Quaid-e-Azam’s Words Live On, Not Brahamdagh Bugti’s

August 5, 2009

Humaira Naz

jinnah“Pakistan is in sight and Balochistan will be a part of it,” said Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s on May 20, 1947

“Pakistan’s strength lies in unity, whatever the cost of our bread and butter, we share it.” That’s how the Baloch express their love to people of the twin cities.

Baloch people are strong patriots of Pakistan. They remember the June 29, 1947 brief of the Assistant Governor-General on referendum, which inter alia said, “Shahi Jirga met with elected members of Quetta Municipality … The present members voted unanimously for Pakistan.” Thus, the Baloch stress, the British Balochistan became a part of Pakistan, while in March 1948 the Khan of Kalat, Ahmad Yar Khan and his confederate chiefs acceded to the new state of Pakistan. And the federation shall stay forever despite foreign intrigues.

Quaid-e-Azam is not with us today but his words live on. Balochistan is a part of Pakistan and will InshAllah remain a part of Pakistan. We will not let the enemy make use of the imbecilities of the previous political democratic Governments in context of people’s welfare programmes and hurdles in their execution apart. The enemies i.e. India and Zionist Israelis etc are again igniting the so-called nationalist groups of Balochistan for consummation of their despicable designs.

“The enemies i.e. India and Zionist Israelis etc are using the same tactics as the imperialists did in the past to fasten their grip over the natives through tribal chiefs in their pay. Will the neo-imperialists, under cover of regional and world champions of democracy, like to see Pakistan strengthen her economy and defense in the global village? Never!”

Indian backed Harbiyar Marri is conspiring the independence of Balochistan on 11th, August 2009 and anti Pakistan countries are accepting it. The propaganda is on its peak. We warn these elements to stay away from Pak Sar Zameen otherwise they will be dealt with very harshly.

We are also watching our “so far incompetent” Government in this case. If they fail to defend Pak Sarzameen and prove to be a failure and disgrace to the Nation yet once again, the Nation will RISE AGAINST them to take care of itself here onwards!

Pakistan Zindabad



  1. i think message will be given to them (current government) sudhar jaoo warna sudhar deajaigay.

  2. True that Balochistan was and will always remain a part of Pakistan. Insha’Allah Pakistan will remain intact till the end of time!

    May Allah swt bless Quaid-e-Azam’s soul Ameen!

    PS: Quaid-e-azam was so handsome! =P

    • Mr Jinnah was certainly an amazing guy. Check out his pics at the national archives website. What a man…what an impeccable character Masha’Allah…..May Allah bless him (Ameen)

  3. The unprecedented infrastructural development in Baluchistan on Musharraf’s watch can never be forgotten. To redress their genuine grievances , many actions were taken including the establishment of a Cadet College in Quetta.

    More importantly, He had the courage and sincerity to take on the people who were being aided and abetted by their foreign masters,like Akbar Bugti. At that time our half breed polticians and media criticised the Army/Musharraf’s action and the same spineless people are raising the alarm that Baluchistan is threatened . What hypocrites.!

    • @Excalibur….our spineless politicians don’t condemn terrorists and thugs but elevate them to the level of a shaheed when they are killed. That’s the bane of our society.

      And by the way if president Musharraf comes back into politics, he has my vote definitely…

  4. gojra k andhar bhi (quran wala) inhoo ne fasaadaad karwaye ha yeh american embassy kia karahi ha islamabad mein visa laghaney k bajhayeh urdu pashtoo punjabi seraiki sindhi baloch zabaney sikh rahey aur pakistan k areas mein ghoss rahey zardari ko tou rishwat mil rahi ha dollers mein tou woh tou americans ko permit tou de ga lekin army kia karahi ha media mein tou isski bilkool awaaz nahi arahi ha

    ek din yeh log china ko heart karenge phit china aur humarey darmiyaan problems hojai gi kuch karo yaar

  5. oh Bhaio aur behno …khuda kay waastay yaar ….Yaar pehlay is zardari aur is government ko dafa kero !…Koi achi government backed by the military lao aur yeh saray mercenaries ko nikalo aur american embassy ka size bhi kum kero.

    Enough is enough !

  6. I request all Pakistanis to voice their concern over the wrong doings of the present government at least through print media. I regularly send in my concerns to the letters to editor section of news papers and some of them have been published. Lets join in to fight this puppet regime that is sure to destroy us if we don’t act swiftly.

    May Allah protect Pakistan (Ameen)

  7. Hina we should also become more active….we should brainstorm strategies to put pressure on gov’t to listen to us…like protest…and stuff like that…its good if we can have more ideas. We should ask the question: what can we do to help our country?

    • I completely agree Mustafa. But voicing our concern is the first step. Start today and write to whichever news paper you subscribe to.

      Pakistan Zindabad

  8. after the agreement between kalat and Pakistan…
    Khan of Kalat Mir ahmad yaad Baloch writes in his book “inside Balochistan”

    —-> “thus, Kalat state virtually became part of Pakistan even ten days before it came into existence, whereas other indian sates were still undecided”

    page 149,

  9. As a Baloch i hate that Brahmdag bughti. and The Solution of this baloch problem is Nuke Them.

  10. To nuke them,is not a solution.we should establish Cadet colleges and universities named after Bugtis,Mengals,Marris,Jamalis.We should name roads and highways in their name,so that they have a sense of participation and ownership.You need socialogists,thinkers to change a tribal society.

  11. Apna hai phir bhi apna,barh kar galay laga lay
    Apna usay bana lay

  12. Inshallah Pakistan will always survive! Long live Pakistan! We will defend it and die for it!

    Jis zameen par ankh khuli hai ushi par band ho gi! Inshallah!

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