ALERT: A Senior Pakistani Politician In Govt. Caught On Tape Endorsing Breakup Of Balochistan!

August 5, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Pakistan’s Balochistan province is under attack.  Pakistanis should be in no doubt now and must begin to question their government.  And question it hard.

This is the latest:

  • A stunning telephone conversation between a Pakistani official and Indian-backed terrorists in Balochistan;
  • Permission for US Marines to land on Pakistan’s southwestern coastal area in a mock invasion;
  • And a consortium of three western companies want to circumvent Gwadar and get government’s approval for a mini-seaport instead.

These are three startling developments that point not just to criminal negligence on the part of the elected federal Pakistani government but to collusion at some high level within the Pakistani government.  We know that a few who claim to represent Pakistani Balochis are completely sold out to the agenda of two or three countries in the region.  What is new is connivance in Islamabad.  If something is going to happen to Pakistan’s Balochistan, it will not be possible without inside help.

Alarmingly, this follows the credible information that a group of foreign-backed terrorists who claim to represent Pakistani Baloch are planning in coordination with at least two foreign governments to declare the ‘independence’ of Pakistan’s Balochistan province three days before Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations on 14 August.  The move, if happens, won’t change anything on the ground but would a score a point for the anti-Pakistan forces gathered on Afghan soil.

Let’s get into the details of the latest alert:

1.       US MARINES IN BALOCHSITAN:  According to an alert today by BRASSTACKS, an Islamabad-based security monitoring center, and I quote: “The US Marine Corps has reportedly been allowed [by the Pakistani government] to land around Makran coast in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.  The pretext is that the marines are conducting some anti-narcotics exercise in Afghanistan and the supposed landing in Pakistan’s Balochistan is part of that exercise.  The timing is not only dangerous but could pose a srious threat to Pakistani national security because the rulers in Islamabad have allowed the US Marine landing at a time when the US has stationed a large number of troops in the Afghan province of Helmand bordering the Balochistan province of Pakistan.”

2.      A MOLE IN ISLAMABAD: A senior member of the elected federal government in Islamabad urged Brahamdagh Bugti in a telephone conversation recently to expedite the declaration of independence “while you have the chance.”  The said official is a senior member of the government.  If this tape were to be released publicly, the said official could face treason charges.  The irony is that the said official often makes strong statements about defending Pakistan’s national integrity and strategic interests against the anti-Pakistan forces gathered on the Afghan soil.

3.      A WESTERN COMMERTIAL SEAPORT: The third interesting activity in Balochistan has to do with the three western companies.  One of them is the Tethyan Copper of Australia in collaboration with Canadian mining firm and another from Chile, (all have joint ownership of the copper-gold deposit at Reko Diq in Balochistan.  According to BRASSTACKS, the three companies want to build an exclusive small port (commercial jetty) near Gwadar port some 30 miles towards Karachi. One or more of them also have Israeli links of some sort, most probably in terms of equity, which is in itself should make this the concern of national security experts in Pakistan because of the growing Israeli covert role in the region, which is not documented by the western media but is well known to Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

According to the BRASSTACKS alert, this project for “an exclusive small port-like facility indeed should be looked upon with high suspicion.  The main question here is:  Why the small port in the presence of a new modern port like Gwadar in close proximity?  Who will be using this new port facility apart from these companies?  What will be the security plan for this jetty and who will be looking after the security?  Foreigners from native countries of the three companies will freely use this new mini-seaport.”

This situation will represent a grave security breach from Pakistan’s standpoint, particularly in an area like Balochistan that already is the focus of third-country-sponsored terrorism emanating from Afghanistan.

To quote the BRASSTACKS alert:

“To understand the entire situation and the security concerns for Pakistan linked with demand of these foreign companies, the background of all these companies is a must to looked into.  Reko Diq is a small town in Chagai District, Baluchistan having the world´s largest Gold and Copper reserves.  According to reports US $ 65 Billion natural deposit have been sold for US $ 21 Billion to Tethyan Copper of Australia which has taken the contract to develop this mine while Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada (a Jewish company) and Antofagasta of Chile have a joint-ownership of the copper-gold deposit at Reko Diq.  The Reko Diq deposit is being explored by Tethyan Copper Company Pty Ltd (75%) and the (BDA) Balochistan Development Authority (25%).  Tethyan Copper Company is held jointly (50:50) by Barrick Gold Corporation and Antofagasta Minerals.  So far, three foreign companies have purchased stakes in the strategic copper and gold assets setting off a cycle of `change of foreign ownership´ of Reko Diq copper project. Pakistan has only 25 per cent stake in the Reko Diq copper project.  The rest of the 75 per cent stakes had first been transferred to BHP Billiton, the Anglo-Australian mining giant and then BHP Billiton under a `deed of waiver and consent´ transferred it to the Australian TCC and now TCC has sold its 19.95 per cent stake to Antofagasta Minerals.”

Pakistan’s strategic southwestern province of Balochistan is facing a real, focused threat.  The federal Pakistani government, controlled by individuals with strong links to Washington, are showing criminal negligence in this regard.  The government has so far failed to put Britain on the spot for providing sanctuary for terrorists committing arson and terrorism inside Balochistan and openly calling for the breakup of the Pakistani state.

