The French-German Tussle In Pakistan

July 28, 2009

by Ahmed Quraishi

I have received this urgent alert from Mr. Zaid Hamid, the renowned Pakistani security analyst, regarding the Franco-German diplomatic tussle over selling submarines to Pakistan. The government of Mr. Asif Zardari wants to buy the French subs, mainly becuase the French pay heavy commission/bribes. The German subs are more effective. The Pakistani military appears to have chosen the German subs. But the dollar-hungry government of President Zardari wants to oblige his old friend Nicholas Sarkozy. Obviously the kickbacks will be received by a group of Pakistani and French officials.

Here’s Mr. Hamid’s alert:

“The French and the Indians are using extreme pressure, bribes and diplomacy with the Pakistani government and the Pakistan Naval Headquarters to block and cancel the German submarine deal. The French want to sell their subs and the Indians are scared of the German platform and technology. Someone powerful in the government is selling the nation’s honor as we write. Someone please act immediately.”

Interestingly, the deal with the German government was almost sealed when the Zardari government began contacts with the French government to sabotage the German deal. Shamefully for Pakistan, the government of Angela Merkel actually went the extra mile and even pacified the opposition in her country to the deal with Pakistan. Now the Germans are waiting for Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense to simply issue a purchase order. This hasn’t come.

For more details about the intrigues and the under-the-table moves on this deal, click and read this report:

Are French Bribes Stopping Zardari Govt. From Buying German Submarines?



  1. Where are the opposition parties? why are they silent on this issue… nothing is coming on the pakistani media….? why are we acting as a dead nation…? wake up before things get too late…..!

    • Opposition Party are busy importing Tigers from Cyberia. While half the nation is under the wrath of load shedding, price hikes and in the shape od IDP. Where is the free press now??? All are fu** munafiks… And each of us is to blame for electing these morons into power and allowing them to do what ever they please…

  2. There is no opposition party in pakistan, everyone is part of government, (sub mil baant ker khanay say barkat hote hay). So called opposition is enjoying thier part in one province and building platform for thier turn of government. on being silent they are receiving thier commission in form of whitewash from judiciary.

  3. May Allah save Pakistan from these shit politicians .

  4. This post very much reminds me of a German offer, made in early fifties, of relocating a gun- manufacturing plant into Pakistan for a nominal price. The then government of Pakistan refused to accept that offer due to flimsy excuses. The plant, I believe, was later offered and relocated to India. The Germans, a nation of brave and capable people, had a deep respect for the people of Pakistan due to their capability to face and overcome challenges with courage and dignity. The creation of Pakistan despite all heavy odds and its subsequent smooth running after starting from scratch were no less spectacular achievements. The Germans were indeed impressed by the capabilities of these people of a nascent country – Pakistan. That was why the Germans didn’t offer the plant to Indians in the first place.

    The evaluation of technical aspects of any defense system lies with the concerned arm of the defense forces. Once the forces recommend a system while discarding the other competing ones, the defense ministry then should really act as the front desk for the purchase. If the ministry has different priorities based on the dubious reasons, as apparently is this the case here, the question arises what the heck these pig-headed people sitting in the national assembly and senate are doing? Why don’t they play their supposed role of supervising the government and guiding the policies. Just as an example, these dummies passed the carbon tax as a part of the budget without asking a single question before passing it. After the Supreme Court prodded the government on that tax, the government acknowledged the tax was a mistake. The court system has awakened in Pakistan. Can these elected ghaday of national assembly too have a bit of a shame and wake up? If one tries to see the fundamental reason for the imposition of all our past martial laws, one will finally discover that the core reason was the failure of the then national assembly to really play its role due to ignorance and incompetence of its members. It is indeed our bad luck that half of our elected representatives are generally incompetent and the remaining half robbers and criminals.

  5. To make Mr Sarkozy happy Zardari can buy nuclear submarines (to match India) and Rafale jets from France while still getting the U-212 from Germany.

