The Tiger Of Lahore

July 31, 2009

We heard about Zardari’s horses, Surrey Palace etc …. Now its time for Sharif’s Tiger…

These people disgust us… Credit Card Scams, Rape Scams, Misuse of inisterial power scam, Tiger Scams, Haripur corruption Scam… when will it stop?

Read about Shehbaz Shareef’s son’s latest acquisition – A rare Siberian Tiger imported in breach of Pakistani law, and now being kept in a ridiculously expensive electric-powered ‘chiller’ – all while the common people suffer from regular power breakdowns during the harsh summer.



  1. What else can one expect from these champions of PLUTOCRACY????

  2. raja maharaja can do any thing in Pakistan! general public can watch and feel jealous. ha ha!

    this is Pakistan my dear! awaz du Umer (AS) the great ko! GOD should send him to Pakistan!

  3. 😦

  4. Sher is N.League’s symbol.Although a kaghazi sher. Now he has a real one.Now he going to let it loose on his opponents as he used to ( as the gossips say)thow people in his Ittefaq Foundry furnaces. As the story goes,he threw the widow of late Mian Meraj Deen so that the wealth is not distributed.
    Wallaho Alam.

  5. Correction… TWO lions with one delivered and the other on the way !!

  6. someone should take these lions and let them loose inside their homes!…LOL

  7. Yet another example of the COD ( Clowns of Democracy )
    champions !
    A total disconnect with the Pakistani Nation. Always shedding crocodile tears for the masses. Pathetic !

  8. Bholay Badshah

    Either you are in self denial or blisfully ignorant.

    1. Sahrifs have no poltical legitiamcy. They were midwifed by General Ziaul Haque and absolutely corrupt. Attacking the Supreme Court and sacking CJ Sajjad Ali Shah, dumping their party and party workers by running away with their families to the palaces in Jeddah rather than having the courage to face the courts for hijacking charges or remain in custody to face the trials. What tigers ? They are foxes.

    2 All the developments you claim as Sharifs work , is actually the developments under Musharraf.
    Are you blind or what ?

    3. Regarding the Nuclear Detonation , Gohar Ayub is on record as to how Nawaz Sharif was shaking in fear of the Americans when Ayub pushed him and insisted that the`nation will not accept any cowardice by him that he was left with no choice but to go ahead with it.

    4. The statesmanlike decision of Musharraf was the only way to go. If he would have been crazy and gone the way you suggest then what happened in Afghanistan for the same reason is before us .

    5. Why Ahmed Quraishi or Zahd Hamid cannot accede to your wish is simple. There is nothing like corruption or any damning thing against Musharraf at all. Do you want them to fabricate some ?

    6.The billions you talk about have all been accounted for. half of it is simple reimbursement to the Army and the balance is for socio/economic and developmental work.
    Any doubt by anyone, please go to the Supreme Court if you are truthful in your allegations.

    7. The Chak Shahzad`residence or the Flat in London has been explained time and gain. It is not acquired through illgotten money like the Sharifs/ Zardaris. It is Musharraf’s entitlements, salaries and income from International Lectures. Why are you jealous to grudge it against him?

    8. The Hijras you mention are from the same PML (N )of the coward Nawaz Sharif who were leftover after he ran away to Saudi Arabia and it is people like you who elected them in 2003 when you wanted Democracy and elections. Musharraf only obliged as committed by him.

    9. What is the newborn wisdom for Baluchistan/ Swat, Malakand today ?
    Musharraf had the foresight to take action then but people like you condemned it. Lal Masjid was no different than what is happening in the Frontier today ( the rationale is the same )
    Hypocrisy must end!

    10. If you look closely, both Zahid and Ahmed are effectively endorsing the good work done by Musharraf albeit a bit too late now.
    We have missed the opportunity. We have wronged a sincere leader who meant well for Pakistan

    • My vote is for Musharraf 🙂

  9. Bhaijan, Ghutnay to Nawaz Sharif ne tekay thay woh bhi India ke agay. Have you forgotten the Kargil Episode or you are so much in denial that you dont want to remember it. All projects what you are mentioning was done and completed by Musharaf. Please Don’t Worry be Happy! You are living the Democracy you have craving for the whole Eight years Musharaf was ruling.

    • Waqas Bhai, I think u need a break from this forum as I have no doubt now that you are a Nawaz League Crazy Supporter who seems to jump to conclusions by distorting facts and seriously bro your delusional. NO offense, but no 1 is supporting Musharraf here like you are feeling but in general our political leadership is corrupt. So please try to create +ve awareness then rather telling us that the Sahrif’s are saints.

