ISI Summons RAW Chief Over Terrorism In Pakistan

July 22, 2009

Dan Qayyum

  • In the Sri Lankan cricket team case, Indian operatives crossed the border from Indian to join other Indian-origin or Indian-trained terrorists who traveled all the way from Afghanistan to Lahore
  • Indian terrorism training bases, intelligence outposts and personnel in Afghanistan identified
  • In some cases, Indian intelligence was indirectly supporting attacks against US soldiers in Afghanistan in order to worsen Pak-US military relations
  • India’s friends, advocates and lobbyists in Washington stunned

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was stunned when Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Reza Gilani handed him a dossier containing photographs of Brahamdagh Bugti and other terrorists meeting Indian agents not only in Afghanistan but also during their visits to India and the names of the Indian officials who met them. This was part of more evidence about India’s involvement in recruiting, training, financing and arming terrorists in Afghanistan and sending them to Pakistan. India’s links to the attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team in Lahore and other high profile terrorism cases have been established, shocking even Indian’s many advocates in Washington. Mr. Gilani gave this surprise to the Indians behind closed doors. Now India fears that Pakistan would use this meeting to expose Indian connections with two anti-Pakistan terrorist leaders and their foreign-funded terror armies: Brahamdagh Bugti and his BLA [Balochistan Liberation Army] and Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, both being supported from bases in US-controlled Afghanistan.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—ISI Chief Shuja Pasha has summoned his Indian Counterpart, K C Verma for a meeting through the Indian defense attaché in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.

The Indian government has not responded to ISI’s request yet, and is reportedly assessing the implications of a possible meeting carefully.

After the July 16 Sharm el-Sheikh joint statement between India and Pakistan, India fears that Pakistan would use this meeting as a forum to expose Indian connections with two terror leaders and their foreign-funded terror armies: Brahamdagh Bugti and his BLA [Balochistan Liberation Army] and Baitullah Mehsud’sTehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Pakistan has piles of evidence against Indian consulates in Afghanistan being used to fund terrorism in Pakistan through the TTP as well as the terrorists who claim to be self-styled representatives of Pakistan’s Baloch vast Baloch heritage.

Pakistan’s DAWN reports that a dossier containing proof of India’s involvement in “subversive activities” in Pakistan was handed over by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh during their meeting at Sharm el-Sheikh last week.

The evidence has also been shared with the US and Afghanistan, with Kabul being asked to prevent the use of its territory for disruptive activities against Pakistan.

“Although the information given to India is being kept highly secret, broad outlines of the dossier available with Dawn reveal details of Indian contacts with those involved in attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team and the Manawan police station,” the newspaper said.

“Operatives of RAW who remained in touch with the perpetrators of the attacks have been identified and proof of their interaction has been attached,” it added.

A description of Indian arms and explosives used in the attack on the Sri Lankan team has been made part of the dossier, besides which the names and particulars of the perpetrators, who illegally entered Pakistan from India and joined their accomplices who had reached Lahore from Waziristan, have been mentioned, the report said.

The dossier is also said to list the safe houses being run by RAW in Afghanistan where terrorists are trained and launched for missions in Pakistan.

“The dossier also broadly covers the Indian connection in terror financing in Pakistan.

A substantial part of the shared material deals with the Balochistan insurgency and Indian linkages with the insurgents, particularly Brahamdagh Bugti, Burhan and Sher Khan,” Dawn said.

Photographs of their meetings with Indian operatives are part of the evidence, which also describes Bugti’s visit to India and the meetings he had with Indian secret service personnel, it added.

The dossier also mentions an Indian-funded training camp near Kandahar where terrorists claiming to represent Pakistan’s Balochistan, particularly supporters of politician-turned-terrorist Akbar Bugti, were being trained and provided arms for sabotage activities in the Pakistani province. The elder Bugti was involved in recruiting and sending young Pakistanis from Balochistan to become terrorists against their own homeland.

Dawn quoted its sources as saying that Manmohan Singh had agreed to “look into Pakistani claims” and to take “corrective action” if proven. He is said to have assured Mr. Gilani that India is against interference in other countries and Pakistan’s stability was important for them.

“Yes, these issues were discussed,” Foreign Office spokesperson Abdul Basit said when asked about the meeting.

Indian Backed Terrorism in Pakistan

Brahamdagh is based in Kabul and is a familiar face within the defense and intelligence circles in Delhi.

BLA was the name that the former KGB and the Indian intelligence gave to Pakistani communist recruits who were paid to destabilize Pakistan during the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s, when the Soviet Union controlled Afghanistan. The BLA died with the end of the Cold War and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, but has been revived by the Indians after US occupied Afghanistan.

Here is what Christine Fair of RAND Corporation has said earlier this year about what the Indian consulates are up to in Afghanistan and Iran:

“I think it would be a mistake to completely disregard Pakistan’s regional perceptions due to doubts about Indian competence in executing covert operations. That misses the point entirely.  And I think it is unfair to dismiss the notion that Pakistan’s apprehensions about Afghanistan stem in part from its security competition with India. Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity! Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates it has reopened in Jalalabad and Qandahar along the border. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Baluchistan. Kabul has encouraged India to engage in provocative activities such as using the Border Roads Organization to build sensitive parts of the Ring Road and use the Indo-Tibetan police force for security. It is also building schools on a sensitive part of the border in Kunar–across from Bajaur.  Kabul’s motivations for encouraging these activities are as obvious as India’s interest in engaging in them. Even if by some act of miraculous diplomacy the territorial issues were to be resolved, Pakistan would remain an insecure state. Given the realities of the subcontinent (e.g., India’s rise and its more effective foreign relations with all of Pakistan’s near and far neighbors), these fears are bound to grow, not lessen. This suggests that without some means of compelling Pakistan to abandon its reliance upon militancy, it will become ever more interested in using it — and the militants will likely continue to proliferate beyond Pakistan’s control.”