    • That is a good idea. Zardari can buy the french sub from his own money. After all he will need a place to hide when his time comes πŸ˜‰

  6. ahmed bhai ek issue yeh wala bhi raise karo

    kia musharaf adalat ayega mere khyal mein nahi woh esey k jab musharaf ko president se hataya jah raha tha tou opposition ne kaha tha aghar mushi nahi hata tou impeachment face karni hogi mushi ko parliament mein tab mushi bhag gaya tha pakistan ka khuda hi hafiz keh k tou ab kia woh ganta adalat ayega plzz yeh wala bhi dar pok ha sala

    aur germen maal akhaa maal hota ha aur humari tou pehele hi talks iss matter per germens se hi thi yeh france kaha se agaya mein france mein rehta houn france bc zabardasty apne planes a-380 bech rahaa ek no k khatoos jahaz hai over speed per crash hojata ha ek atlantic mein ghir ghia aur dosra aur bhi scandels nikal rahe ha yeh wale boeing aircraft pe lekin bus becheey jah raha ha india mein kingfisher wale ne liya ab woh bhi carefull ha iss plane k saath
    a-380 k bht scandels ha french tv mein bhi dikhatey ha maghar itna nahi hide kertey ha plane stories ko app log check karo iss k barey mein yelog trams,trains aur bijli hi achi banatey ha aur nakli dil bus baqi khotoos ha yeh french log inke maal beker ha german tyt ha
    sub marine humko germen ki hi chayeh haar haallaaat mein zardari sun ley paf se ek request karounga k china se j-10 planes bananey ki bhi deal karoo bhai woh bhi tyt maal ha against f-22 k
    bharat ki sub marine inshahlallah inhi k crew ki ungli dhamake se urjayi gi jeevey pakistan

  7. dosra bc civil nuclear tech mangi tu ha kaha tha sarkozy ne ab keh rahe ha k pakistan se pehley hum kuch question aur investigation karengey mamlaa dehla pargaya civil tech ka bc yaha inko mout ati ha civil tech deney mein india ko aisayi de diya haalakein bharti scientist bhi evayi margaya usska kia bus dey dia civil tech gorey chetey log haa yaha per bhi terey ha humarey se lekin sidaa ker detey ha πŸ™‚ inko hehe

  8. I hope the day is comng soon when the people of Pakistan will Hang these so called leaders in public.
    Lets start with Musharif(The Scum of Pakistan).Make That fake maulana Fazlil Rahman second, and all related to the govenment of trators.
    Add Mr. 10% and his seculer clan along with them.
    Pakistan is the Fortress os Islam lets prove it to the Ummah of Muhammad(PBUH).

    • Mate. Mush worked towards the defence of Pakistan. So lets not treat everyone with the same stick.

      He could have easily stopped many defence related programs in Pakistan but he did not. In fact he introduced us as a weapons developing nation to the world. He defended our right to develop state of the art weapons. Lets not treat everyone the same πŸ˜‰

      • “Mate” it is sorry to say that state of the art weapons can go where sun dont shine. Our nation is humilated muslims are getting killed by thousands, what the hell are those weapons worth tell me they are used against muslims. Heis a criminal trator, who sold everything Pakistan was made for. He deserves what comming Insha Allah.

      • Akbar Qazi, Plz dont forget Sharif bros. while you are hanging all the politicians.. Thanks..

    • Why do we always have to bring Islam in everything, fortress of Islam, what fortress, what Islam? its time to make religion a personal issue independent of the national issues. Islam has nothing to do with this submarine deal. We are at the weakest and lowest point in our times these days. Since we cannot do anything or do not want to do anything , or have no courage to do anything, so we decide to make it an Islam thingy. For everything we have only two answers, Allah or Islam. We probably are the only people in Pakistan who takes Allah’s name in everything, have high hopes from Allah, that he will do somthing for us while we just sit on our Arses and wait. Western countries on the other side, mostly secular and atheist, are going beyond by leaps and bound, I am 100% sure that they do not take the name of God or whatever their religion may be all the time like we do and yet somehow God is listening to them, blessing them with all the glory, abundance and power that they are enjoying today. We are just being jealous of them and say stuff out of our heart burn.
      So please lets put religion aside, religion is purely a personal issue, lets not mix it with state, we will get no where. If you still are thinking about the oh so called glorious past of the Islam, the key word here is PAST. It is gone. Start with a vision, with strategy, a revolution, act as a nation. Be human, think, grow, invent, plan, be strategic, compete,organized,give people from the grass root a chance, change the political face of the nation, be a player in the world.
      Jazbati baton say kuch hasil nahi.