To provide media cover and legitimacy to these terrorists, strong lobbies in Washington and New Delhi are trying to use the media to revive the debate on how Pakistan became independent from Britain and how Balochistan ‘acceded’ to the new nation.

We do not have much trust in the capability of the Pakistani government to rise to the occasion.  But to the national security practitioners and experts and the managers of the state foreign policy and public diplomacy, it is important that Pakistan not be drawn into this debate.

Pakistan is a reality.  We cannot and will not revisit events going back half a century or more in time just because this happens to suit the strategic interests of the United States, NATO, or India.

Islamabad needs to question why the governments of Britain, India and the United States are supporting terrorism in Pakistan through indirect support to terrorists claiming unilateral representation of a large segment of the Pakistani nation.

The BRASSTACKS alert has been quoted here under special arrangement.

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  1. I bet this senior government official is the bastard Rehman Malik.

    • me think so too!

      • true

  2. this is very alarming, very very alarming indeed. We need to take some drastic actions soon, and that is not possible with the current setup.

  3. and the govt is busy in things like abolishing the graduation requirement for contesting elections, extremely dire situation. very sad!

  4. Only Army has the power to act against these developments. I hope they are aware and prepared.

  5. May Allah have mercy on us.

  6. Ahmed, You put the tape of evry little thing. Why are you shying to put a tape/ Clip of the conversition??

  7. i have one word to say about these traitors scum . SCUM OF THE EARTH.
    This government is raising a non issue of ex prez musharraf and having a trial for treason.. This is all a cover so they can carry out there agenda. Thanks AQ the voice of truth .
    Kayani saab time for you to take action .

    The pox on all PPP SCUM politicians ,party members and cronies ,lock them all up and hang them .


  9. this doesn’t come as a big surprise to me afterall there are lots of sell out in our political setup. there’s no shortage of mir jaffar’s & sadiq’s amongst Muslims.

  10. Who is this fucking mole and can you share the recorded conversation?

    How come I don’t see this story in any newspapers.
    There was a story in Jang online today for few hours about severed optical cable disconnecting Balochistan from the rest of the country. I wonder if it was somehow linked.

  11. I have looked other news papers like Jasarat, Jang. No one seems to have any concern about PAKISTAN. But I am very hopeful that ALLAH is with us and he will insha-allah protect PAKIATAN and all Muslim and DEEN-E-ISLAM.



  12. Why dont any polition party start a rally against PPP government, make them go like Musharaf. PML-N will join them when they will see that PPP must leave government, just like they joined Iftekahar Chaudry at the end and stole all the credit.

  13. i can say only 1 thing ,pakistan army and isi shud better intervene the government ,adress the nation and take confidence in nation and adress nation properly by showing videos and audio recorded evidences and expose all from nawaz ,zardari, and every1 and launch undercover soldiers without uniform in the form of doctors,teachers,drivers,rickshaw,taxi drivers ,imam masjids etc and the areas where roads are blocked ,send paratroopers fidaeen mission….no way to compromise national security and if balochistan is getting separate then whats the point of having these nuclear weapons if they can,t even defend the nation……

  14. donot scare from america because foreign policy need to be rethink and redefined and i must telling u as usa is sending more troops to columbia and russian new base in kyrgistan is a way of approch to new foriegn policy for us as chavez is going to buy 2 bn $ weapons from russia so if pak,china,iran and venez + russia get together then answer can be changed ….
    do we really need these corrupt politicians
    no electricity
    no jobs
    no gas soon if it goes this way
    no respect within and outside country
    i dont know wht people are waiting for ,
    nation need to rise and throw these scumbags away
    otherwise ghut ghut kay maroo

  15. if international media or personnel ask for baloch independence then they shud give us the answer of kashmir who has been asking for independence from 1947 and how indian military is justified there………..we r muslim and islam unites us and balochi people are awesome and very friendly so do pashtuns ,punjabis,sindhi,muhajirs and ethnic in pakistan as well ,rather than saying independence of balochistan then they shud better say of independence of pakistan from all these ediots sitting in parliment.

  16. In every western democracy there is a political opposition in the Parliment congress or assembly. The point of this opposition is to be a check and balance on the Govenment a free media also has a role to play .

    where is our opposition ie Nawaz Sharif he is up Zardaris arse when he is not sitting on the fence and eating nehari. The guy is a joke he is colluding with PPP and watching the gang rape of Pakistan .
    How will we fight the Indians when we cant do something about these scum our elected politicians

  17. ya allah is mubarik raat k sadqay pakistan ko bacha lay

  18. AQ, Have people in relevant quarters heard this tape? Can you put it out? Alot of stuff is going on behindthe scenes which puts the country’s existence in jeopardy. Unfortunately, our parliament is concerned about Mush treason, and CJ ass-licking.
    Good work.

  19. what they are doing in opposition is actually a charter of democracy…and as far as constitution is concern it is just some pieces of paper … we dont want any constitution of 1973,we have ur constitution of our beloved MOHAMMAD (SALALA HO WALAE WASALAM) and fellowers…we dont need any political constitution.