The Foreign Policy magazine also recently confirmed the Indians were neck deep in supporting the TTP in Pakistan:

While the U.S. media has frequently reported on Pakistani ties to jihadi elements launching attacks in Afghanistan, it has less often mentioned that India supports insurgent forces attacking Pakistan. “The Indians are up to their necks in supporting the Taliban against the Pakistani government in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” a former intelligence official who served in both countries said. “The same anti-Pakistani forces in Afghanistan also shooting at American soldiers are getting support from India. India should close its diplomatic establishments in Afghanistan and get the Christ out of there.”

Afghan officials have also confirmed that India is using Afghanistan to stir trouble in Pakistan.

“India is using Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan and Afghan security agencies are unable to stop Indian intervention due to absence of centralized government mechanism”, said Afghan Government’s Advisor, Ehsanullah Aryanzai on the sidelines of Pak-Afgan Parliamentary Jirga at a Pakistani hotel on April 2, 2009.

Pressure on the US

The Americans – under heavy pressure in Afghanistan – have started to realize they cannot save face in Afghanistan unless Pakistan’s legitimate concerns with regards to Indian sponsored terrorism are addressed immediately.

A Senior US diplomat William Burns gave Indian officials a terse directive last month, asking them to ’shut down Indian consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending terrorists across the Durand Line.’ The message was supplemented with a letter from the American President Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a similar message.

Whether RAW’s K. C. Verma takes up ISI chief Shuja Pasha’s offer of a one-on-one or not, Pakistan should increase the pressure on the US by declaring neutrality in Afghanistan and block the supply of American and NATO weapons through its soil unless the United States pays heed to its Pakistani ally’s security interests in the region.

India Feasts On Volatile Situation In Balochistan
Confirmed: TTP Using Indian/US Weapons



  1. awesome.gen shujja must deal wid de counterpart aggressively….

  2. nothing awesome~ i hear that this comes under the pressure from our ruling elite masters “America” and this also comes ahead of hoolbrooks visit to Pakistan on friday.

    Yes the title “India on the backfoot over Balochistan” & We Pakistanis backfoot over Kashmir!

    • agreed

      • both of you are Indiand for SURE!!! can’t hide it.

      • no! i agreed with imran too. unfortunely we are weak on the political front. army should not be involved in politics but current political leadership is not trust worthy for army. they know what zardari did in banazir 2nd term. army wants to keep an eye of these filthy politicians.

        We are at back foot on Kashmir at the moment. And this is all because of incapable, corrupt and dirty politicians we have sitting in Islamabad. ut i would say “KASHMIR” is not dead. its a petrol station with highly inflammable material. ISI should start the 1989 war on india again otherwise these bastards will keep messing around on our western provinces. This is a counter attack to keep away this HINDU bunya from our homeland. This is necessary for our economy because economic progress directly depends on law and order. Pakistan army and ISI need to think deep to stop this daily news of target killings, blasts, suicide attacks on the western border specially in Quetta.
        Blow bangalore, madras and see Indians crying. This is the best solution of this evil nation.

        long live Pakistan

    • Well Imran is comparing apples with oranges. Bro! there is not comparison between Kashmir and Baluchistan. Kashmir is disputed whilst Baluchistan is a disturbed state of a sovereign country. The World knows Kashmir as occupied territory but this is not the case with Baluchistan. So, you need to look in depth.


  3. & i also fail to see why some people jumping up and down with joy over The Sharm el-Sheikh joint statement.

    I see India successful where they have successfully put Pakistan on backfoot over Kashmir issue by fueling the insurgency in balochistan/fata. The message is very clear “you interfere in Kashmir, we interfere in balochistan/fata”

    • Kahmir is not a part of “your” territory”… it’s a disputed territory, but Balochistan is a part of Pakistan. It’s an undisputed territory. So, we can interfere in Kashmir, but you can’t interfere in Balochistan.

      • you recognise kashmir to be a disputed rerritory…for us it is an integral part of india..

        you do something in kashmir..we will return it with interest ina baluchistan and Fata…

      • @ik

        i’m not an indian.

    • Indian!

      • porki!
        kashmir is part of pakistan. Even whole indian punjab is part of Pakistan. People in Kashmir and in Punjab all want to join Pakistan. Do some googli which will open ur eyes.

        Read about kalistan struggle, come to london and i will introduce you with my sardar friends and they will tell you how to kill people with guns. Keep in mind there are 38 solid insurgencies in india and many more and that is worrying Indian army and they are afraid of ISI, which will start a new “call of duty” soon.

        RAW is only able to create dirt in Balochistan due to american umbrella. We have bigger enemies then tiny, coward indians. americans are now telling indians in dehli to stop taking advantage; read newspapers kid. Once americans are over indians will see no way to run and this is coming soon. now americans are hiding their causalities in afghanistan and they will be defeated by the brave afghans and pakistanis

  4. @Imran, this is pretty explosive stuff mate. This means that we can stand up to India and hold them accountable for what they are doing. This is the ISI showing their will of steel. Pakistan will never back down on Kashmir, I think the whole world knows that by now. This is a panic attack being experienced by the Americans, they don’t know what to bloody well do in Afghanistan anymore and as a result of that the first thing that they are doing is divorcing the partner that they were forced to marry in the aftermath of 9/11 in order to achieve their strategic goals in Afghanistan. And if we suppose that this is one more game being played against us, this is gonna back fire big time as the Americans are losing hard and fast in Afghanistan.

  5. @sumayyac
    there’s nothing explosive. it’s just a request made by ISI under america’s pressure to address India’s concerns.Are u sure we can hold India accountable? A country which even doesn’t have the courage to simply say India that you are invovled in swat/fata and say to america your weapons are being used, how can it hold accountable India.

    Yes definitely america is losing hard and fast but our armed forces are doing a pretty well job in giving them the breathing space.

    these types of news are no more than a stunt just to make the general public happy. Just to remind one stunt when PAF was ordered to guard the airspace, we have videos on tv channels PAF flying but interestingly not even a single drone went down and it will never go down coz our ruling elite both civil & militarily are shameless people and have allowed these attacks.

    there’s no question of we will not, We have already backed down from Kashmir on america’s pressure. Just look into the appologetic attitude for the last 9 years.