      • Appreciate your words very much Mast.. very braod minded thinking… this applies not just to Pakis.. but every other country who try to name god in watever they do.. they need to understand that god is something personal and they should keep religion aside and do not mix it with everything they lay their sights upon.. well said.. i really wish many more pakis think in the same way u think..

      • Lol you really think Allah is letting the atheists and zionists succeed with blessings? The only reasons why they have gained leaps and bounds is because they divide others yet they stay committed to their ideology i.e satanism, worship of Moloch, etc etc., aims and goals. And if the people of Pakistan realized that if we make Islam our way of life and not fight over the petty issues, and unite then we will be the ones making leaps and bounds.

        But your right that Allah wont help us until we start helping ourselves.

      • While there is no doubt that our nation seems to sit on its ass and expects Divine intervention without reforming itself, I do not agree with the notion that Islam is a personal issue and should not be at the state level.

        If we really do believe in the Quran as the word of Allah and in Islam being a complete religion, then we should have absolutely no doubt in the fact that the basis of our society & state institutions should be the Quran & Sunnah. So even though the Taliban brought a bad name to Shariah, no Muslim should question the importance of Shariah in a truly Islamic state.

    • @ Qazi

      Easy friend. Easy. all leaders have good and bad qualities. We are told to look at the good qualities in each other.

      No muslims are killed by our own weapons. The people we are fighting in Pakistan are our enemies using Islam as a cover. I think this should have been clear to everyone by now. The success our army had so far is by the will of Allah and our Prophet’s(SWS) dua. Otherwise we could have lost. Do not turn a blind eye towards this success. Yes there is collateral damage but it is kept at minimal by our forces. Appreciate their efforts. Or go fight the TTP yourself!

      Mush was fighting the same people in his time. But we thought that he was killing our people. It took a while for us to understand the depth of the situation. Now we are ALL supporting this operation EXCEPT for a small clan of naive people who think that TTP is going to bring Arabi Islam for us all. This is not the case brother. Do not be naive.

      Please keep ur comments reasonable and do not forget to hang the Sharif family when u decide to conduct the genocide πŸ˜‰

  9. Well, where is Geo? Where is Dawn? where are other TV channels? I watch TV and hear all bad stuff happening in Pakistan. Now we want this issue to be broad-casted across Pakistan and whole media is sleeping in fact dead. Is there any forum where we the general public can stand and raise out voice for the strength of our Arms? Why Naval chief is so submissive and subdued? why he is not outspoken?

    Is there a single body or person in our country who can raise this issue to the people of the country?
    Wherever Pakistan is standing today (negative) all because of these traitors… I wish our supreme court hang all of them in the middle of Big Road right in front of parliament, cant believe how they sell integrity and blood of nation for few bucks which never last…such a shame!

  10. Mr. Musharraf did both good and bad for the country. He must be appreciated for the good ones and punished for the bad ones.

  11. Some journalists for their personal interest are working against PPP against Zardari and against Pakistan. Zardari and PM Gilani are elected leaders of Pakistan. They are there in Islamabad to look after interests of Pakistan. you must not bother Zardari, Gilani and kiynai troika well knows that which submarines are suitable for Pakistan and what are the strategic issues and prons and cons involved in these defense deals. Do not create funny stories regarding these defense deals. PPP led government will chose the best deal and submarines for Pakistan.

    • Yeah like which one can fill up their pockets most and a suitable place to live in exile. Plzzzzz you are treating our President with so much respect as if you are totally ignoring his background or you have accepted that he truly reflects you or the people of Pakistan to hold such an Office, and our P.M as Saint who does nothing but good, under his parties aspirational leadership for the betterment of our nation. Please don’t mix journalistic views if against PPP, Zardari or Gillani to be against Pakistan.

      I just hope they dont follow suit like George Fernandas, BJP and Co. of India over defense deals which left India impotent when Mumbai attacks happened, miserable failing in responding to Pakistan’s Military build UP!

      Hey BJP did a favor to us πŸ˜‰ I hope we dont do any similar favors to them 😐

  12. Is there any way to finish off mr 99% from pakistan’s presdency?

  13. We must bring this issue into media to prassurise govt to buy German Sub.

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