Pakistan & India: Difference

July 27, 2009

His nails had been pulled off, his body bore torture marks and his eyes had sunk, and when he died after gruesome torture, the body of Khalid Mahmood was handed over to his relatives in Pakistan by the Indian authorities.

Khalid Mahmood went to India in 2005 to Mohali to watch cricket match, and he was arrested by RAW on charges of spying. Whereas Pakistani minister Ansar Burni handed over the convicted Indian spy Kashmir Singh in greath health and shape in one piece to Indian authorities with all the fanfare in the world.

The difference in the mindset and nature of the two nations couldn’t be more apparent. While we are releasing their spies, they are sending us the body parcels of our innocent people who just went to the land of Hindutva to watch a cricket match.

Watch: Zaid Hamid on Sipahi Maqbool Hussain (second half of the first video)

Khalid Mehmood, Kashmir Singh reflect Pak, Indian mindsets
Khalid Mahmood’s Body and Kashmir Singh’s Fanfare



  1. hindu is an evil nation. what else proof u want to see. Sub-continent would never be safe unless hindu is removed from ruling india. they can be good servants, bathroom and toilet cleaners but they cannot rule. “””A nation who divides human beings in casts would never be friendly to other nations.””””
    It is the most cunning and narrow minded nation in the world. May GOD save the world from this virus


  2. @ a.kiani
    Do you Pakistanis treat the Ahmadiyas any better ? Why has the number of the minorities have dwindled in Pakistan, in last 61 years ?

    You need to get rid of your intolerant superiority complex, as the reality is that today the Hindus are the second most prosperous community in the US, after the Jews.

    Together with the Jews, the Hindus will make sure that, intolerant muslims like you do not exist on earth !

    • neel u @$$

      A person from a country like India is teaching everyone how to take care of minorities, where every minority has been subjected to torture and discrimination! You are in NO position to talk!!

      FYI who is running the US economy?? MUSLIM countries!!

    • @neel123

      So what is wrong with the Qadianis ?…You want to bring some proof here ?

      Present some articles here ..lets see you put some weight behind this farce.

      Do we call them the untouchables like the dalits ?

      Do we practice sati with them ?

      What do we do ?

      I know several ahmadis and qadianis and they live peacefully in Pakistan

      Also the number of ahmadis in pakistan is a few thousand only. The number of dalits and shudrs in INdia is 450 million.

      When you dont have sufficient proof of any allegation quit barking and look at the monster which are the 450 million dallits in your closet.

      Although you will never fix your problems till we muslims the rightful rulers of india comeback again. Till that happens we will give you the opportunity to try and give it a shot. !

      • Why do the Shias and the Sunnis kill each other ?

        India has had a dalit President, and now a female dalit Chief Minister of the largest state.

        Dalit caste system is not practiced in the urban areas any more, and as literacy gradually penetrates the rural areas, this will go away from there too.

        India will not be ruled by the invaders ever again. Stop day-dreaming and change your name to Emperor Babur’s ass !

      • So neel123…your nation is a paragon of virtues hmmmmm??…and your literate class is free of prejudice right??? I met a professor’s wife (herself highly educated) in Canada who happened to be from Delhi and referred so disdainfully to the South Indians as “those people” in her conversation,it made me wonder if education has done you guys any good at all???

      • @ neel 123

        What kind of an idiot are you ?..The post of a president is a show-case position in India. When was a dalit a prime minister ?

        Benazir Bhutto a Shia was a prime minister, not once but twice of Pakistan !

        Caste system is as much not practiced in India as much as the Water is Red !

        What about the sati culture and the dev dasi culture ? – that doesnt exit either then how come India has the largest Bastard Community in the world ?


        India was not Invaded it was the native Muslims of the Indus Valley Civilization who tool control of their country. And we will again, because you people were never capable and you wont ever be capable of running that country !

        Its just a matter of time !

      • @ Neel123

        The problem with you indians is you think the rest of the world is an idiot. The whole world knows that the presidency or the post of President in India is specially given to minorities. Whether its a Muslim or a Dalit. In most cases your racism can be seen by the fact that you can have a muslim president (4 times) but Never a Muslim Prime Minister of India because that will give them all the power.

        Giving a celebratory position of a president to a dalit once and a muslim a couple times more doesnt prove any sincere intention but rather only TOKENISM !

        Whereas in our country even our champion democracy has produced more shia leaders sitting in the prime minister house than your country ever will.

        Oh and by the way, we wont invade India we will just take it back. It was our country from day one and so invading is taking over others rights – we dont do that. We are just coming to get what is rightfully our !

        And we will get it at all costs !..Radio Pakistan will be broadcasted from New Delhi !

        Pakistan Zindabad !

  3. Ansar Barney from PAK should be hanged for promoting the release of Indian spies safely back home !!

  4. Neel The @$$

    Sunni killing shias or vice versa is an old story, it is almost non-existent in Pakistan now.

