Afghan Taliban Issue New Code Of Conduct

July 27, 2009

The Taliban in Afghanistan has issued a book laying down a code of conduct for its fighters.

Al Jazeera has obtained a copy of the book, which further indicates that Mullah Omar, the movement’s leader, wants to centralise its operations.

The book, with 13 chapters and 67 articles, lays out what one of the most secretive organisations in the world today, can and cannot do.

It talks of limiting suicide attacks, avoiding civilian casualties and winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the local civilian population.

James Bays, our correspondent in Afghanistan, said every fighter is being issued the pocket book entitled “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Rules for Mujahideen”.

Our correspondent said the book sheds considerable light on the structure, organisation and aims of the group.

In the book, Mullah Omar is quoted as saying that creating a new mujahideen group or battalion is forbidden.

“If unofficial groups or irregular battalions refuse to join the formal structure, they should be disbanded,” Omar says.

So far, individual Taliban commanders have had a fair degree of autonomy, often deciding what operations to conduct and how to run the territory that they control.

Our correspondent said the regulations seem to be an attempt by Mullah Omar to bring all of the Taliban under his control.

“We have in the past had a lot of different groups in Afghanistan operating under the umbrella of the Taliban,” Bays said.

“But it says in these regulations that if you find an irregular battalion that is not obeying orders then what you have to do is find that battalion and then disarm them.”

Suicide bombing rules

While the Taliban have repeatedly used suicide bombings across Afghanistan, the book now says that they should be used only on high and important targets.

“A brave son of Islam should not be used for lower and useless targets. The utmost effort should be made to avoid civilian casualties,” the book says.

There are now clear guidelines on how the Taliban will treat its prisoners as well.
“Whenever any official, soldier, contractor or worker of the slave government is captured, these prisoners cannot be attacked or harmed,” it says.

“The decision on whether to seek a prisoner exchange or to release the prisoner with strong guarantees will be made by the provincial leader.

“Releasing prisoners in exchange for money is strictly prohibited.”

The book further states that if a “military infidel” is captured, the decision on whether to kill, release or exchange the hostage is only to be made by the Imam, a reference to Mullah Omar, or deputy Imam.

Winning hearts

The book makes it clear that it is the duty of every fighter to win over the local population.

“The mujahideen have to behave well and show proper treatment to the nation, in order to bring the hearts of civilian Muslims closer to them.

“The mujahideen must avoid discrimination based on tribal roots, language or geographic background.”

Our correspondent said the reference to winning over the hearts of the Afghan people is very similar to language used by Nato-led military forces in the country.

“Recently the Nato commander here issued a new tactical directive saying that civilians should not be bombed – almost the same words in these regulations to Taliban fighters,” Bays said.

“Both sides [are] trying to win over the civilian population in their area.”

The release of the rule book comes less than a month before Afghans head to the polls for a presidential election, which the Taliban has deemed an illegitimate system imposed by foreigners.

The timing may be just a coincidence, however, as rival presidential candidates detail their manifestos and the Taliban makes an effort to win over the Afghan public.



  1. An Army carrying black banners will come from the East(khurasan). No power will be able to stop them, and they wont stop till they conquer jerusalem. (Tirmidhi) – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    • What if America or Israel starts a shower of nukes on them?

      • Rohail, this questions shows ur lack of wisdom and the ‘idols’ you have created in your heart; you think America and Israel are more powerful than Allah???? Are you not aware of the incident of ‘Abraha and the ‘airforce’ of little birds that God unleashed on his elephants that turned him a pile of dust?? They were great historical and spiritual events, not stories!! This is a hadeeth Mubarak from the very lips of our Beloved Prophet(SAW)- his wisdom is Allah’s wisdom and Allah’s will is his will- If he said it will happen, it WILL and Allah will protect his Army.

      • Were America & Israel able to bomb the Talibans ??? They can’t even point out their locations! Yet come under frequent attacks from them. Allah’s help is with them as well and soon Insha Allah these infidels will taste defeat and leave the very way the Russians left humiliated & devastated…

      • Only an infidel can repudiate from authentic Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This Hadith is true and authentic Hadith, the area identified as “KHURASAN” is based on the regions of Afghanistan and Iran. It consists of areas of Hilmand to Qandhar (Afghanistan) and MISH’HAD to NESHAPUR (Iran).