    • imran,

      read about the current elite of politicans u have. Army is to defend the borders and bring security in country. why army is being pushed to politics everytime? because our political system is finished. no more.

      • I have never put any faith in our politicians infact i prefer Tom & Jerry over them.

        The problem is when the army is pushed like the last gov they also become politicians. We remember it was a military ruler who bowed down to america and put Kashmir in cold storage.

    • very true Imran..

      Is’t amazing that country with nuclear power is failed to protect their citizens from drones…. This politician and Army leading elites are coward… Brave nations never afraid of wars, they grab it from the neck ….

      and these bloody cowards are not protecting but partying the budget allocated to them…

  6. Pakistan should have made it (Baluchistan case) public and create a hype in international arena…as Indians did in Mumbai case….this is not aggressive…aggression is to let it out……either we should be friends with India and forget Kashmir…or stand up for our country….there is no such term as “friendly enemy”….enemy is enemy…and friendship is with honor…..

  7. Only one thing
    Why not exposed all this on the main stream media?????????????????????????????

    Are we Coward?
    Is USA did not allow us to do that?
    Are we under pressure of India?

    • Why not exposed all this on the main stream media?

      answer is = ISI is not like RAW ( who doesnt even use brain but love to expose all out ) what happenened the next day after mumbai attacks?? world is not even talking about it anywhere. where is the Mumbhai topic gone and lost ?

      you have to follow the game , the timing nothing is done before.

      think smart = Baitullah meshud is near his end .
      by Exposing stuff about RAW slowly gives more sense. getting raw under pressure so they stop supporting baitullah
      ” like raw stopped supporting TAMIL LEADER ”

      its all about the ” Timing ” nothing else

      but your RAW lacks both timing ,planing and how to ” fake it ”

      Are we Coward? why didnt V C VARMA respond and why doesnt he dare to take one on one take with the pakistan ISI chief ???????

      No sorry , we dont hide in talbian dresses ( Baloucistans) We always ” STRIKE FIRST ” example = ” KARGIL ”


      pakistan killing a pakistan no sense
      but indian and pakistan killing each other gives more sense.

      and again this thing with VARMA .

      ISI chief SHUJJA PASH wants to hae a 1 one 1 take with VARMA ? WHY DOESNT VARMA accecpt the challenge . talks are gonna be held openly infront of the world ,
      on each channel ,
      will be published in the newspapers
      (” thats how you expose. Tts not just grabbing the first part and jump to the last. You need every part of it , not like RAW grabs the first and jumps to the last ” )

      ask now who´s the Coward ? INDIA !

      Is USA did not allow us to do that?

      well , i guess ISI headed india the evidence before Hoolbrook arrived. so not WE DONT NEED ANYONE PERMISSION , BUT INSTEAD AMERCIANS COME AND FEEL SORRY FOR YOU GUYS !

      and remember this USA is our enemy like you are.



      ask yourself

      Why isnt USA wining the war ???
      ” theres a reason behind everything ”

      1.we helped the americans win the soviet war not you.

      2. we knew that America would came back at us.

      3. now you see america loosing th war .

      4 why they loosing the war ?

      5. Cauz for our interest , they have to Loose it! and they have lost it ! cauz we didnt help em!

      Are we under pressure of India?

      ok , first of all ,

      which pressure ??
      pakistan being under pressure of india ??? thats the biggest joke of the day.

      Pakistan is a country which can ” wipe ” india of in 14 minutes while India can ” wipe ” of Pakistan in 70-90 minutes .

      our Nuclear missiles are 50 years ahead than yours ( said by A.Q KHAN)
      which RAW agents badly wana capture and that will only be a dream not reallity from them!

      I guess its RAWs which is under the pressure of ISI ( VARMA why u not responded )

      RAW , is askin pakistan for coperation
      and we are saying ” we are coperating , you give us the evidence , we will help you out then ”

      RAW even not responding to ISI why that ???

      cauz once an agency has the ” stockpile evidence ready ” the enemy of that Agency replies to itself. ” WHAT SHALL WE DO , THEY HAVE THE STOCK PILE READY ”

      I MEAN , its Pakistan who has gathered evidence for the last 20-25 years against india.

      the evidence you have seen right now is only the 1% of the 100. the 99 will be exposed infront of the world . which will make INDIA trample on the ground !


      • @HASSAN

        Teri post dekh ke sirf HASS-I aati hai 😀

        WAKE UP or you need a tight slap again???

        Such a ignorant paki who is living in dreams of ‘1 paki soldier is equal to 100 Indian soldier’ and ‘Pakistan can wipe India in 14 mins’.

        Forgot how your 3000 men with tanks LOST to mere 120 Indian men on foot in 1971?
        Forgot how 100,000 gay pak army surrendered before only 25,000 indian army?

        Wake up and see the reality you paki fool… if you wake up you will realize…

        1.You LOST Siachin(2,600 km2).
        2.You LOST Bangladesh(147,570 km2).
        3.You LOST 15,000 km² land in 1971 but we threw it back on your FACE.
        3.You LOST NW as it was NEVER yours.
        You are losing Balouchistand and Sindh.
        4.You have LOST sovereignty in the hands of your master US who is cooking pakis with its drone missile everyday.
        5.You have RECIEVED a tags of ‘Terrorist nation’ and ‘FAILED STATE’ and ‘MIGRAINE OF WORLD’ on your forehead.
        6.You have LOST credibility in front of the world after your pussy brother Kasab was caught red ALIVE.
        7.Your NUKES are endangered.
        8.You are turned into a BEGGER state and aksing for bheek to other countries in the name of 2.5 million IDP’s and development.

