CJ, Lahore High Court Should Resign

August 5, 2009

Mahir Sheikh Nisar

Pakistan’s judiciary is engaging in improper judicial conduct such as pure conflicts of interests, media statements stating judicial outcomes and opinions, meetings with foreign dignitaries and politicians, and purporting undeniable biases and lack of impartiality. Where are the lawyers who should note the improper judicial conduct? How exactly have these judges remained as judges given that they are practicing law from their chambers, rather than acting as neutral arbiters?

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  1. A thoroughly corrupt and havily politicised judiciary today is the result of the Sharif backed Turncoat Movement.
    1 Restoration of Chaudhry as CJ was the result of street/mob rule and thuggery and by no means either legal or constitutional. Two wrongs dont make a right.

    2.During the Movement Justice Ramday had sworn in public and also on the poodle GEO network that the day the judges will be resored, he would resign the vey same day as it was not for power or positions that they were struggling. Ramday still continues to warm the Bench.

    3.Iftikhar Chaudhry has a clear motivation and conflict of interest in all the cases he has sat on
    beligerently shredding the basic norms of any judiciary anywhere in the world.

    4. He has made cherry picked rulings against people against whom he has a grudge or vendetta and setaside legal norms and bent the rules to serve the interests of his poltical masters ( Sharifs )

    5. In his black ruling of July31 he has self-indicted himself as well. He is a PCO judge,the same judge who validated Musharraf’s takeover, the same judge who allowed Musharraf to amend the Constitution upto three years after which an Election may take place. He is equally culpable.

    6. HE himself had abolished the Constitutional Supreme Judicial Council to save his skin ( the charges of corruption and nepotism filed under the Presidential Reference were never investigated because his poodle Aiteazaz had got it dismissed on technical grounds of inadmissibility only. )

    7. If November 3 ,2007 was illegal, all developments therefater are illegal and should be rolled back which includes the Elections and the resulting Parliament itself.

    8. The NRO has been left untouched Why suo moto action cannot be taken on it. He has to be a man to do that, isnt it ?

    It is time for General kiyani to step in

  2. Can Kayani,or would he,convince Zardari to bring back the case against Choudhry to the supreme judicial council.As the corruption allegations still exist and the technical hitch was removed by Musharraf after 3/11 that a case against a CJ can also be heard by SJC.
    Whole Pakistan will be at peace afterwards,otherwise chaos will prevail.

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