      I think they should be the first ones to be hanged as they chose to leave the Nation to Saudia for the Luxurious life and being Royal Guests, atleast Zardari spent his time in Jail in PAKISTAN.
      Some Leader… PML (N) are Munafiqs and full of lying faggots…

  10. On Nuclear detonation.
    Z.A.Bhutto and his govt.had the knowledge of India’s intetions,(i.e.before the blast) to test at Pokhran.
    Why Nawaz did not in 1998.Pakistan was taken by surprise.Then it took one month for preparations to explode ours.If we were prepared,we should have it the next day or next hour as Chaghi site was ready since 1985.
    This delay allowed world power to exert pressure on Pakistan.
    The reason why our agencies failed is because Nawaz was using them to crush his opposition.
    Another story goes that when we were afterall ready,still Nawaz was afraid and reluctant.Then army chief Jehangir Karamat gave an ultimatum that “you approve or not,we will detonate it at 5.00 pm ” and it was done.

    Benazir,once had told that let Nawaz tell us what is meant by CTBT.
    For general knowledge,CTBT means Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

  11. Better Hang Waqasayb22 Save the World !

    • Finally, you have come out of the snakepit, havent you ?

      We are all Pakistanis pure and simple unlike soiled sons like you and most probably from La’Whore.!

    • LOOOOOOOL !! Whore ki haaal ne ??

    • @ Waqas

      I can see your hate for Musharaf comes from the faggot DNA in your blood. I wont say it .. Sorry, I have many good friends but you my dear a clear hate case. May Allah give you some sanity.

      Pakistan Zaindabad !!

  12. Billi thailay se bahar a gai.

  13. @ Waqasayub

    Your pointless rantings will never change the true facts.
    1. Nawaz and Chaudhry are co conspirators on strictly parochial grounds. Chaudhry is a PCO Judge who had kissed up to Musharraf when he validated the takeover and also allowed him to make Constitutional changes and a term of 3 years after which elections could take place. Nawaz recruited Chaudhry and illegally and unconstitutionally put him back in the seat through thuggery on the streets and a bankrolled Awara media ( GEO in particular) In return Chaudhry has now set aside all norms of legality and given a clean chit to Nawaz ( Payback time )
    2. The facts of the plane hijacking case , Kargil and Siachen are well documented and effectively nail the lies of Sharif. On Kargil he prostrated in front of the US Senate committte on Defence to save his skin at the cost of the Army’s honour and imminent victory, by falsely claiming that he was not aware of it when in fact he was fully briefed but it was beyond his IQ to understand it.
    Gulzar Kiyanis utterances on GEO ( with Syed ul Munafiqeen, Hamid Mir )was the result of Sharif purchasing these munafiqs which everyone knows. To further confirm, ASWT pnsihed Gulzar Kiyani shortly thereafter by recalling him up so that Pakistan may not be polluted by him any more.
    2.All the infrastructure developments and unprecedented progress during Musharraf’s time is known to the world. Nawaz was only a paper tiger and failed to deliver not once but twice. Shameless.
    3. His habit of continued lies on the saudi brokered mercy deal for him and his entire family when he begged for it was ultimately exposed in public by the saudi Home minister when he showed the document to the Press in Islamabad. Sharif only shutup after that.
    4.When he ran away to saudi like a fox, his party remnants remained. Upto 2003 Musharraf had a professioanlly qualifed cabinet who delivered exceptional results . True to his commitments he held elections as promised and people like you returned the same corrupt feudal/dynastic shit into power. Had Musharraf rigged, he could stay in power or more easily by declaring Martial Lae straightaway.
    Sharif of non genuine parentage had already run away to save his skin rather than facing a trial and showing courage like a man which he is surely not !
    4. In 2008 Elections Musharraf again was impartial.He has no party of his own. That is why crooks again were back since people like you always vote on ethnic/ bradari lines. The religious parties boycotted that is why they are out as also imran khan. PML ( N ) flip flopped and sneaked in at the last minute and by default got seats restricted to Lahore only.So much for his popularity.
    Of the total votes cast he was a distant third on the national level Mushrraf supporters were a close second to PPPP only. Get the correct picture.
    Still Sharif is now trying to destabilise the country forhis personal agenda. He is a Taleban supporter , a poltical orphan midwifed by Gen Zia.
    5.The army is doing exactly the same jab as under Musharraf in Baluchistan, Swat and Frontier. At that time munafiqs like you criticised the action but now unashamedly you support it !Shows how biased you are.
    6.Making wild allegations is easy. Why dont you file a case against Musharraf in the Courts and see the result of each on of it. What is stopping you ?
    Even your own kangaroo courts now cannot indict him
    for anything whatsoever as they know the truth.
    7. Your slurs against the Airfotce or our weapns capability is so absurd that there is no need to comment on it. Pathetic.
    8 Whether a man is in uniform or not, a Pakistani patriot only deserves to be respected as a Leader not otherwise.