    Dalit caste system not practiced?? Who the hell are you trying to fool! – Visit Dalitvoice.org
    Here is one of the interesting read -http://www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/june2009/articles.htm

    • This as well – http://www.dalitvoice.org/Templates/july_a2009/editorial.htm

    • Shia sunni violence happens in secular india as well, so its hardly a problem unique to india, The difference is when it happens in pakistan the goverment is not involved, when it happens in india, the state favours particular groups to keep Muslims divided

  5. @Emperor.Babur aka Emperor.Baboon

    You said there are few thousand Sunnis in pak??????

    Emperor.Baboon you are making a FOOL of yourself.Thats why I am calling you a Baboon.

    Let me EDUCATE this Baboon about his OWN Islam and pakistan:-

    “Pakistan, the country with the second largest Muslim population in the world, has seen serious Shia-Sunni discord. Almost 80% of Pakistan’s population is Sunni, with 20% being Shia, [7] but this Shia minority forms the second largest Shia population of any country,[70] larger than the Shia majority in Iraq.”

    Pak population = 170 000 000
    20% Shia in pak = 34 000 000


    “Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan Attacks on Pakistan’s Shiites echo rising sectarian strife in the Mideast.”
    It is said that Shiite Islam in Pakistan began here, in this dusty corner of Punjab, more than 200 years ago. Shiites, who constitute only 20 percent of Pakistan’s 165 million people, have found themselves beleaguered ever since. As many as 4,000 people are estimated to have died in sectarian fighting in Pakistan in the last two decades, 300 in the last year alone. One of the largest attacks took place here in Multan, when a car bomb killed 40 members of an extremist Sunni organization in 2004. A Shiite militant was later tried and sentenced to death for the attack.

    You are a perfect example of DENYING the truth which is standing in front of you.


    To answer your SILLY questions :-
    “Do we call them the untouchables like the dalits ?
    Do we practice sati with them ?
    What do we do ?”

    What Shia-Sunni do to each other is simply cooking each others with bullets and bombs.

    • Shia-sunni violence happpens in india aswell in particular in lucknow. In india bihari immigrants are killed randomly on the street of mumbai, Dalits 150 million are subjected to gross human rights violations .

      Most shia sunni violence is due to indias good friend Behtullah Mehsud who . Both Sunni and Shias leaders agree, Pakistan taliban is an agent of india and isreal.

      There are more shias in the pakistan army than thier are muslims in the indian army ? there have been more shia head of states of pakistan than thier have been sikh,christan,muslim leaders of india.

      Shias and sunnis live in the same nieghbourhoods in pakistan

      In india hindus and muslims live in separate areas of the city.

      ‘ 4,000 people are estimated to have died in sectarian fighting in Pakistan in the last two decades’

      compared to 5,000 muslims dying in gujrat violence in india in one week.

      There is no such thing as shia sunni violence, only Salafi vs anyone else violence. Salafis attack sunis and shias ,

  6. @ Amit or Nachnay Wali Bul Bul …LOL LOL LOL

    What kind of an idiot are you ? …or are you freaking blind ?…Thats why its important to read that expiration label on your tylenols. Taking an expired tylenol while having a baby is what results in you Amit :D…lol LOL LOL LOL

    I said their are a few thousand QADIANIS (not sunnis) you long winded ho hum ! “Also the number of ahmadis in pakistan is a few thousand only” ..

    The problem with you amit is your deep founded dumbness which comes as a birth defect.

    And by the way half subjects of a gay loving nation shouldnt be preaching others about morality !.

    And certainly what your dream of preaching to others if you adopt only so much of Islam in your life, then this would relieve you of the agony of defeat and humiliation you face in this world !

    Are you so ashamed of your background that you cant find an equivalent on our side ?

    For your fucking information Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Asif Zardari, Emperor Humayun (Mughal Empire) were All SHIAs !!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Here a royal slap on your wretched face …



    Now benazir was Twice the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Zardari as you know if the president of Pakistan, 20% of the pakistani army is shia. Shia’s are in our bureacracy, in the highest echelons of power and in every sector of the economy !.. I dont need to say more about Shia’s. The world gets the point.

    You dont find shia’s washing cars and their kids collecting garbage and eating off of it like the DALITS DO !

    And can you please explain the audience when was the last time you had a DALIT or SHUDR as president or Prime Minister of India 😀 …LOL LOL LOL

    And what about Sati of the Brahmins with Dalit women ?..That is considered Pious ?? …LOL LOL

    You can teach me about my religion where its justified – But when i start teaching you about ur relligion all that comes to mind is filth like cow piss, donkey urine, frog marriages of children, forced prostitution in dev dasi.

    Are u a result of a dev dasi marriage ?…LOL LOL

    Here let the world read wat dev dasi is all about

    Amit, can we have that gay dance (la la la) one more time please …LOL LOL LOL

    Chaka Sala !

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