Terrorists Preparing To Declare Independent Balochistan, Pakistani Politicians Mum

August 5, 2009

The Politicians – Zardari, Gilani, Rehman, Nawaz – Refuse To Condemn The Terrorism Of Akbar Bugti’s Grandson & His US/Indian Backed Terrorists In Afghanistan

Terrorists claiming to represent Pakistani Balochis are planning to declare ‘independence’ on 11 August 2009, according to BRASSTACKS. It will not change much on the ground but these terrorists and their supporters in Kabul, New Delhi and within CIA will score a major point against Islamabad. The pro-US government in Islamabad and even the Pakistani opposition are courting Washington and are silent against this emerging threat to the Pakistani state. No Pakistani politician is ready to call Akbar Bugti or Kabul-based Brahamdagh or London-based Harbyar Mari by their real designation as terrorists. Both President Zardari and Mr. Nawaz Sharif are silent accomplices in what they believe is a good opportunity to weaken the grip of the Pakistani military. Plans are also underway to create a ‘Pakistani Kurdistan’. Interior Minister Rehman Malik is yet to accuse Britain of giving safe haven to terrorists.

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  1. GOD save us from all this! may allah give our Army courage and strength to kill the terrorists where ever they are (kabul, duli, kalkata, london).

    • Ameen!

  2. All fair minded Pakistani patriots would clearly recall the relentless efforts made by Musharraf to address the genuine grievances of Baluchistan ( The Gwadur Port, Coastal Highway, setting up Cadet College Quetta, representation of Baluchistan in the Defense Services and Professional Colleges in other provinces.)
    At the same time he had warned of the foreign incursions into Baluchistan and aiding and abetting going on of feudal sardars like Akbar Bugti and the likes of him. He had the guts and courage to deploy the army in clearing out the Ferrari camps and eventually he also took on Akbar Bugti himself .

    The polticistaion by our ‘Awara’ Media and the scores of feudal/dynastic polticians made political capital out of it then. Where are they now?
    They owe an explanation to the nation . Pakistani patriots must take such spineless and insincere people to task.

  3. Na ben Hashim Na tor Khilafet, keu khud kushi kerta hai
    Kehta hai muslmaan khud ko to phir keu pehle blochi benta hai
    katt-ta hai tu jis Pakistan ko, usey kehte Nezria-e-Islam
    Pooch khud se ho k hissa ummt-e-Muhammad SAW ka, keu usi ko tekseem kerta hai

  4. it will not happen INSHALLA Pakistan protection is under ALLAH SUBANUTALLAH umbrella.

  5. The Balochistan issue and its tragic shape at present is result of follies and faults of military dictators in last 60 years ; but its very wrong to put blame on President Zardari and PPP government that they are silent on this issue ; president Zardari begged pardon from people of Balochistan although Zardari is not responsible for sense of deprivation in Balochistan ; loans of Balochistan province were written off by Present PPP federal government ; coalition government in Balochistan province was promoted by PPP and Mr. Zardari and in this coalition government , every political party of province is sharing power ; in spite of heinous criminal activities being launched by BLA ( Balochistan liberation army) , no military operation has been launched by PPP and Zardari in Balochistan ; on behalf of PPP government Rehman Malik has taken into confidence National assembly and senate regarding Balochistan issue , Braham dag Bugti and Harbaer Murre ; Zardari led PPP government constituted parliamentary committee in leadership of Raza Rabbani to put up recommendations for Balochistan ; PPP federal government has floated idea of all parties conference regarding Balochistan issue ; President Zardari visited Balochistan 2 months ago and presided meeting of provincial cabinet and he met tribal leaders of Baluchistan ; Grand son of Akbar Bugti ,Mir alai Bugti crowned as chief of his Bugti tribe recently backed by PPP federal government ; FC has been deployed in Quetta to overcome target killings ; as regards to activities of Braham Dag Bugti , and Herbayar Murre , the dissident leaders of Baluchistan ;, PPP government has keen eye on their activities and the statement of Rehman Malik is on record that President Karzai has been told that Brahamadag Bugti is involved in terrorist activities in Baluchistan and afghan government has been asked to stop their backing ; Zardari led PPP government is very much alive to situation and Baluchistan will overcome its deprivation very soon.

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