        So many realities to see when you wake up 🙂

    • There’s a very sound and profound reason for this that why such stuff isn’t exposed on the mainstream media/corporate media and i.e. that a major portion of the world’s corporate media is either working under the Zionist agenda or is working as an unpaid employee of the CIA…

      “Are we Coward?”
      No, we aren’t, but there are some bigots/hypocrites who allow us to be called so, and unfortunately they enjoy high ranks in what we call the establishment…

      • AMIT ….

        tujay agar meri post dekh kar assi atti hai , mujay bollywood ko dekh kay
        hassi athi , when movies ( loc kargil are made) FAKELY ,and movies where
        sunny deol beats up 100 pakistanis at a time 😀 woooww thats far more
        funnier but just a ” dream ”

        lets get going …

        you said :
        “Such a ignorant paki who is living in dreams of ‘1 paki soldier is equal to
        100 Indian soldier’ and ‘Pakistan can wipe India in 14 mins’.”

        according to the Technology = SORRY PAKISTAN IS 50 YEARS AHEAD in nuclear
        atomic bomb. its proved by A Q. KHAN , thats why india would never dare to
        strike at pakistan !

        even your NEWS CHANNEL have shown Pakistan have faar more better weapon
        technolgy than india !

        your army worlds 2-3 biggest thats true. but your WEAPON tecnology is not
        “booming ” its faar away behind then ours.
        how many failed bombs have you had untill yet ??? dont escape from this

        watch indian crying over pakistan nuclear expansion (develpment)

        if they are showing 60 nukes ( who said there are only 60 warheads ?? maybe
        600 maybe 6000. what we show ” is nothing thats just to show that thats all
        what we have , been in reality , our nuclear bombs are the dobble ammount of
        the indians ( even more ).

        and even if you have the N-Submarine

        good morning do u think our navy is sitting with empty hands ( pakistan has
        added nukes to each of their ” striking weapons ) thats something we dont
        show . not like indian ” who talk alot , but dont do a thing ”

        now lets move to the WAR topic ” the favourite one of all time ”

        Wake up and see the reality you paki fool… if you wake up you will realize…

        1.You LOST Siachin(2,600 km2).
        2.You LOST Bangladesh(147,570 km2).
        3.You LOST 15,000 km² land in 1971 but we threw it back on your FACE.
        3.You LOST NW as it was NEVER yours.
        You are losing Balouchistand and Sindh.
        4.You have LOST sovereignty in the hands of your master US who is cooking
        pakis with its drone missile everyday.
        5.You have RECIEVED a tags of ‘Terrorist nation’ and ‘FAILED STATE’ and
        ‘MIGRAINE OF WORLD’ on your forehead.
        6.You have LOST credibility in front of the world after your pussy brother
        Kasab was caught red ALIVE.
        7.Your NUKES are endangered.
        8.You are turned into a BEGGER state and aksing for bheek to other countries
        in the name of 2.5 million IDP’s and development.

        yes we have lost bangladesh , and other parts aswell .. I AGREE …

        KASAB CAUGHT = NO PROVES NOT A SINGLE EVIDENCE its not enough saying ” he
        which they have not responded to ( its day 2 now ) indians hidding and
        calling american help so they can get them to “pressurize pakistan ”

        now we come to DRONE ATTAKCS …..

        have you ever wondered why those drone attack are happeing , you idiots its
        to your own MADE BAITULLAH MESHUD , cauz if he gets caught ( cia ,mossad
        ,raw game plan will be exposed ) thats called evidence and proof ) .

        I feel like laughin when indian say ” drone attacks in Pk ” haha even a
        pakistani saying drone attacks happening. THERES A REASON BEHIND EVERYTHING
        if we dont act against it ” thers a reason behind everything ” NOT MONEY OR
        RISWAAATH , but something in ” better for the country ” i Laugh at those
        people who are not even near by politics and tell their opions about what ”
        they should do or nor ” sorry to say NOR indian or Pakistani Odinary man
        knows what they are doing , they know it better !

        now you say Pakistan is a Failed state.
        sorry to say FAILED STATES are not allowed to have ” nuclear programs ”

        thats very straight and forward . HOOLBROOK has admittied PAKISTAN IS NOT A
        FAILED STATE , matter a fact , you want to see the “poverty ” in india and
        pakistan , well fine compare them and find out ” INDIA HAS ONE OF THE
        BIGGEST SLUMS in the world ”

        now LETS get again back to war topic


        1 . we came and took over KARGIL at the first point.
        2. INDIA begged USA , to pressuize Pakistan out .
        4. NAWAZ at that time was in US , and he got under pressure and had to force
        the Pak army out.
        6. YOU DIDNT WIN THE KARGIL , matter a fact it was the Pakistani who pulled
        itself out without any assistence left. and ofcourse soliders die in that
        7. u didnt win it you just gain your positon back .
        10. KARGIL WAR will happen again , and this time no one is going to listen
        to USA , this time it will be OURS , and that is the way KASMIR will go ”
        indiependent !


        you have nothing to do in Pakistan
        but we have a ” job ” to complete for Kashmir .

        you cant even Handle Balouctistan terror , how will you handle the whole

        we dont have a problem , the only problem is KASHMIR …

        when you say ” have you forgotten the way bangladesh got away ” haha , that
        doesnt make a difference now . but have you forgotten how PAKISTAN was made
        😀 haha that strikes you deep in the heart doesnt it 😀

        INDIA got their Nuclear weapons before than PK , ( and thought Pk would
        never be able to develope this bom ) sorry to say WE DID and went more ahead
        then you did.
        we were under sanctions at that time .but we should our credibility.

        WHAT HAS INDIA DOING at that time when we didnt have nukes ?? tell mee ???
        JUST SHOWIN OFF THE WORLD , you see thats the problem with india , they talk
        to much and Do less 😀

        and you said

        You are turned into a BEGGER state and aksing for bheek to other countries
        in the name of 2.5 million IDP’s and development.

        ASKIN FOR BHEEEK sorry to say , THATS OUR MONEY WE OWN and need not bheeek ,
        your country needs BHEEK for to get rid of slums . we are talking about
        getting people back home and develope the places.

        and what do you think INDIA will give a single penny to Pakistan ” NO ” so
        keep your mouth shout.

