Crusades against Islam – Zaid Hamid on Waqt TV

August 3, 2009

Zaid Hamid and Waqt TV explains the Christian world’s brutal assault on Muslims world under the name of Crusades. The program explains how the crusades have started again after 9/11.



part 3



  1. excellent series!!! Inshallah Khilafat is coming, very very soon!WE will implement RasulAllah’s (PBUH) rule.

  2. UNITE people, all nations of Islam into ONE nation of Islam!

  3. If Islam was a strong enough factor to unite all Muslims the why the following:
    (a)The Middle East states fight with Iran and bear mistrust among themselves?
    (b)Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan?
    (c)Iran and Pakistan are not friends?
    (d)Pakistan and Afghanistan are estranged?
    (e)Islamic states in Africa are fighting against each other?
    (f)Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen?
    (g)Iran and Iraq were perpetual enemies
    (h)Turkey is not friends with some of its Muslim neighbours?
    (j)India has more Muslim population than whole of Pakistan and continues to remain secular and more stable?
    (k)Kuwait has banned immigration from Pakistan even for work?
    (l)Taliban are also Muslims but everone calls them as enemies?
    Can someone please give answers to these questions?

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