states and the government has no control! Even ur PM said “Naxals are the biggest threat to India”!!

      • Frst of all you sh*t face Amit, who the heck in the world told u that india is together. Sikhs, Mavits, Bangalis, Christians and most importantaly hindus (Brahman Hindus) are figthing for free state. i am sure you are one of those lower cast of hindues whos mother get f***** every day by those Brahman hindus. unless you are day dreaming thats another thing so now you showed no proofe but i do have a half a dozen of videos if you got the courage to watch it on you tube, no 1. cast masscare – India no 2. untochables – India no 3. Vulture Culture – India no 4. Cast Wars – India no 5. The New untouchables – India

        these all videos are yelling and screaming about mass murders in India every day but your stupid Govt just sit and support Terror in Pakistan. The way you are laughing i can tell you, you stupid f**k that Pakistan is the one who will have a last laugh.

  26. Marines are there to protect Asif Ali Zardari, once Army asks him to get lost.

  27. There is only one thing left to do: break diplomatic relations with the Great Satan (Iran style). If we have no diplomatic relations with them, they cannot have an embassy on our soil.

    • to Talha, you said it Bro.That will be slap on the face for them and that exactley what they deserve.

  28. This is tym for chief justice to prove himself. His part does not end on just allowing nawaz sharif to participate in elections. The govt is a puppet of US. Our betterment lies in spreading msg of Mr Zaid n removing this misconception in minds of ppl that this govt n SC can do anything. We do not need this western democracy in which the rulars sell the dignity n respect of nation!

  29. Agreed with Talha, break diplomatic ties with US. This is the test of CJ Iftikhar, is he a chief justice, or a puppet?? We will find out very soon.


  31. in ke aisey ke taisey … some body should tell u.s government also to send 1000 TABOOT and a aircraft in which their dead bodies should reach u.s as quickly as possible …

  32. @Asif or Asif Ali Zardari lol

    Awwwww you got sooooo disturbed and the kind of language you are using you proved you are living in a Gutter and eating Gutter stuff and Gutter stuff is coming outta your mouth.

    Sorry but cant stoop to your Gutter level.Using this kinda GUTTER language is the first sign of LOSING a argument and you have LOST it.

    Feel bad for you. Have a nice time in GUTTER

    • Amit

      The same way whn you can’t answer someone and start resorting to other issues and never give sources backing up ur statements!!

    • in short version to make you understand…you can call me daddy and rather then posting a message off my video which i wanted you to watch. you dragged your self down under ….. so i send you those links again and dont forget to watch hunh

      no 1. cast masscare – India no 2. untochables – India no 3. Vulture Culture – India no 4. Cast Wars – India no 5. The New untouchables – India

  33. Fuck you….you low cast Indian bastard! Nobody has asked your opinion, so get lost and as advised, watch those videos to maybe freshen up your memory.

    • Slam o Alikum Tariq Bahi
      First of All Azadi Mubark Tariq Bahi..today is 15th of August and I am sitting for away from my country Pakistan, where i missed to watch and celebrate our freedom. Tariq Bahi no matter what happens bro …….. iss purcham kay sayee talay hum ikk haa ..hum ikk haa..

      These stupid indians (Hindus) just know how to stab from behind….yee hamara kuch be nai beghar saktay……. Inshallah we will crush india and that is not far to watch….Pakistan Zindabad..I love my Pakistan

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  35. I just want to say we have to fight for our Independence bcoz it is time for us to act now or never.
    The US is repeating the history of East India Company by British before occupying Indo-Pak before 1857.
    Remember The quote of Tipu Sultan so lets live a single day like lion.
    Dying with honor is a lot better then living like a coward or a impotent.


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