‘Secular India’ is a myth – Emraan Hashmi

July 31, 2009

MUMBAI: “Am I a criminal or a terrorist?” asked an upset Emraan Hashmi on Friday. The Bollywood actor said he had been denied a house he wanted to buy in the upmarket Pali Hill area of Mumbai because he was Muslim. Read ‘Muslims unwelcome? Yes, says Emraan Hashmi

This, ofcourse is not the first time the ‘myth’ of India’s so called ‘Secularism’ has been shred to pieces. Noted Indian actress, Member of Parliament and renowned social activist Shabana Azmi is among the thousands of Muslims in India who have been a victim of India’s religious intolerance.

Quoting from IndianMuslims.com, instances like the one narrated below are a daily occurrence in ‘Secular’ India:

“As soon as I entered the train, I saw some commuters beating up a Pathani-clad man. Even before I could realise what was happening, two of the commuters saw me and started hitting me as well. They just kept saying ‘get out of this country, go back to Pakistan, you do not belong here, you are the ones responsible for the blasts in the city’,” says a shocked Ghojaria.

The watch repair mechanic was all the more stunned when he was asked to take the name of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. “When they started hitting me, I screamed ‘Allah’. That’s when they told me to call out to Ram and Krishna instead. They said they wouldn’t let go of me if I did not chant the names,” alleges Ghojaria, adding that the mob even pulled his beard. The abuse stopped only when the train reached Churchgate terminal. “Nobody came forward to help me. I felt utterly helpless throughout. When the train came to a halt at Churchgate, all the commuters, including the attackers, simply walked away,” adds Ghojaria. [Read Full Article]



  1. @ neel 123 & sri & Amit and the rest of the cow stinking bunch.

    What are your views on this rubbish ?.. After all you did stoop to your level didnt you?. These so called stars of Bollywood who are taking you to the next level with Hollywood, is this how you care for them ?

    You piece of shits come up here chanting incredible india and this is what the reality is ?

    Take a piss in the toilet and then drown in it. For the kind of lies you perpetrate !:D

    Filth like you can never be expected to rule with justice which is why India will have to be ruled by the muslims again.

    First off it is our country and secondly you are incapable !

    We are coming, Get Ready !

  2. If their is no caste system then what kind of rubbish is this?

    The caste system is live and well in India, it is the reason that india is a fragmented and loosely knot union and it will be the reason for its DISINTEGRATION !


    This is utterly inhumane- totally animalistic, inline with your spiritual practices and Completely Unacceptable !

  3. Welcome to the real india. My pakistani brothers and sisters are fan of indian movies! They cannot see all this because hindu bunya is not showing all this.

    our politicians are all bastards. All human right commission sitting in Pakistan are Hippocrates and showing no mercy and faithfulness to victims of Indian brutalities and racism. Hindu, the world most disgusting nation should be kicked out of rest of the world and dumped in india.i hope they will survive on their cows soda drink + cow dish which comes out of its back.

    no one speaks for indian muslims. if Pakistani takes these human rights volition to International Court of Justice, they would definitely declare india as hindu estate of cow pee drinkers.

    Muslims have to unite themselves because
    “GOD helps those who help themselves”

    blessing of GOD for all our muslims fellows and also non-muslims who are victims of hindu extremist india.

  4. where is neel and the rest of the rats?

  5. I saw the program, Mahesh Bhatt also added that his family too was refused as his daughter was Christian…

  6. Does any idiot still doubt the Two Nation Theory ?
    The only secular thing in India is the vulgar ‘Dhoti’ of Uncle Patel !

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  8. But india is stil secular country

  9. Ya i accept there r some element in our society who r against muslim..this coz is bomb blast.. And now bout pakistan.. This country is created on the name of islam… In pak there is no place for minorities either they r kiled or converted into islam.. In india khans r ruling on bollywood movies, our previous president was muslim, 4 states cm r muslim, speaker is muslim, etc. Enough eg. 4 u.. Se u r own country then point our country

    • lol, what do you know about minorities in pakistan? Recently the cheif justice of pakistan supreme court was a hindu named bhagwan das.. you ignorant c*nt

    • Bad boy

      WTH man? All the people who have got positions in India are non-practicing muslims

      And who the hell told you minorities are forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan (FYI it is prohibited in Islam to forcefully convert someone). Pakistan doesn’t have entertainment or shall I say Film industry (When Pakistan Film industry was alive and running Satish Anand was a noted Filmmaker and Film distributor of over 450 films) If you look at fashion industry we have non-Muslims like designer Deepak Perwani, model/TV actress Sunita Marshall, model Cybil and Racheal. We have a band Fuzon whose guitarist is Shalum and band GT who’s lead singer is Glenn Silverious John his father was a famous ghazal singer S.B. John, than there is singer A.Nayar and the famous old girl band Benjamin sisters. And a lot of Hindus/Christians even work at various channels behind the camera like producer, control room operator etc.