  2. What we are seeing now is the maturity of a militia into an armed Force. This will become the armed forces of afghanistan and they are also maturing up by agreeing to a set of common rules. This will allow the real taliban to weed out the Fake Taliban like the Tehrik-taliban-pakistan. Frusturating the hell out of the infiltrators even more.

    Also, by declaring allegiance to one leader for all the decisions and the Imam in this case is a classic Islamic way of ensuring uniformity in all decisions.

    I feel joy in witnessing the revival of the Muslim Ummah. Its a moment of happiness we have finally started to emerge, although a lot of hard work remains ahead. BUt we have surely started to emerge and their only good news ahead.

    Long live the Khurasan Empire !

    “When you see the black banners coming from the east(khurasan), run ahead to give them Bayah even if you have to crawl over ice. For among them will be the Mahdi (RA) – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

  3. @ Rohail

    Well, they are losing in Afghanistan now ..Then why arent they doing it ?..

    They nuked vietnam ..that race is still around ?..arent they ?

    When God Protects a race, no one can harm them.’
    When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says that no power will be able to stop them, it means NO POWER will be able to harm them !

    This is geo-strategically true as well. They americans or israelis wont nuke afghanistan unless their are Nato forces their. If they leave – They Lost !

    If they leave and then Nuke the place, then also we know the pathans. This will give the pathans the moral high ground around the world as vicitims at first and then an obligation to seek revenge. And we all know how cunning a fighter an Afghan is !

    So either way you look at it – victory is for the truth !

    The khurasan empire !

  4. @ Rohail

    Another point, Afghanistan and Pakistan are no Vietnam. These countries reflect a World Wide Ideology of Islam. By nuking one ..can you imagine the reprecussions ?..Do you think people in these countries will sit and watch quietly as this unfolds. Not even in the most wildest security estimates has this been thought over. So the probability of a nuclear attack are non-existant. If it happens then Pakistan is also a nuclear power.

    Rejoice in this that you have the capability to strike back !

    • Japan was the most dangerous nation and was not surrendering in the Second World War at all. But America made then surrender when their nukes.

      And by the way, America is not losing in Afghanistan. To be honest, they never came to Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban. Their sole purpose is to destabilize and denuclearize Pakistan. If America wants, they can eliminate the Taliban within a week, but then they will have to withdraw from Afghanistan and then they will not be able to destabilize Pakistan.

    • Correction: “with their nukes”.

      • @ Rohail Khan

        Ok so Taliban can fall in a week ?..So according to those estimates the Pakistani Army should have fallen in the past 7 years right ?..or maybe 10 years ?

        Have they gotten hold of Pakistanis Nuclear weapons ?.. Infact they are no where near !

        Japan committed the blunder of pearl harbor and this gave the americans the precedent to use a nuke. What have the afghans done ?.. Their is no connection between the 9/11 hijackers and afghans as the hijackers were all saudis. Plus like i said Afghanistan and Pakistan are MUSLIM countries .. That will start a war with ISlam.

        Also japan was a developed country and surrendered because they had something to lose . What does afghanistan have ..a bunch of mud huts ?.other than that they have nothing to lose

        And as far as eliminating the taliban within a week. America cannot do that unless they bomb the entire country – They can try doing that, and then see what happens.

        Their are more pashtuns in Pakistan than Afghanistan the backlash will be Tremendous. I dont think america with its stretched forces can afford that kind of a confrontation. Specially when they are bankrupt and they dont have money to even fund their state budgets.

        If at all america is confused right now, on one hand they talk about negotiating with the taliban on the other hand they dont know what to do !

  5. @ At Rohail Khan

    By the way

    – Taliban in 2002 controlled 25 % of afghanistan today in 2009 they control 80% of afghanistan

    – American troops had their most bloody month in july

    – Their is a huge public back lash in the US about this

    – The US and allied forces havent moved from their position from where they were 10 years ago

    – Pakistan is still strong and powerfull

    – China’s economy has started growing while the US and Uk are still in the doldrums

    – US and Uk has nukes and so does pakistan

    For a country like the US which is a sole super power – It hasnt gained anything solid in the last 10 years – can you explain if this is not defeat then what is ?

    • America can conduct an attack within America and put the blame on Pakistan and nuke us. They have the capability to strike us, but we don’t. We can just hit India, but I’m sure America won’t give a shit about that. We can’t strike Israel either since they have interceptors, but in return they will drop like 200 nukes on us.