  14. Superb.Laton kay bhoot batoon say nahin mantey,Parnala wahin giray ga .One ex ISI chief once said” Yeh log Samjhota Express hain.” All the intruders from North came and given safe passage.They endedup in India and fought Panipat etc.The reason of safe passage was they were lotas centuries ago.It is really shame that Ranjeet Singh and other Sikhs ruled them for 250 years because of Lotacracy.Dilare Singh Mahdi( the Indian singer) is close to their hearts and he comes and sings “Soofia kalam”.

  15. @ Waqasayub

    Just to complete the reply :

    1. When damning evidence of nuclear proliferation was exposed, it was Musharraf alone who protected Dr.Qadeer by refusing to hand him over to either USA or the IAEA despite tremendous world pressure on us.
    He was also the Army Chief at that time so what Army pressure you talk of ?
    Now that Musharraf is gone where is Dr. Qadeer ? Why is he not in the public ? Any explanation ?Why does he still choose to remain under protective custody ?
    2. The architect of our Nuclear capability was Zulfiqar Bhutto and Dr. Qadeer not Nawaz who as you claim made an explosion in 1997 ! ( surely it must have been a personal one in the Washroom and he deserves full credit for it ! )
    3.What sponsored polls are you talking about ? Musharraf alone has the singular honour of representing Pakistan in International forums through the Lecture Circuit owing to his credibility and international respect.
    Dunces like Nawaz are a sea when in such forums, incapable of speaking extempore or field questions and get their speeches written by Nazir Naji.What competence ?
    He can only enjoy Gajrela, Siberian Tiger and grow hairransplants from Saudi crude.I heard that he is now using Fair & Lovely as well recommended by his first cousin Begum Nawazishali.

  16. Weeks before Mians takeoff(kickoff) to Jeddah, the chhota bhai had said”Now nobody can remove us for 20 years,possibly thinking of a dynasty like Egyptians and Syrians.
    While in Saudi, were enjoying “Murgh Musallams” and sessions with Babbu Baral and others who used to be flown in to make mah-rajas happy. In the program,Loose Talk,on a TV channel,the artist says”Jany na Janay Koi Na Janay, Jeddah to sara Janay Hai”

    Soon after Musharraf takeover,Hamza Shahbaz took 38 crores and deposited with the Govt.If it was not ill-gotten,why he returned this money.
    Wallah, it is endless.

    • So true !
      Another one is about the time the Sahrif Badmash was under detention, anxiously waiting for Kulsoom to beg the Saudis to save him. The guards could hear a constant chanting of Abbajee, Abbajee, Abbajee .. coming from Nawaz’a cell . So they politely asked him if he wanted to call his father for moral support. He embarrasingly confessed ‘ No , no I am so scared kay Ab Bajee, Ab bajee, Ab bajee .. ! What a tiger ?

      • The patience shown by Musharraf for 6 long months and then enough time for the hostages in the mosque to come out un harmed was exemplary.
        The ring leaders ( two brothers )were dealt with as they should have been. Imagine Maulana aziz escaping in a burqa and getting caught. A Mujahid will not even want to die in a Burqa. that was the character of the misguided.
        If Lal masjid was wrong why is everyone now claiming the credit for operations in Swat, Baluchistan and Frontier ?
        Munafiqs, one and all

  17. We have absolute faith in ASWT that munafiqs and all those like you who believe only in soiled sons exclusively from La Whore can never damage or hurt patriots like Musharraf.
    Musharraf is a Statesman unlike Nawaz when the Americans did not even bother to talk to him and launched a missile attack from the Arabian sea over Pakistan;s airspace. Sahrif only had a defeatist expression like a coward. ( True why should USA speak to a sepoy who is insignificant and can be ignored with the contempt he deserves )

  18. @ waqasayub

    Were you Musharraf’s munshi or cook up figures like Sharif Badmash’s erstwhile do paisay ka accountant of Ittefaq Foundry catapulted to become the Finance Minister.( Ishaq Dar )
    If you want to put your money where your mouth is , go to the court of Pope Iftikhar Chaudhry and get a verdict , why are you scared of it ?

    • It is your pathetic level of zarf to get personal with Musharraf’s son . So be it.

