Pakistan Gives US, NATO Proof On India’s Covert Links With Baitullah Mehsud

August 1, 2009

The US continues to be in denial as evident from the recent statement of Richard Holbrooke where he said the evidence Pakistan has produced on India’s links to terrorism in Balochistan is not credible. The Pakistanis have photographs and video tapes of Indian agents in Afghanistan meeting with known terrorists. Army chief Gen. Kayani has warned the Americans to stop criticizing the ISI. On his recent visit, the protocol given to Mr. Holbrooke was no longer presidential, as was the case during his previous visits. And the ISI chief has also declined to meet any US officials separately. Pakistan is getting closer to being left with no option but to limit or outright block the occupation supply lines in order to force Washington to understand it can’t ignore Pakistani regional strategic interests.

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  1. Nothing from Pak would seem credible to them as Pakistan actions are not aligning with US interest.
    Sure they are making headlines that Army is killing talibans every day in swat and places. But not the Talibans the Americans want, instead the ones that are harbored by Afghans, Trained by the Indians, financed by the Jews and help get into Pak by the Americans…

  2. LOL

    India and US is CLEARLY DENYING of any ‘proof’ but pak is still insisting it has given the ‘proofs’.

    No wonder pak has no credibility.

    😀 😀 😀

    • Pak has credibility and we do not need any credibility from the dishonest people like usa and indians.
      Amit this is for you
      Pakistanis are muslims alhemdullah and Pakistanis also has courage, strength, power and heart to demolish you. Do not forget muslims we rule you over 1000 years and now we decide again that we will rule india again which will called Greater Pakistan InshAllah. You just wait and watch. Lions are coming. Pakistanis are coming. you coward

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