War Against The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan

August 1, 2009






Created by Ehsaan Choudhry | Destiny Productions



  1. really amazing piece of work!!!

  2. Good work, i have a suggestion we should translate all such vidios, including the great master pieces of Brasstacks to pushto language and distribute it….

  3. A very superficial and sinister campaign cobbled together to promote PML ( N ) by maligning other mainstream poltical parties or ignoring them altogether.

    This is in line with yet another PML ( N ) poodle Ayaz Amir craftily trying to promote the Sharifs in his senseless newspaper columns( ‘Battle of the Flyweights’ Khaleejtimes July 31 ) by promoting inter provincial disharmony and destabilising the Army by sowing discord along ethnic lines ( Urdu speaking, Punjabi speaking )The same despicable poison that forced the Bengali Pakistanis to break away in 1971 ( India only took advantage of our own
    such idiocities )

    The voice over commentator is so ill informed that he mentions the date of Pakistan going nuclear as 18th May 1999 when the corresponding videoclip displays the correct date of May 28,1998!

    This kind of patchwork of cut and paste tamasha from other credible footages/ videoclips has to be viewed with extreme caution to detect the hidden agenda in it.

    Its producer Ehsan Chaudhry must desist from launching such malicious and single point agenda of PML ( N ) to play the Provincial card.We are all Pakistanis and any divisive ploy like this will neither go unnoticed or unpunished ever !

    He fails to realise , recognise and acknowledge that it was Musharraf alone who had taken on the so called Pakistani Taleban and their foreign collaborators at a very early stage in Swat. It was Musharraf who had blown the whistle on Akbar Bugti and taken him to task. It was Musharraf only who had exposed the Indian involvement in Baluchistan and confronted Karzai openly on this issue.
    It was Musharraf alone who had warned against despondency and has at all times encouraged and protected the Army/ ISI when our politicians are always hell bent to malign these institutions. Even now Musharraf defends and promotes the Army/ ISI and Pakistan in world forums through his International Lecture circuits. Something which our entire Foreign Ministry/ Diplomatic corps can hardly match. He deserves all the respect and credit. Musharraf and the Army were demonised on the Lal masjid Operation by the same vested inerests ( Sharifs, Imran Khans, JI, Madressah Clerics, media, et al ) who now champion the cause and fall over each other in displaying their support of the Army operation. How is it different now ?
    Shameless Munafiqs !

    • ^This video never said anything bad about Musharraf…and the above post is from an MQM supporter…by the way I am a Mahajir Urdu speaker and a Karachiite. Just because the maker of this video has a Choudary in his name, he is undigestible to him?

      Snap out of it brother! This blind support of MQM and even more blind hatred towards Punjabis, Pashtoons will lead you nowhere! Just because MQM gave you bridges and hospitals, doesn’t mean you fall to their stupid ideologies. Hitler made even more advancements, todays Germans curse him… Shining Gujrat is the fastest prospering state of India under Modi (The butcher).

      And a Mahajir is someone who has done Hijrat. Those who migrated, never complained and passed away, you and I didn’t do any Hijrat, so how are we Mahajirs? Also there are coutless Mahajirs living in Punjab and all over the country.

      No hard feelings…think over it!

      • @ ceramics 57

        Why make sweeping presumptions about others?You may be a Muhajir, Karachiite whatever. I am not . I am a simple and pure Pakistani. It is people like you who spread and swear by parochialism. Get out of it!

        It is your blind provincialism that makes you go at Musharraf and his antecedents and worse to link him with MQM Who gave you that right ? That means any leader should only be recognised for his ethnic background . Does it mean that Sharif is only for Punjabis and Asfandyar only for Pathans? .Why label him as Muhajir ? He is a Pakistani first and last. Biased people like you create the divide of Punjabi, Pakhtoon , Urdu Speaker etc. and hate others accordingly. Pakistan was made for Pakistanis only not for the ethnic labels you continue with. Always remember that.Rise above it and honestly see what is the malaise that this patchwork documentary laments about and who is the single leader who has addressed all these issues when he was in power and even now.Why cant the documentary acknowledge it ?

        Yes Chaudhry is a biased Punjabi because he has lampooned every political party in this video with the sole exception of Sharif Badmash of PML ( N ) The same policy as that of Sharif’s poodle GEO TV
        Now that you cover him , it is clear that you are pretending to be a Muhajir when you are not. You cannot fool all the people all the time , can you ?

        As for being a Muhajir , the Prophet (pbuh )was the first Muhajir when he made the hijrat to Medina . Not like one type of pseudo Muhajirs who woke up on August 14 , grabbed the properties of Hindus/Sikhs making an exodus to India from a geographically contiguous province, and still claim to be Muhajirs with zero sacrifices.

