Another Indian arrested in Bannu

July 25, 2009

Police have arrested an Indian national near the District Coordination Office in Bannu, while a bid to blow up the Maryan Police Station has been averted as 30 kg explosive device has been defused, DawnNews reported.

Police sources say the suspect has been picked up under section 14 of the Foreign Act for traveling without valid documents. Some sources, however, say that the man was arrested a few days back by the intelligence agencies and has now been handed over to the Cantt. Police Station after investigation.

The man has identified himself as Binoraf Saleem Borhan Kirjee, claiming that he is a resident of Kanyanya Madhya Pradesh in India. Sources added that the suspect has been shifted to an unknown location, but the local police are reluctant to confirm the arrest.



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  6. Nothing like the above. We need to treat him well, put him on trial (which should be open and fair and shown on all TV channels) and thus expose India’s dirty game. This should be brought up at all meetings with Indians and others. Why kill a living proof of our enemies dirty design?

    • If he is indeed guilty and found to be an Indian, give him the worst possible punishment which would be to make him a Pakistani citizen.

      • Agnostic scum bag!
        He has already been facing the biggest punishment by being BORN an Indian, now all we have to do is send him over to Australia!!

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