      In 2002, Pakistan was a stable and peaceful country, but now we’re like doomed. If that’s not America’s achievement, then what is?

      America does not care about Taliban controlling Afghanistan. Like as I said, they just want to destabilize Pakistan so that they can take our nukes.

      America just cook things up to achieve their nefarious objective.

      I’m a Pakistani Pathan, and I don’t give a shit about the Paktuhn of Afghanistan. My loyalty is to Pakistan and not to Afghanistan. Why should I care about Afghanistan? Afghanistan have never been a stable and sovereign state. It has always been a battle field for different forces. Pakistan is a country with great people. So I don’t give a shit about Afghanistan, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

    • Taliban controlled 25% Afghanistan in 2002, but then Afghanistani soil was never used against Pakistan. But now that they control 80% Afghanistan, it has been used as a launching pad for attacks on Pakistan. The terrorists from around the world have opened their camps their to destabilize Pakistan. Please explain…. Why do you think this is? Don’t you think 25% Afghanistan under Taliban control was better than the 80%? Coz they’re really pi$$ing us off.

      • Rohail Khan, no one gives a shit about who you don’t or do give a shit about:) This is about he survival of the Ummah and Islam and the great renissance that awaits us.Inshallah. You seem extremely confused about the reality of things. If Afghanistan is not stabilized there will never be peace in the region or even the World; so the only way we can do this is by having a Muslim peace keeping army in Afghanistan and to assist them with resolving their internal disputes. But for that the Americans, Indians and Israelis and whoever the hell is part of the occupying force there need to be kicked out and regardless of Taliban’s political ideology, they are the only ones who can get the job done and are doing it already!! Pakistan’s role is not to divide but to UNITE Muslim ummah. Thats the direction in which a great destiny awaits us.
        Eik hon Muslim harm ki pasbani key liey, neel key sahil sey ley kar ta ba khak-e-Khashghar.

      • @ Rohail, Bro you need to understand the realities in the light of our Religion and the realities surrounding us. If Pak was stable in 2002, the dirty plans had not yet hatched. The games didnt start till all players had all the logistics set up, and then carefully entered Pakistan.
        You say Japan was the most feared forces of the time ? Sure but didn’t have the Nuclear ability to retaliate such an American Offense otherwise American would have never used the nukes in the 1st place or would have suffered equally or more grave consequences than Japan did.

        Taking our Talibans in week ? Please give me a break. I believe you completely ruled out the Soviet Episode. They were also Super Powers then. What did the Mujahideen have then ?

        Please be very optimistic, we have nothing to fear. Insha Allah, these infidels and local tyrants will face a humiliating defeat and will retreat from Afghanistan the very way the other Super power did.
        After All it is known to be the Graveyard of Emperors.

      • Get your facts right first shit brain!

      • Rohail Khan Carries a deluded concept. Before 9/11 Taliban controlled 95% Afghanistan and there was no suicide attack in Pakistan. So, the logic of 25%/80% is making me piss on this concept.

      • @Muhammad Amir: It was Emperor.Babur who said that before 9/11 Taliban controlled 25% Afghanistan and now they control 80%. 🙂

      • I have read the comments of Emperor Babar, he said Taliban controlled 25% Afghanistan in 2002 (he no where said that they controlled 25% Afghanistan before 2002 or 9/11). Failed Logic again from a failed Hindu.

  6. @HK: During Soviet invasion, the Taliban/Mujaheddin were backed by America. They won with America’s help.

    Anyway, let’s hope for the best.

    • There was no taliban during the soviet invasion Shit brain!

      • I wrote: Taliban/Mujaheddin.

    • @ Rohail

      Ok so during the soviet times they won with america’s help. Now america the great god father according to you is in afghanistan. Then whats the problem now ?.. Why arent they taking over both afghanistan and pakistan ?/

      They have their army, airforce and navy all located in afghanistan ??

      What is stopping them ?

      Please explain ??

      • Long live the Armed Forces and the Scientists of Pakistan!


  7. These codes of conduct of war are pretty much in line with the codes of conduct of war as revealed by Allah (swt) in the Quran. Now the question is, Has the Pakistan Army been following these codes of conduct in their war? I think you will find that they have been doing pretty much the opposite.