        WE HAVE ” LOOOTED” THOSE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for just to attack you and
        united states , for the past years The money has only been spent on ” army ”
        what do u think 😀

        and india is the one who is ” WORRIED ” ABOUT PAKISTAN ” ADD UP TO NUCLEAR

        i guess this is your channel showing this


  8. We were silent and people were not happy, now we are raising the issue and people are still not happy.

    Its explosive in the sense that atleast we have taken the initiative and we have made it public. There were reports that these evidences were already presented to US, Karzai govt and India. But now its in the open, atleast now they will get off our backs about the Mumbai dilemma. They have lost the moral high ground which they were claiming. It has caused almost a U turn in the Indian govts tone. You can see that from the media and opposition criticism Manmohan is getting now. Its certainly a score for Pakistan. Ofcourse MUCH more needs to be done.

    • I agree.

      • agreed…..bullshit Indians…we have to give them a slap for interference in Balauchistan & NWFP

  9. This is the first true step to tackle this problem. Pakistan must pursue this meeting aggressively.

  10. @Dan: Source?
    @Imran: What makes you think that the ISI has taken this step (if at all) under American pressure? Going by what’s posted on this blog, isnt the CIA & RAW in cahoots with each other spreading mayhem in Pakistan?

  11. @ed:

    We have two different sources for the first part of this report. One indian and one Pakistani. Infact it has been reported by some news-sites as well I believe, do have a look on news.google

    Source for the 2nd part is DAWN (www.dawn.com) and TOI.

    About what Imran said – if the ISI was infact in America’s control, You wouldn’t hear the americans talk about ‘clipping its wings’ or try to push it under the Interior Ministry / Rehman Malik (and failing ofcourse).

    ISI and CIA are on a war path.

    • I am in complete agreement with Dan as far as the ISI-CIA relations are concerned. No doubt that in the past both of them enjoyed very friendly relations with each other but it wasn’t until 2007 when ISI came to realize the real deal i.e. CIA’s evil ambitions concerning Pakistan, and it was then when ISI’s strategies saw a complete U-turn…

      — ISI stands for Islam and Pakistan while CIA stands for Zionism and Zion —

  12. @ed
    Pakistan is not a sovereign nation. We are america’s client state and the way Hoolbroke behaves makes us think that he’s the viceroy. History proves whatever action pakistan takes, it’s under america’s pressure.

    that’s what we say that CIA/RAw are our enemies & enemies should be treated like enemies. The way our ruling class treat americans and beg them for $$$ & equipments it shows that these people have no shame left in them.

    ok if ISi is at war with CIa and doesn’t take into consideration any pressure let us hear from our ISi chief telling the CIa to stop drone attacks & stop supporting insurgency in Pakistan.


      • haha , sorry ISI JUST SLAPPED RAWS FACE

        RAW has gotten its ass kicked everywhere.

        1. your tamil tiger gone
        2. your team killed in baloucistan !

        its ova for ya !

  13. @Dan Qayyum
    i didn’t said that Isi is under america’s control, what i said is ISi comes under america’s pressure. Most of the decisions our army has taken in the past 8 years are under america’s pressure. the 9/11 U-turn and giving into all the demands on just one phone call. what shall we call this?

  14. @Imran

    If the ISI is talking to the CIA over drone attacks and indian actions in Afghanistan, you won’t hear it in the media. The ISI and CIA are covert intelligence agencies and issuing public statements isn’t something that they do – this is the job of the civilian government. Unfortunately though our civilian government consists of hand-picked puppets who are singing to the tune of our enemies (remember Sherry Rehman defending the IAF air incursion saying ‘it was a mistake’?)

    Do you remember ahmed mukhtar saying a few months back that ‘we don’t have the capability to shoot down drones’ and within a couple of days the air force carried out a public demonstration of weapons and techniques designed to successfully shoot down drones. The PAF Cheif even referred to the 2002 shooting down of an Indian spy plane.

    The armed forces (of which ISI is a part) and our civilian rulers stand at opposite ends. Our ruling class are a shameless, despicable, self-serving bunch of criminals who are busy selling the country. We cannot expect anything good to come out of their actions or words. The sooner our armed forces turn their guns on these criminals, the better. And rest assured that day isn’t far – let us take care of things at our western borders first.

    • Very good Keep it up dear.

  15. i wonder what bharat verma has to say about this. would love to see his face right now 🙂


  17. A good step taken by ISI but I think we have enough experienced this “Talk-Shawk” type things. Now this is high time that we take some aggressive steps because in past we have always defended Indian offences for example Indian offence in 1965 then in 1971 and on other occasions. So, Pakistan Army should now change its strategy towrads Hindu India, we need to give them reply in a language that they are are good at understanding.

    • As if you haven’t tried it before!

      1965- ended up defending Lahore.
      1971- launched “pre-emptive” strikes in the Western front, ended up signing
      Surrender declaration in a few days.
      1999- ended up leaving the soldiers of Northern Light Infantry to eat grass and let the Indian army give them Islamic burial
      2002- parliament attack- ended up shaking in the pants at India’s troop mobilization, announcing Pakistan will not use territory for anti-India activities
      2008- Mumbai attack, the best one, brand name Pakistani means terrorist flashing across the world, icing on the cake is NY Times picture of Indian Muslims waving placards asking Pakistan should be declared a terrorist state, strengthening of communal harmony in India.

      For 62 years you have pursued militarism and war mongering. We all know where it has taken you. Already it looks like it is too late for you to indulge in “nation-building”.

      If you live with the land you got peacefully and focus on education, economy and improving the livelihood, you may have some time left to consider nation building.

      Alas, I know you are going to reject it.

      What ever your plans are India will face it!
      Next round of terrorist attacks, more will be in store for you, e.g. stopping Indus water.

      With regards to nuclear war, we have submarine based second strike capability in Arabian sea to obliterate your land into stone age. There are more Indians outside India who can come back repopulate the territory.


      • @Indian terrorist!

        How about we go a lil back and talk about 1971 the break up of east Pakistan…U are the ones who started the shit! Even foreign sources have said the ‘raw’ was involved in breaking up Pakistan. After that if Pak did use Kashmir… whtz the prob??