      Chief Justice the third highest position in Pakistan after the president and Prime Minister have been held by non-muslims. Justice Bhagwan Das was Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, if not enough, Justice Alvin Robert (A.R.) Cornelius served on the Supreme Court of Pakistan for 17 years, nearly 8 years of those as Chief Justice. Many non-muslims are even serving in the army. Not bad for an Islamic republic I guess.

    • @ Bad Boy

      Is that your way of admitting, what you people did is wrong ?

      How come we never heard from you before ?

  10. It is the prerogative of homeowners who they want to sell. This is not a national discrimination issue but more out of personal prejudices.


  11. @pakistanter*ist…

    The british empire has stolen a lot of wealth from our great Mughal Empire, so it doesnt hurt to get something back from them. After all what goes around comes around.

    Minorities during the creation of pakistan were 2% today they are 3-4%. Is that an increase or a decrease ?

    And what about the gujrat massacre of muslims ?…The daily bombing of churches in India ?…The killing of dalits for the past 50 years ??




    After seeing all this and proof, because all that you have presented up there is nothing but mere talk which is rubbish. I have presented you with factual proof about the trash u call India.

    Doesnt this make India a “rundi” or “Tramp” by all standards ?…lol lol lol

    Is that why India legalized Gay SEX ?…hahahahahahahahahahahahaah

    Bol hijray ?

  12. @pakiterr….

    I will listen to you, but can you tell the world here why does India have the worlds largest Bastard Population ?

    why is the aids rate highest in the world and when we live right next door and we are no where near ?

    also why are Hindus fascinated with cow piss ?…and why do they love to shuv their head in a cows ass ?

    Can you please give us some clarification on these issues ?

    lol lol lol

  13. This not the first time, every one knows the history what is running behind hindustan. it is only hindustan not india.


  14. LOL i cant believe some Indians think we convert all non Muslims to Islam here in Pak. I wish the Muslims in Pak would first convert to Islam! Haha. Hilarious, love you Pakistan, May Allah help you.

  15. yeah…thats exactly what ticks me off..another day a muslim indian girl sayz to me…that you guyz shold not have forced yusuf yohana to accept islam…..lady if that was the case he wouldnt have been travelling around the world preeching Islam…lol

    • You should’ve told her if we forced Yousuf Yohana to convert thn we would’ve even converted Danish kaneria and his cricketer uncle as well!

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  17. @Paki.Baboon and all his sisters here.

    Seems like you never heard of ShahRukh Khan,Aamir Khan(perhaps my only fav in Khan brigade),Salmaan Khan,and all the Khan Brigade…

    There are a LOT of these who has EARNED respect and LOVE among 85% Non-Hindus in India.If somone like Hashmi(oh how come this dish washer came to Bollywood) and Mahesh Butt(the Khujli Man) start making protest then we are not going to take it seriousely.Both are OUT of form and looking for attention.

    There are now CASE filed against these 2 people:-

    “Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi’s attempt to buy a flat took a curious turn Sunday with a Mumbai social worker accusing him and director Mahesh Bhatt of “fomenting communal tensions to gain cheap publicity”.


    On a different note… If a Hindu goes to a Muslim dominated area for home he gets extreme difficulty.

    So CALM down and watch this news…

    “The Pakistani authorities rarely intervene to help their Hindu nationals, despite the fact that there are frequent reports of the kidnapping of Hindu women and children, and the looting of Hindu property, in addition to other forms of persecution and discrimination.”

