Must Watch: Future Map Of India

July 27, 2009


  1. its very dangerous to the world, that a nuclear powered state is so unstable.

  2. InshAllah india should be wiped out from the world map very soon.

  3. @ Muhammad Usman Farooq,

    Who will wipe out India from the world map ?

    Before India is wiped out, it will make sure

    1) all the Sunni muslim nations within India’s reach, from Bangladesh to Libya would also be vapourized.

    2) Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and a dozen Industrial cities in China would also be vapourized.

    So think again !

    • How does Libya fit in to all of this ???

    • Neel dear, I think it’s u guys who need to do a lot of thinking. The way it looks, your pathetic Brahmin Tyrranic State would just melt into so many different INDEPENDENT states way before you can fulfil your fantasy of ‘vaporizing’ other nations. Grrr..your empty threats sound foolish my friend; If I were u I’d be shit scared right now and would’v already started to think about my children’s future in that bogus democracy you call Bharat.

      • Suma.. I hope you are proud of you childerns future in pakistan…you are leaving them nothing but a legacy of debt, hatred, extremism and international isolation.

  4. as usual, neel makes a stupid comment, this map is based on india imploding on itself, not based on a foreign attack, so what will you do, when your own people are breaking it up? now did you understand?

  5. haha u pakis crack me up. time 4 u guys to get a life and leave india alone. india will not implode just bcos u want it to. credible sources say that india will get stronger every day.

    but its ok.


    • LOL… ‘credible sources’… LOL.. Even jim rogers who is a big fan of investment in India, thinks India will implode in 20-30 years.. hows that for credible source. Get another country dude, immigrate to Australia, oh wait, they are killing you guys out there.. dont worry you ‘ll find some place.. may be thats why you are planning on moon missions… LOL.. hehehe :))

      • LOL, you salay. Just wait and watch who will be wiped out from the face of the earth.

    • Sal/Nikhil

      Lolzz dude…all the headlines in this video were from the ‘neutral’ sources you always talk about and statement even by Manmohan singh, none of it was from Pakistani sources!

      • lol i never said that these report are from any biosed sourse but they have been edited & tailor made to show weakness of india.
        like it is told that 13 of the 29 indian state are naxal hit 40% of tatol area is naxally involved , its 100% correct but there are less than 10000 of the population of a country of 1160000000 is maoist is nt said. again it is said 25 million people demanded separate khalistan in 26th jan , but go & ask our PM , actor akshay kumar , cricketer harbhajan singh ,yuvraj singh( all are khalis , sikh ) mojority of our indian army soldier are sikh , they all will say BHARAT MATA KI JAI
        i belong to naxal hit state of jharkhand and studing in chennai capital of tamil nadu (DRAVIDISTAN) i am finding tamilian are as patroitic about our country as me .
        gujrat roit was a shame that i admit but i support attack in church becaz those missinary will help pour people only if they are converted to crishtionity, india is just like a big united family hindu & muslim leave in peace and trust, sometime they will have fight bt it is happening in every happy family, just like in pakistan muslim fight inbetween themselves as siya & sunni

  6. you fool pakistany dont know india is a democratic & fully united, many indian states like goa, pondichery, sikkim , hyderabad joined india after independence. not like your pakistan which became half after 1971 . about naxal, they are not such big threat paramilitary is dealing with them anyway our army doesnt have to fight war within our territory(swat & tribal areas) . we are not beggers like you who need 7.5 billion charity from US. khalistan had been resolved 20 years back . south indian states & northeast states are as united as ever, think about your country mate ballochistan , sindh fata etc

  7. Just goes to show how evil people are becomming, your only going to make life difficult for yourselfs, Greedy selfish b*stards!

  8. Inshallah, Pakistan will be the super power in few years, India have no reason for its existance.

    • only dream for pakistanies

    • inshallha pakistan super pawer banay ga

  9. why are pakistanis so bitter about india?? do they teach A for allah and J for jihaad in schools to little kids? there’s so much bitterness in you’ll… 😦 … does allah not call for peace and is compassion and religious tolerance not recommended in the quran??

    i know indians sing praises of ram, jesus and allah in our bhajans.. we are not perfect but then, looking at ur country so filled with hate and anger, we are much better off i suppose…

  10. Hinduism and Islam are 2 different roads to get to the same God … Does it matter at the end of the day which road we follow? We still appear together in front of the same God side by side… and then God will ask “How did you treat ur friends, family and humanity”

    I would personally hope for peace and religious tolerance between the 2 countries.. Because that’s the only way to live a meaningful and successful life at the end of the day.. That’s when we go to Ram and Allah with pride!

  11. No angel will come to clash any of both countries but our own misbehaviour will break both the countries atonce .Others powers like america will get the benefit ….

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