        And u will attack Pak with nuclear and u think Pak will leave u?? Pak has 2nd strike capability u MORON!!

        As for Indians coming back LOLZZZ man check out the most visa applications for any country … Indians TOP them all. Right now they want to RUN away from India!


  18. I think we should start bombing targets in Afghanistan. It is also a good opportunity to try out the new weapons and send a strong message to our enemies. Two birds one stone 😉

    If Karzai doesnot support us, take him out too. I can bet u that if we take this route, the future govts in Afghanistan will be VERY careful with us.

  19. That is really a fine job by ISI. But , it is the first step. We need to fight a very , very long battle on all fronts to save the soil of our dear homeland.
    Pak Foj Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!

  20. Why should we try to stop drones, its silly to see Pakistanis getting worked up over drone attacks. They r an ideal accurate weapon with least collatoral damages. it targets the genuine militants mostly and thats more then wat can we say abt our armed forces bombing which kiss 10 civilians fr every militant. Also drones target the very ppl we r fighting with too. As for soveriegnity , they r hurtng taliban soveriegnity, we have none in the areas where drones hit.

    We did a very poor job of stopping indian involvement thru afghanistan and with Northeren Alliance’s old indian links we were stuck. A huge more needs to be dome then just handing a dossier to Manmohen, we need to make a huge noise over it, enuff for the american public to hear n push thier govt which is losing the war because india is technically fighting against it by propping up militancy.

  21. well done Pakistan

  22. @Imran: Dude, where did you learn to be all so pessimistic all the time? You need to learn some optimism too… Being too pessimistic makes Imran a sad man. Come out of the shell bro, come out of the box. Ok, I do agree with you at some points, that the top brass is sold out, but not in the Military it ain’t, however, what you need to understand is that during previous times, this step was simply unimaginable. Now that it has been taken, learn to appreciate it.

    I’ll give you a simple example. When Pakistani team wins, you celebrate, when it doesn’t you hate it. However, if you look at it with a slightly different view, you would understand that cricket is a game… and in games, no one is an “ALWAYS WINNER”, at some point, every one loses.

    for the past 62 years, we’ve been winning AND losing. Our top brass and Military aren’t angels, no Govt. in the whole world consists of all angels. The Dark side is everywhere… However, when the Good are trying to stand up, you must appreciate them. They’re not on the surface, they’re doing it from behind the curtains… however, the news is surfacing and you must appreciate and encourage it.
    If this lecture doesn’t help, try to get PKKH to hook up my meeting with you and i’ll try to explain to you why too much pessimistic approach is bad both for the country and your personal health.

    Peace out!

  23. No matter what happens pakistan shouldnt move one step behind. It will be a land mark for pakistani diplomacy if they’ll propogate this issue via forign office channel. The most appropriate and resonable move would be to prepare a strong case against india and move this motion in UNO.

    Further more the best way to emphisize on this issue in order let the world know that indian intervention would have serious consequences “for india” if pakistan has no choice but to counter attack on indian interest via direct or indirect way, this process can also be carried out by sending diplomats around all first world countries on emergency basis.

    War is a result of failed diplomacy, but failed diplomacy dosent mean that war has been lost. War has many faces and can be won by many ways and grounds. what matters, is a strong initiative with a firm and strong believe in ALLAH subhana wa talah.

    Nothing will go wrong, no power can make our pakistan’s positive initiatives go wrong unless we offer our prayers on time, follow sunnat e rassol and have firm believe that we Muslims can save the world from vultures.

  24. i dnt understand why everyone is relating kashmir to india..i mean who the hell said that it belongs to India..its a disputed area puling inside kashmir will be a JOKE

  25. ISI is doing the best they can at the moment, but they should also be careful about the fact that RAW would surely have a plan B, if the agenda in Afghanistan fails. If we can counter apart them, then we will be able to give them a strong blow. Besides, there is another factor, which is the involvement of CIA here. RAW is continuously backed up by CIA, as it cannot with stand here alone. And what are Pakistani authorities doing letting them build a whole station in Islamabad?

  26. @PAkTRIOT

    Yes the killing of innocent Pakistanis in drone atacks by America makes me sad. & what makes me more sad is the fact that our Army does nothing to stop infact they are a party to it.


  27. @The subject line…
    “ISI Summons RAW Chief Over Terrorism In Pakistan
    July 22, 2009

    This makes me laugh.Its like RAW Chief is working under ISI and ISI can call RAW anytime.Pakis in dreams forever.

    “Pakistan slaps India with evidence of RAW’s involvement in Terrorism in Pak.”

    Yaawn… which proofs? We all know which country is behind almost all the terrorist activities today.
    No one believes a LIAR COUNTRY like pak, Pak has NO CREDIBILITY.

    Also dont talk about slaps.The real TIGHT ULTIMATE ‘karara’ slap is what INDIA has given to pak in FRONT OF THE WORLD and name of this slap is Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (what an insult to the name of your supreme God Mohammed)

    This is what you call a REAL SLAP given right on pakis face and poor PAKIS themselves took the slap.

    You pakis are living in dreams which will never come true.Bangladesh is GONE decades ago because of pak living in dreams which your LOSER politicians and Traitor Army is showing you…….. sudhar jao besharam behaya kaum nahi to Balochistan aur Sindh bhi nikal jaega haath se 🙂

    • first of all i would saay ” wwwowwww , look at the way those bloody indian responded to one Pakistani guys Comment ”

      now lets get to the point

      YOU SAY :

      “Yaawn… which proofs? We all know which country is behind almost all the terrorist activities today.
      No one believes a LIAR COUNTRY like pak, Pak has NO CREDI,”

      you talk about proof !

      Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab if calls himself a Pakistani ( like baitullah meshud does )
      that doesnt make him as Pakistani .