      Well as a soldier , it is only Musharraf who adequately fits the bill as articulated by Zahid Hamid in his various lectures.
      Sharif badmash is not even in the Mens’ League ( he is classified with Khwaja saras )

  19. The sitting dispensation is a Kangaroo court. Only ASWT is Supreme and Sovereign.
    Pope Iftikhar is an illegal and unconstitutional stooge of Sharif Badmash of the La Whore Club

  20. Any patriot Pakistani whether in or out of uniform can be a true leader. However, only a soldier like Gen Musharraf is the option right now.
    What military credentials does Sharif Badmash have except of street thuggery and hijacking aircrafts instead of having the guts to see a General in the eye, on the ground. Always a backstabber he is with no love for Pakistan but to loot and plunder it on parochial grounds.

  21. Yes time is the truly impartial judge, not like the pseudo Cheap Justice Chaudhry

    • @excalibur…I completely agree with all your comments above. Democracy is a buzz word for all wannabes these days. I am from the generation that grew up during the draconian Zia era and believe me Musharraf was anything but a dictator. What the guy has done for the country in terms of economic development and higher education is something we ordinary citizens never saw during either the Benazir or Sharif regime. If having the most corrupt and vile people running our country is democracy, then I’d choose dictatorship any time. May Allah have mercy on this nation (Ameen)

  22. The great thinker and poet,Allama Iqbal had advised Maulana Maududi to shift his Dawah to —– as all the Jhootay Nabis,and Fitnay like Quadiani and Pervaizi Fitnas originated from here.Till today,in 62 years Jamaat could not get a son of soil to head it.Late Mian Tufail was a migrant.

    People like WA22 believe in “Jannat or Dozakh,Jidher Chawanni ka faeda”.

  23. Nothing to feel proud about you FAGGOT !

  24. Screw Altaf, Dont care about him. And go read I said clearly, U R THE FAGGOT SON OF PUNJAB.. Punjab has other sons aswell my dear. like i said, have many friends,,, sorry cant say much. It’s your perception you felt that way. FYI I am the son of soil. And all Muhajirs are our brothers and more Pakistani then faggots like you…

  25. LOL !!! Screw U Faggot !!! YOu make me laugh,, Please don’t give all Punjabiz a bad name like yours FAGGOT !!!

  26. @ PKKH Mod… Thanks for removing the Hate wave he brought along with him…

    @ excalibur @ Paki

    You guys ROck !

    Pakistan Mera Ishq
    Paksitan Aik Junoon
    Pakistan Zaindabad

    He lost it when he involved Bushra Ansari… Looool !!! :O 😀 :”)

    • no worries.

      guys, if you find any hate monger posting here, please email us ad admin.pkkh@gmail.com or pakistankakhudahafiz@gmail.com and we’ll take care of it.

      this particular idiot’s IP and details are being forwarded to Doha (Qatar) Police, as he threated to ‘murder’ another commentator on here.

      what an idiot.

  27. Guys!!!!! have a break…have a kit kat 🙂

    • CRUNCH !! 😐

  28. Guys

    Currently I am located in a different time zone and may have missed the choicest of waqasayub’s affections posted on this blog , after I went to sleep. I can only sympathise with him but request him to consider that

    1. We have enough external enemies gunning for Pakistan at all times. Our internal weaknesses when displayed on the Net provide ammunition for our detractors to play with and intrude upon us to attain their nefarious objectives. Why should we wash our dirty linen on the Net ?

    2.This Seige Within is our root cause of all miseries. This forum should serve to debate and discuss in a tolerant and intellectual spirit to enable us shape a well considered opinion on matters of national importance. This will lead to bringing about a silent revolution in terms of our true patriots getting elected to the corridors of power and overhauling the continued rot.

    3.We are all pressed for time in our lives and hence participation could be sporadic, but as our national duty we must always remain anchored to Pakistan’s best interests.

    4. In Muslim history creation of Pakistan is by Allah’s Will and identical to the first Hijrat and creation of Medina as the first ideological Muslim State. Pakistan is the second Medina. It is our duty to protect it with our blood at all times.

    5. First and foremost we are all Muslims , a part of the Ummah and second we are Pakistanis, in that order. There should be no further classification.

    6. Lets not be divisive and rise as One Nation Under Allah .As the only Nuclear Muslim State ,Pakistan is destined to be the Imam of the Muslim Ummah.

    Khuda Hamara Hami aur Nasir Ho ( Amen )

  29. Politics is derived from two words: poly means “many”, and ticks meaning “blood sucking parasites”

    Hell with all these politicians

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