US Blackwater-Xe Mercenaries Spread Fear In Peshawar

August 1, 2009

PESHAWAR, Pakistan—Fear is spreading across University Town, an upmarket residential area in Pakistan’s north-western city of Peshawar, due to the overt presence of the controversial US private security contractor Blackwater.

Sporting the customary dark glasses and carrying assault rifles, the mercenaries zoom around the neighborhood in their black-colored armored Chevy Suburbans, and shout at motorists when occasionally stranded in a traffic jam.

The residents are mainly concerned about Blackwater’s reputation as a ruthless, unbridled private army whose employees face multiple charges of murder, child prostitution and weapons smuggling in Iraq.

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  1. what the hell are these blackwater guys doing in pakistan those shall be hanged who have allowed these enemies of islam to come in our territory. thats nonsense man.

  2. Yeah ! how are they allowed to move like this ?? Was Shaehzad Roy’s video true in which he shows FBI agents on the streets of Pakistan ??

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