    “In August 1947, at the end of British Raj, the population percentage of Hindus in what is today in Pakistan was perhaps as high as 15-20%, but would drop to its current total of less than 2% in the years since independence. ”

    “The increasing Islamisation of Pakistan and antagonism against a majority Hindu. Pakistan has forced many Hindus to leave Hinduism and convert to Islam[citation needed]. Such Islamisation include the blasphemy laws, which make it dangerous for religious minorities to express themselves freely and engage freely in religious and cultural activities. The promulgation of Sharia, Quranic law has also increased the marginalization of Hindus and other minorities. Following the destruction in 1992 of the Babri Mosque in India, riots and persecution of Hindus in retaliation has only increased; Hindus in Pakistan are routinely affected by communal incidents in India and violent developments on the Kashmir conflict between the two nations. It remains the hope of many that a permanent peace between the two nations will go a long way in making life better for the roughly 3 million Hindus living in Pakistan. The 1998 census recorded 2,443,614 Hindus in Pakistan. Reports from Pakistan indicate that Hindu minorities under Taliban rule in Swat are being forced to wear Red headgear such as turbans to make it easier for the Islamic militants to target them for discrimination. In light of these deprivations, Pakistani Hindu minorities have started fleeing to India.[3]”

    “Hindu women have also been known to be victims of kidnapping and forced conversion to Islam.[69] Krishan Bheel, a Hindu member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, came into the news recently for manhandling Qari Gul Rehman after being taunted with a religious insult.[70]

    On October 18, 2005, Sanno Amra and Champa, a Hindu couple residing in the Punjab Colony, Karachi, Sindh returned home to find that their three teenage daughters had disappeared. After inquiries to the local police, the couple discovered that their daughters had been taken to a local madrassah, had been converted to Islam, and were denied unsupervised contact with their parents.[68]

    This is the TIP of the iceberg… so baboon and his sister should watch out before talking about these Hashni incidents.

    • moron amit –

      As said earlier by some all those who got positions are non-practicing muslims…dude even the muslim politicians go to hindu temples and do pooja paat ..if India is so secular WTF is this for??

      Secondly you want me to remind u about gujarat,assam and the sikh riots that have taken place against minorities by BRAHMINS!!

      FYI the blasphemy law is there but there is also a law which states action should be taken against anyone who insults the religion of the minorities in Pakistan!!

  18. if india was really wht this guys has published as imraan hashmi’s statement. he would have not been alive to give this statement. khuda gawaah hai aur poori duniya jaanti hai ki india mein 20 core muslims rehte hain aap log is bakwaas jo aapne iss blog pe padh li ek film actor ki aapsi ranjish ka natija. uss par bharosa karte hain . tab aap iss global belif ko support kar rahe hain ki pakistaani awaam ko bhadkaan bohot aasaan hai. especially in the name of religion.
    plese plese dont tell us how to behave with our own family members. we know and we have always been taking good care of them and if you dont belive me ask any of your cousin living in india.

  19. why is it so easy to provocate you guys by any fake publicity stunt?????? why dont you guys use your head.he’s not a small theatre artist he’s a film star
    do you really think anything like this will ever happen with him. and you are believeing him .
    he’s such a crook.
    if its like wht he’s stated shahrukh khaan would have already killed by some hindu .
    its been more than 20 yrs he’s working and donn forget the history of muslims who’ve serverd the nation dont try to be the rehnuma of muslims we know how to treat our family members.
    and mr. moderator please try to maintain the peace in this world your are spreading more and more by this kind of articles. try to include some positive articles.

  20. hey amit lets not begin the blame game its just like these guys are deluded and been povoked nothing else.
    its not their fault its just what has been presented to them guys try to concentrate on global issues which need to be taken care of and have a mature mind stop fighting over religion. its only politics which is using religion to govern people who are ruled by religion not by the intellect.
    whether its osama or hitler they have used this strong weapon because by this they can drive people in the direction whre they want them to and can even motivate someone to blow himself in spit of it being against religion. you both dont be a fool and stop advocating religios issues and discuss how we can restore peace and happiness and a secure atmosphere for our children. and for the whole world and humanity. which is the main concern of every religion.

  21. u paki chors ….cheaters…

  22. @ Emporer Babur etc

    No point you preaching to everyone, dont you know your own history? Only reason you are muslim now is because Monguls from Mongolia came via middle east and conquered your ancestors, most of them converted forcibly to be muslim. Could have been anybody in this chain of events?

    So why the usless preaching and arguements?? Live and let live

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