    • So are you saying that Quran allows us to carry out suicide attacks? Coz that’s what the taliban are doing in Afghanistan and you said, “These codes of conduct of war are pretty much in line with the codes of conduct of war as revealed by Allah (swt) in the Quran.”

      Are there Suicide bombing rules in Quran? Coz the Taliban have set some.

      I love Pakistan Army and I support them no matter what.

      Shame on the Taliban for justifying the suicide attacks!!


      • @Imtiaz, get your facts straight dude and do not spread shit about Pak Army here, we don’t think much of people who ridicule our armed forces. Rohail, I agree with you on this, suicide bombing is haram in Islam and Taliban have no excuse for this….. Ali, dude if someone has a different point of view that doesn’t automatically make them an Indian agent, please keep an open mind.

  8. @ Rohail Khan

    If the Mujahideen won with america’s help then why cant American Forces defeat or atleast capture a handful of taliban’s in afghanistan ?.. What you are ruling out is the True Courage and the ability of the mujahideen to fight fearlessly in the way of Allah which the americans will never have.

    Also the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that the Muslim ummah is like one whole body. If one part is hurt the aches are felt in another body.

    I am not a pashtun at all, infact im just a Pakistani and I must say that I feel for my Afghan Brothers and Sisters. They are no different than pakistanis. I not only care for the pashtuns but also the uzbeks, tajiks, and other ethnic races who are mislead by their leaders. They too are muslims. As a pakistani all of the muslims nations are like out brothers. We have to take care of them. Specially afghanistan is like a little brother !

    And when the taliban controlled 25% of afghanistan america was happy that it had one and that gave them the chance to lay down their plans. Had the taliban been in full power and the Muslims United, their would have been no Nato or american forces in afghanistan. NO plots against pakistan and everything would have been fine and dandy.

  9. correction : If one part hurts the aches are felt in the the entire body.

    • Whatever man, whatever. Keep supporting Afghanistan and Taliban! Once NATO Forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban will not only take control of Afghanistan, but Pakistan also. They will force Pakistani girls to wear Burqas. All of our TV Actresses will be wearing shuttle cock burqas. LOL. Their schools will also be destroyed. The Taliban were also against Internet. No Internet was allowed in Afghanistan. So sadly, they will also bomb all the ISPs in Pakistan.

      Taliban were technophobic! Do you really want to support primitive narrow minded sadists?

      • From what I have heard, they were also against electricity since there was no electricity in 6th and 7th century. They think that it’s against Islam/Sunnah. Hmm… What about the Cars? I’m sure they will also turn against the Cars and will start forcing people to ride Camels. LOL.

      • @ Rohail Khan

        Brother, I think you are taking this on a very different tangent.

        We pakistanis support muslim brothers regardless of whether they are afghani, arab or irani.

        I think you are seriously mistaken and are unaware of the difference between Afghanistan Taliban and Pakistan Taliban.


        Dont listen to what the western media has to say !

        Afghan Taliban are fighting to liberate their country . The Pakistani Taliban are fighting to create chaos in Pakistan And it is these guys who are Funded by the US, India and Israel.

        WE DO NOT SUPPORT PAKISTANI TALIBAN. Because the taliban in taliban are actually terror groups which have been labeled the taliban. In actuality they are criminals and foreign intelligence agents and some misguided youth.

        The Afghan Taliban are Mujahideen aided by the people of Pakistan. Get your facts straight

        Here visit this website http://www.brasstacks.pk

        and please watch the series Cia Threats to Pakistan. That should be an eye opener for you.Here’s the link for part 6.


        Brother what your saying is classical western media venom “taliban taking over pakistan”. Brother are you aware that pakistan’s military strenght is 600 000 army personnel and another 400 000 reserves and retirees. How can a few thousand talibans take over pakistan …Can you explain this logic to me ??

        Population of Afghanistan = 30 million

        Population of Pakistan = 170 million



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  11. Western propaganda is So bogus that it makes us laugh because of the stupidity it displays.

    secondly, they didnt want to use electricity from a foreign source because they wanted to become self sufficient and produce it themselves. The western media takes things out of perspective and puts a negative spin on them and presents it to you. Like the burka supposed to be a mark of oppression. But a bikini is a mark of honour isnt it ?

    What would you rather have your mothers and sisters dressed in ..In a shuttlecock burqa or a Cock Erectile Bikini ?… Can you explain this to me ??

