Interview With A Captured Suicide Bomber

July 23, 2009

Watch this stunning interview of a would-be suicide bomber arrested at Dera Bugti. He talks about how the Afghan Army escorted him to Brahmdagh’s safehouses in Kabul where he lives with full police and Afghan state protection.

The would be suicide bomber also met with another 100-150 Balochis who are treated as guests by Hamid Karzai, and are being brainwashed and motivated by Brahamdagh to carry out suicide attacks within Pakistan. He also witnessed first hand the Karzai government as well as India’s financial and operational support to Brahamdagh Bugti.

Watch: Point Blank with Lucman, from Dera Bugti



  1. everything is so clear..Indians from the east…American Funded Karzai From the west

  2. I heard it from here and there, but today saw it…Indians funding Balochs to carry out attacks in Pakistan, but everyone forgets, Allah is watching.

  3. @naveed ahmad

    And China from North East…

    China is cooking muslims in Urumqi but pak is SILENT!!!!! 🙂

    What happened to paks famous ‘Muslim Brotherhood’?

    • Dont worry. The problem in urumqi is an easy one to solve. We will do something about it once we are done with our eastern and western good neighbours. Wecan handle both of you simultaneously. we have done that in the past and we will do it this time. I am sure the problem of urumqi will be solved peacefully. Afterall chinese soldiers do not rape-and-murder muslims in urumqi as your good soldiers are doing in Kashmir. you should worry about good indian soldiers becoming rented squads for america’s failed war in afghanistan.

      • China respect Pakistan and we respect Chian. The problem in Urumqi is funded and created by India. Look the talk Indian claim the Xinjiang is their province. I can not believe what they are doing there. So is Tibet. India is trying its best to take revenge for their shamfull defeat in 1962 war with Chian. I hope they are watched by Chinese.

  4. Does it not establish beyond any doubt what was Akbar Bugti upto in Dera Bugti on MUsharraf’s watch.?
    Was the army action at that time not Justified , then ? All other political parties unfairly politicised the issue for scoring points. Should they not be punished for being anti Pakistan

    Time for all right minded and unbiased Pakistanis to think and realise who is a friend and well wisher of Pakistan? Why was the Army and Musharraf blamed and hounded out for this ? Pity the nation which does not recognise its true patriots. May Allah protect Pakistan.

  5. I would only say to all Pakistanies “Wake up” open your eyes and differentiate beyween friend and enemies. This video is really an eye opening that how the enemies of our country use our fellow Pakistanis againist us. In this case the enemy does not loose anything.

    I pray for our rulers to wake up because I can not make any difference at ahigher level but the people who have authorities and power , can do al lot.

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