      Secondly , you didnt PROVE anything of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab , NOOO EVIDENCE , JUST TALK !

      your own prime ministor Manmohan Singh has fucking admitting that Raw is behind Pk terror. he had nothing to say infront of The Pakistani PM.
      INDIA NEVER DARES TO COME ONE ON ONE TALK WITH PAKISTANI , CAUZ WHEN PK SLAPS THE EVIDENCE ON INDIAS FACE they have nothing to say. YOUR MEDIA is powerfull , but doesnt have the balls to go one on one against ISI CHIEF SHUUJA PASHA ,

      varma likes talkin ” big ” doesnt he , now why is he escaping hiding his face , like a typical indian does ! ! here we have seen Indian ” credibitily ”

      Now thats what u call a real SLAP ! !

      and when you talk about SINDH ( now i feel like laughing ) dont worry its fully controlled and minitored By ISI ( and tell me how it will break haha , come on example out . ) IT DOESNT GIVE SENSE AT ALL SINDH going from Pakistan ” never gives sense ”

      now was that a ” defeating point ” you made here when you had nothing to mention about Balocistan

      tell me one thing , why is Baitullah meshud falling , why has the RAW been raped down there ? tell me ?? come on . BIG GUY FROM A BIG COUNTRY BUT DOESNT HAVE THE BALLS TO MESS WITH PAKISTAN ( NEED AMERICAN CIA , MOSSAD TO HELP YOU OUT ) WHAT A JOKE ! ! NO CREDIBITY ! at all

      loook at us . its ISI VS YOU 3 agency but your still weak.

      REMEMBER ITS ONLY ISI who can ” help american win a war , like they did in soviet ” but this time ISI is gonna defeat you , and them !

  28. @Dan Qayyum

    Yes i can understand that intelligence agencies don’t issue Public statements but so far we haven’t seen any result on ground of Isi’s talk with CIa. What is shameful is the fact that Pakistani blood is so cheap that America kills Pakistanis and what our ISi do is “Simply Talk”.

    America kills Pakistanis and what we do is “Talk”.

    I disagree with you that our armed forces and civilian gov stands at the opposite end. Just to remind this American war on terror was embraced by a military government when all the demands to the suprise of americans were met on just one phone call.

    As regard the statement of Airchief, i see this as adding insult to injury. I mean you have the capability and you still don’t take action. the reason given by the Airchief for not taking action is totally unacceptable as they are just trying to shift the burden towards the gov. Tomorrow american drones will come in Islamabad/Lahore, will Airchief give the same reasons then?

    & btw drone attacks took place in the last military gov rule aswell. what went wrong that time?

    Pakistani politicians are just worthless trash. I have never put any hope in them but unfortunately our Armed forces have also started to move in their direction!

  29. Good! It’s good to slap Indians because they are not friends of Muslims. Don’t be worry because of any war. A true Muslim (Momin)is heavy on ten hindus.

  30. what we are doing in baluchistan and fata is the same that the pakistanis have tried to do with us in kashmir for last 20 years…we the indians should not be hiding from the fact thaqt we are supporting the pakistani terrorist to kill other pakistanis….these people are doing what we should have done years ago…..

    we have responded to the pakistani tactice in the same way,,noe the pakistanis are crying foul….

    hini main kahabat hai “” sau sunar ke aur ek lohar ke””


      look at that indian he thinks
      ” baloucistan will break away ”

      BALUCHISTAN is only gonna be a ” dream for india ” to seperate .

      dude , according to the usa Pakistan was supoose to full break in 2009 .


      ITS RAW CIA , MOSSAD vs ISI and still to weak to defeat , forget it it will never happen !

      and when you your are supporting Baluchistan ” its you own agents there with other 1000 uzbeckiz and tajakistani who are doing the ” terror stuff ”

      but sorry to say ” you have been badly defeated their , your agent baitullah is soon dead ”


      its being defeated it Pakistan .

      you can never respond to Pakistan in the same Tactic way .

      RAW KI AKKOUTH KIYA HAI on doing something alone they need CIA /mossad behind them , without them you dont have any balls !

      now lets get to the kashmir point.

      it gives sense = KASHMIRI and fighting against india

      but pakistan fighting against pakistan doesnt give sense .

      KASHMIRI is not yours its occupied by you !

      KASHMIR will be ” indipendt ” dont you see them celebrating 14august with Pakistan 😀 haha , go and visit them see which flag is Hung up their.

      but infact in Balouctistan and the goverment their is ” PAKISTAN ” and its still green and will always be green .

      INDIA = BIGGER THAN PAKISTAN but still cant defeat Pakistan !


      • Oyeeeee sheer laga hain !!!!!!

    • U PIG …

      If Pak use Kashmir whtz the problem KAKAY?? You started with Bangladesh… we use Kashmir!!

  31. HAHAHA
    Look at the pathetic state of pakis. Rassi Jal gayi par bal nahi gaya.


    Thanks for proving your ignorance just like your brothers here 🙂 You are a typical paki who is denying TRUTH which has been tight slapped on your face.

    Let me educate you madarasa educated ignorant about your OWN muslim paki brother :-

    Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab(Urdu: محمد اجمل امیر قصاب) (born July 13, 1987) is a Pakistani terrorist [3] who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.[4][5] Ajmal Amir is the only attacker captured alive by police and is currently in Indian custody. The Government of Pakistan initially denied that Ajmal was from Pakistan, but in January 2009, it officially [6] accepted that Ajmal Amir Kasab was a Pakistani citizen.

    So your own govt admitted he is a paki… WAKE UP 🙂
    Even your govt has been FORCED to admit all the 10 terrorists were PAKISTANIS. Beta at the time pak govt was denying Kasab was not pakistani Geo TV was in Kasab’s village and interviewing his relatives 😀 😀 😀 Abe HASSAN jaag ja BETA… Kasab is your terrorist brother.

    Yeh dekh beta pakis admitted not only Kasab but also admitted LeT is behind attack and even chargsheeted :-

    “Pak files 26/11 chargesheet; names Lakhvi, Hafiz Saeed ”

    “Kasab is our citizen, admits Pakistan”

    “Pak admits LeT hand in Mumbai attack”

    “Pak acts positively, files chargesheet in 26/11 case”

    btw HASSAN even if I gave you DNA of your Abba and Ammi you will still DENY your own parents.
    Besharam Behaya Begairat pakis.