    And lastly you coming up here and bashing your own brothers and Islamic brethren is not helping the cause of the army, its not helping the cause of Islam infact you are indirectly aiding our enemies !

    Islam says to offer the utmost sacrifice for justice and religion and if defending for your country means suicide then that is the Greatest Sacrifice !

    Wake up before its too late !

    • My family is Muslim. No one will get bikini-clad. But then I’ll never ever force them to wear burqa as well. I just like them to see wearing nice Pakistani clothes.

      I wish you all the best!

      (No further questions please.)

      • Oh and by the way, Shahadat is better than Suicide. Please defend your country by getting Shahadat and not by carrying out suicde attacks.

        I wish you all the best.

        Love live the Armed Forces of Pakistan!

  12. […] :: Afghan Taliban Issue New Code Of Conduct […]

  13. @ Rohail

    Brother,Im glad that you have decided to bring your views in line with the rest of your kind.

    And isnt Shahadat the Best of Sacrifice ???

    Brother changing words doesnt change the meaning. You know what I meant there.

    Given the choice of a foreign occupation force and the taliban the afghan people who have seen both sides of the coin opted for the Taliban.

    We all support the Pakistan Army and May they live long. But we also support the mujahideen who fight for justice whether its Iraq, Afghanistan, kashmir or wherever !

    May Allah Make the Muslims Victorious !

  14. @Emperor.Babur: Yes my fried. I know the difference between the Pakistani Taliban and Afghani Taliban. And I was talking about the Afghani Taliban. They will take over Pakistan. Know why? Coz people like you… people like HK, PKKH, sumayyac, ibrahim, Ahmed Quraishi, Zaid Hamid etc you all support the Afghani Taliban. And I’m sure that if the Afghani Taliban ever want to come to Pakistan and rule it, you guys will welcome them with open arms. It’s so sad, but it’s true.

    I wish all of your mommies had married the Afghani Taliban. Now you guy would have been in Afghanistan building sand houses, and riding camels, and living the lifestyle of the 6th and 7th century. LOL.

    I will live for Pakistan Army, I will work for Pakistan Army, and I will die for Pakistan Army!

    Long Live Pakistani Armed Forces!

    • Correction: It’s “friend” and not fried. A huge typo. Sorry.

  15. @ Rohail Khan

    You still havent answered my question of how can a few thousand talibans come and rule pakistan when we have the pakistani army of a million plus troops ? 🙂

    Can you please explain this logic to me ?

    The afghan taliban dont even have an airforce ?

    And by the way, why didnt they come and rule Pakistan in 2000 and earlier than that when they were in power and had the chance to do that ?

    Mind shedding some light on this ?

    As far as marrying afghans, i dont see anything wrong with that. I would marry of my sister or daughter to an afghan brother ..Is this something degrading according to you ?..If it is, you have a really serious problem.

    And brother please try to take things into perspective and respect others. Im not the one with the last name “Khan”. That goes to show who your MOTHER Married ! – Most of the Khans trace their origin to afghanistan.

    Show some respect for your race and dont degrade anyone.

    Your logic of afghanistan a country of 30 million people taking over 170 million people with a powerful army and a nuclear power is laughable.

    Please come back with some sound arguments !


  16. @ Rohail


    We will welcome any just and Islamic Ruler so long as they uphold the banner of Islam. I mean anyone would be better than zardari and his cronies !

    • They will take over Pakistan the way the British took over half of the world. And especially the way the British took over Hindustan (Sub Continent).

      The terrorists in Swat uphold the banner of Islam. Want to welcome them?

      And my friend, I forgot to explain something earlier. Actually there’s a hell of a difference between Shahadat and Suicide Attack. Shahadat is something you get when you die fighting your enemy, and Suicide Attack is when you go and fu*k yourself.

      I’m Khan, but like as I said, I have pledged allegiance to the flag of Pakistan.

      God bless Pakistan.



      • @ Rohail

        You forgot one point the people fighting in Swat also call themselves Khan’s… Are you sure your not one of those Khan’s ??

        You keep on saying they will take over ?..The british were a super power and technologically advanced so they took over. You yourselves have admitted that the afghan taliban are stone age people , then how do you anticipate this happening ?

        Shahadat and Suicide bombing are synonymous terms one can imply the other how you interpret it but Suicide means sacrificing ones life. If this sacrifice is for Islam then its the greatest sacrifice.