  21. While the situation might be alarming, it must not cause any pessimism among the fellow Pakistanis. We should be alert and determined to face the challenges without getting into panic mode. We are more than capable of changing the trends and making the history as has already been proven time and again since 1940. It should be a matter of satisfaction that we have a vigilant civil society, an active judiciary, live media, determined armed forces, a hardworking nation of believers, and a democratic government that can not isolate itself from people of Pakistan (regardless of how this government was established and how badly it is running the country). We see the news here and there that foreigners are manipulating our rulers like this and that. But the foreigners can not counter and control all these institutions and segments of the Pakistani population. In democracy, good or bad, all these segments play their role, some time more effectively and for other times less effectively. Compare that situation with a dictatorship. Despite all the shortcomings in the current government, one should give the credit for whatever good they are doing and encourage them to do more. In his today’s column, Hamid Mir wrote that the government has denied the permission to open a US consulate in Balochistan and have started monitoring the foreigners renting houses and bungalows in Islamabad. I am not a big fan of Nawaz Sharif and even less so for Zardari. But I believe that democratic process should continue just because it brings refinement in the society and produces a fresh, and hopefully a better, breed of politicians.

    A dictator is such a cursed character – by its very nature – that foreign powers can easily blackmail a dictator and then more or less all institutions in Pakistan are in the effective control of the foreign powers. Of all the dictators in Pakistan’s short history, I tend to regard Zia’ regime better than the others – much better than that of mirasi-ud-dolla Musharraf who remained on a slippery slope, thus, taking the nation deeper down for the most part of his dictatorship. Zia fought and won the war in Afghanistan, started and completed a few very important projects, and effectively buried the issues of Pakhtunistan and Greater Blochistan. But he too lost Siachin to India and no one was held accountable for that loss.

    We should be thankful to Allah (SWT) that the control of this nation is not any more in the hands of the dictator who took U-turns in our security and foreign policies. A one-man show is always prone to foreign blackmail and internal malice. This recent arrogant dictator allowed herds of foreign agents to freely roam around throughout Pakistan, picked Pakistanis and handed them over to the foreign powers, provided air fields only to be used to kill the innocent non-combatant Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan, buckled down under the pressure from Indians and promised them to take actions clearly so damaging Pakistan’s national interests. Above all, that dictator pushed us into a civil war like situation. True many powers are busy with their nefarious designs to harm Pakistan and bleed Pakistanis. But that can succeed only in a divided nation and Musharraf’s achievement was to get this nation fragmented. Nations rise only going through challenges and we will, Inshallah, rise from our current situation. These challenges are nothing new for us. Our nation building process, in fact, has actually been nurtured by the challenges right after the creation of Pakistan. Our belief in Allah (SAW) is our power, hope is our light, Du’a is our weapon, and struggle is our passion. This nation of 170 million is not that weak to get overpowered by the enemies easily. Many others will, Inshallah, go down before even a possibility of Pakistan going down.

    Our Baloch brothers should realize the difference between the struggle against an unjust system from the fight against the state. I am sure a vast majority of common people in Balochistan are not traitors. They may have numerous complains and serious reservations against the system for being deprived of their rightful share in the national wealth and opportunities but they firmly believe that the destiny and survival of all people in Pakistan is shared and lies in the national unity.

  22. AQ why don’t u put the audio conversation online?

    • I agree, if there is credible evidence then it should be published (audio, video, pictures). I am sick and tired of media sending out feelers, AQ either put up or shut up.

  23. I keep hearing how ISI has pictures of Brahamdagh Bugti meeting RAW/CIA/Others in Kabul. If we can send a guy with a camera to take his pictures, why not send a guy with a sniper riffle to take care of the problem. Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of our intelligentsia.

  24. if the audio tape is available, why dont we expose it to general public?

  25. I just read this.

    I don’t think I need the audio tape anymore. This government should be sacked, planes should be sent to Afghanistan to take out anti Pakistan elements. Treason cases should be filed against all in country and out of country elements and warrants should be issued. Properties should be sealed and confiscated.

    I want to see some hanging!!! Few hundred people should not allowed to do anything like this.

    • this is a royal slap on the face of the people who say we are conspiracy theorists. ZH has been saying this all along, they want to break up Pakistan, and the proof is now evident, few hundreds of people have hijacked Balochistan with the help of foreign forces, its time for a major strategic shift in our policies. We should sever ties with UK immediately on harboring terrorists that are working for the dismemberment of Pakistan from its territories. I would love to see Lord Nazir filing a case against these terrorists. Lord Sahab sirf Musharraf hee mila hei aap ko? Why dont you file a case against your own govt for harboring these terrorists?

  26. We get so annoyed reading such depressing news about people who are ruling our country. It is such a shame that our people in Pakistan inspite of knowing all the facts about Zardari/Nawaz and the rest, still were happy to abundantly vote for them. Now they are back to their old self looting and plundering the country.
    The traitor mentioned above is no other than that ugly faced Rehman Malik. I really hope that our Army is watching all these things closely and hope they act fast and intelligently. They should not let us down?
    Happy Independence Day!

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