      • Your problem is that you read the first and the last word of every paragraph, and make your own assumptions. Same you did with the video…I strongly doubt you even saw whole of it. Never, in this video, was Sharif glorified or Musharraf cursed.

        It is you who believes in ethnic differences. For me all Pakistanis, all humans are same.

  4. Great pice. Love pak army.. Love Musharraf!

  5. this was a fantastic documentary!! This should be promoted and spread everywhere for everyone to see!

    Excalibur: You have the wrong idea bout this documentary. It is not a promotion of PML N but is a factual documentary explaining current situation. As for criticism of Musharraf, Imran Khan has his own point of view and is not a curropt person whereas Nawaz Sharif is extremely curropt and only criticizes him for political points.

    • You have to be naive in missing the point.
      This a similar to writing a plagiarised paper by borrowing from here and there and slyly sneaking in your own agenda into it,

      Have you ever seen or heard Imran Khan supporting the Army action going on right now ? If yes, please let me know when and where. He is a Taleban sympathiser and manipulates his politics for self perpetuation only.

      • Yes Imran Khan has supported the fact that the Taliban be brought to justice and dealt with. He only disagrees on the methodology of it. He proposes using counterinsurgency and precision based warfare so that less civilians get killed. He also suggested that political, diplomatic, offensive tactics be used together. He has condemned Taliban numerous times. You can see this in many of his tv interviews.

      • @ excalibur
        i dont see where imran khan or pmlN are being supported in this documentary or even there agenda?? and there is no doubt that ppp mqm and anp are very corrupt even zaid hamid says that.

        this documentary is brilliant. (iv seen it on facebook some one posted it there also). a must watch for all who want to get a brief overview of the situation.

  6. Absolutely brilliant stuff …. Well said Zaid Hamid “Hamari lashon k ooper se guzarna parey ga is mulk ko nuqsan pohanchane k liay” ……
    Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz …

  7. Khan Bhai suggetion is right. Someone please translate this into pashtu and blochi language and distribute it on those part of Pakistan. InshAllah Allah will protect, save and rise Pakistan. InshAllah Amin ya rebulalamin

  8. a very good effort indeed. should be aired on tv!
    pakistan zindabad!

  9. @ Mustafa Shaban & Kashif Ali

    Just read through my reply to Ceramic 57 above.
    As for Imran Khan , be specific, just name that TV programme. Also let him inform the Army of this Imran Technology which is so precise that it leaves hardly any collateral damage. The Army will patent it and pay him the Royalty.
    Imran criticised the Lal Masjid cleansung, the action against Sufi Mohammad, action in Wana. When the tide changes of public opinion , he conveniently changes his stance making a U turn.
    He should stick with being a cricket coach at best.

    • Imran Khan is not talking about any special technology…..he criticizes the use of F-16’s and other heavy firepower….precision warfare is when you use intellegence to identify the leadership and take them out or when you use sniper rifles and stuff. The Taliban are not an army…they behave like a gang of thugs….they divide themselves into packs of 5-15 people most of the time…but ofcourse the army has done a great job by taking out the Taliban..they are very brave…and we need to tackle these foreign assets…and they are trying thier best to do that…I am btw not saying that I always agree with Imran Khan as I myself am no expert…I just want to point out that most people misunderstand his point of view..and sometimes he brings up some valid points.

      • First off, the F-16s are not being deployed as such. Secondly, the picking of precise targets among voluntary or forced human shields is difficult ( Remember the Lal masjid episode )
        The current Operation is a larger scale replication of the Lal Masjid Operation identical in content and purpose.
        Imran had criticised and condemned the Lal masjid op. Then he was supportive of TSNM and Sufi Muhammad. He actually lacks vision and maturity.
        He doubted Musharraf’s sincerity and sat out the 2008 Elections. He condemned both PPPP & PML(N )as undemocratic ,corrupt and dynastic parties but went on to gang up with them against Musharraf.
        He is self cenetered. He cannot work as a team. Remember the Cricket world Cup Win when he tried to hog all the glory. Or his personal life , siring daughter Tyrian out of wedlock, a broken marriage etc. At one time he only had one MNA and now zero. Whom does he actually represent ? Goodlooks and charisma get him phot ops and TV airtime quite disproportionate to his limited merit. But we live in interesting times don’t we ?

  10. also translate into English and show it to the world

    • >.< its already in english

  11. pakistan comes first

    L O V E P A K I S T A N

  12. We will defeat US, Israel and Indian Agency inshAllah….. We are Muslim and we believe on God….
    Iraday jin k pukhta hon, yakeen jin ka khuda pe ho..
    Talatum khaiz mojon say woh ghabraya nahi kkartay…

  13. jazakAllah excellent video, exposes the enemy of pakistan!!!

  14. brother I am looking for English translation of Zaid Hamid video about Khilafat-e-Rashida …
    if you know or you have made some translation/subtitles then do lemme know…

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