        You havent proven any of the points yet.

        You know after the pakistan army joins hands with the afghan taliban we are going to come and conquer India.

        Thats are ultimate target and Im glad your on board with us on that 😀

  17. I’m sure you must have heard about the Hadith of Gazwa e Hind. When muslim armies will capture India and their rulers and chain them up..

    Care to share your views on this ? 😀 😀

  18. lol @ Ali

  19. Babur: I’ve been called an Indian. Does defending Pakistan and working for Pakistan make me an Indian? 😀

    Anyway, I’m not wasting my time here anymore.

    @Ali: I’m a Pathan and I live in Peshawar. I love Pakistan and I hate Afghanistan. I hate Afghanistan so much that I want America to nuke it.

  20. @ Rohail

    I havent accused you of anything man. I just simply asked you to defend your statements, which you never did.

    Peshawar is a beautiful city, Ive been there. I particularly like the wide open streets which are not common in other cities of pakistan. Very modest city and friendly people. But then their are alot of afghanis there and found them to be very receptive.

    Why do you hate them so much man ?. Hate and rage give rise to anger. And Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that surely anger is from hell.

    So my friend fill your heart with love regarding all muslims the good ones and hope for the best for everyone including your enemies and Allah Will help all of us Inshallah 😉

    • Sure. 🙂

  21. why has pakistan army been helping to defeat afghan taliban ever since oct 2001 then? if kayani is ok to take breaks onboard US warships, take money, weapons and aircraft from US. THEN EXACTLY WHO IS WORKING FOR ZIONISM?

  22. Ok, Rohail Khan and Emperor Babur, while you two have this very interesting conversation, I just wanted to clarify a few things here. First of all I do NOT belive that Taliban have the political vision or the wisdom to rule a country, I do not agree with the policies they had when they were in power nor am I impressed with their behaviour towards women. I sympathise with their struggle for freedom agianst the imperialist forces that have invaded Afghanistan. Also, according to my understanding ZH never suggested that Taliban will have any role in the governance of Pakistan, the reason we need to supporth them is because Pakistan shud take the leading role in bringing about peace and stability in Afghanistan as Iqbal has stated that Afghanistan is the heart of Asia and untill there is peace in Afghanistan there wont be peace elsewhere in Asia. Also, right now Taliban in Afghanistan are a force to be reckoned with and are the only ones standing up to the New World Order. Pakistan is an independent country and leadership will come from Pakistanis, so supporting Taliban’s freedom struggle doesnt mean that they are to barge into Pakistan and establish their govt in Islamabad.

  23. […] I will work for Pakistan Army, and I will die for Pakistan Army … Here is the original: Afghan Taliban Issue New Code Of Conduct « Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz Share and […]

  24. “AFGHAN” Taliban have no plans to capture Islamabad nor do they have required resources. The only objective of Afghan Taliban is stability of Afghanistan (perhaps through promulgation of Shariah) and Liberation of Afghanistan from foriegn invaders. No Afghani or Taliban was accused of 9/11 plot.

    • “Failed Logic again from a failed Hindu”

      Amir: Are you calling me hindu?

  25. For crying out loud guys/girls, I have a few questions for you. The 1st is, “are we all human?”, the second is, “If we are all human then why the hell must we continually try to prove that one is better than the other by slaughtering the innocent?”. If the rulers of our world were true leaders then they fight as they did from times long since past. From the front. I abide by absolutely none of the world leaders because they seem more intent on wasting every resource we have as a race instead of bettering it for the greater good of the whole.
    If one “God” was better than the other then after tens of thousands of years, surely it would have done something about our pitiful race a long time ago? Quite simply why we have religion any more is beyond me because a man named Darwin kinda showed that we are all related to monkeys (but to be fair we’re acting more like savage baboons). Those who seek to instill fear and chaos in the name of any God should relaise that any sort of pearly gate will remain closed to them. And lastly, I say this; if there was a God, he could never forgive any of us for what we and our forefathers have done to this beautiful world. I just wish that we could all put our differences aside and make this world a better place for all, instead of scarring not just ourselves as a race, but the place your God’s created for you to live upon.
    P.S. PLease don’t reply to this with a religious argument, try thinking for yourself instead of qouting the falable texts written and re-written many times by greedy men. Or I shall reply with quotes from Star Trek, which is more believable lol.

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