We Are Pakistanis!

August 1, 2009

What if someone unknown, with a big beard, knocks on your door and tells you that he has just fled his home – will you keep him in your house? Share your food and your clothes with him? And then, what if someone else knocks on your door with 5 family members, would you tell your children to share their clothes and toys with these unknown people?

What if you have so many unknown people walking into your home that you share everything with them and are left with nothing but a small blanket to sleep with?

People in Mardan and Dir have done this.

This is ‘patriotism’.

Read Full Article | Ali Khan, PakistanFirst.com



  1. MashaAllah, as long as we have people like these, we can never die.

  2. Alf (1000) Salam to the people of Mardan & Dir !

  3. Pakistan Zindabad!

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