    This is how pak brainwashes its poorest of poor and raise them for jihad.Latest example is Kasab:-
    “We were told that our big brother India is so rich and we are dying of poverty and hunger. My father sells dahi wada on a stall in Lahore and we did not even get enough food to eat from his earnings. I was promised that once they knew that I was successful in my operation, they would give Rs 150,000, to my family),” said Qasab.[81]

    He shocked police through his readiness to switch loyalties now that he was apprehended.[81]

    “If you give me regular meals and money I will do the same for you that I did for them,” he said.[81]

    “When we asked whether he knew any verses from the Quran that described jihad, Ajmal Amir said he did not,” police said. “In fact he did not know much about Islam or its tenets,” according to a police source.[81]”

    Talking of Manmohan Singh… BETA… see a classic example of diplomatic TIGHT SLAP of Mr MM Singh on your Embarrased Zardari…

    “The meeting had created a row in Pakistan because in the presence of media Dr Singh was seen telling Zardari that, “I am very happy to meet you but, I must tell you quite frankly that I have come with the limited mandate of discussing how Pakistan can deliver on its assurances that its territory would not be used for terrorist attacks on India.”

    Zardari was flummoxed that Singh was talking tough in front of television cameras who were in the room to shoot formal pictures of the meeting between two leaders. Embarrassed, Zardari requested Singh that let the media leave the room.”

    Your CHIEF SHUUJA PASHA is a PUSSY who will never face India in front but using poor young guys for terrorism.

    Beta HASSAN urf paki bewkoof, using f language doesnt make your lies a truth but CLEARLY shows you are in a full denial mode of your failures and not accepting the truth.

    Your whole army with tanks,gunships,artillery cant defeat few thousand Afganis.

    Afganis are much BETTER than whole pak gay fauz.
    Hijdo ki fauz hai pak fauz 😀 😀 😀

    So HASSAN you indeed made me laugh a LOT proving your ignorance.Now do one thing DONT POST anything and never come here again because the more you talk the more you prove your ignorance
    😀 😀 🙂

    • Your comments have not been approved due to unnecessary abusive language. Supporting Pakistan is appreciated but abusive language for any reader, including the ones from India is not acceptable,. Please refrain from using such language, re-word and re-submit your comments.


      PKKH Moderator.

    • hey guyz we r common people we have nothing to do with TTP, BLA we want to leave in peace with our friends neighbours. and these groups gets support from us(common people). if we dont dance with the master minds and use our own mind there ll be peace every where. and to prove itself superior everyone is using some severe rumuor which is having no meaning. so think about it because ultimate loosers ll be common people of india and pakistan.

  32. Well said Hassan

  33. ‘Army, ISI want to be involved in talks’

  34. Crush all terrorists, India tells Pak

    How many times have Pakistan said this to india. The answer is ‘never’, we just get excited over supposedly news of ISi summoning Raw chief.

    I would suggest to stop playing with the emotions of Pakistani people by giving false news.

    “Char din ki chandni phir wahi andheri raat”

  35. @imran, you need to lighten up dude, there is no ‘false’ news as you suggest, it doesnt matter whether anyone listens or not. Important thing is to be consistent and persistent.
    We say the truth but are not persistent, India lies but is consistent, that is why their stories get more coverage.
    Therefore, we should keep the pressure up at all times. Unfortunately our foreign policy has been run by spineless cowards for too many years

    • imtiaz,

      the news is simply that ISi wants to be involved in talks (www.nation.com.pk). Why create the hype?

      & we are really grateful that after years of mess created by CIa/RAw in our country, finally a big step has been taken from our side which is just “simply talk”. It took 8 years for our leadership (which includes military also) to get the courage to tell India that u are involved, still no mention of CIa. Lets see what difference this makes in Balochistan insurgency.

      As there’s no mentioning of India in fata/swat insurgency so we expect it to go on and as always green signal to america for drone attacks.

      • what hype? which hype? i dont see any hype.. we are just discussing a news item. what are you talking about?

  36. imtiaz

    brother! the title’ gives the impression as if we really mean some business. & to me some business means eliminate terrorist camps in afgahnistan which are being used against us.

  37. Musharafs say

    : Terming Kargil as a “big success”, former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf has said India agreed to discuss Kashmir only because of that war in 1999.

    “Yes, indeed, it was a big success because it had (an) impact even on the attitudes of the Indian side. How did we start discussing the Kashmir dispute? How was it that the Indians agreed that we will discuss Kashmir and there must be a negotiated settlement? Before this there was no such thing at all,” Musharraf said in a TV interview.

    Making a strong defence of the controversial Kargil Operation, he said before that “Kashmir couldn’t be spoken. Kashmir must not be mentioned even in United Nation’s speeches by our leaders. This was the Indian side. (So) how did the Indians come on the negotiating table on Kashmir?”

  38. It’s a case of Lesbindia doing it’s best to make troible for Pak!.Rundians can do all they want but the American’s are in no position too support them!

    We’ll screw them sooner or later just like in 1947!

  39. guys guys … i did not read the whole thing but few lines here an there… but what a “bull shit” RAW this ISI. Whoes agenda is this its not Pakistan nor India local people’s. Its all the big guys who provide fuel to this fire of hate-rate and fill there pockets. try to get real and try tolerate, accept and understand each other…. thats the way to go forward…

    hope this will give you guys something constructive to think about other then using you brains for stupid blame game….. TC

  40. jest kill raw india

  41. you tell me what kind of weapon and gun isi pakistan use and what kind of weapon indian raw use and gun too plz sent me massage plz

  42. For the Indians who lack knowledge of history of the subcontinent at the time of partition in 1947.

    1. First of all I would suggest them to read Time magazine, Aug, 1997 ” 50 Years of India”, wherein the writers have given the facts along with the Map of the division of India until 12th August, 1947. But Pundit Nehru managed to prevail upon Mount Batten who had one-to-one meeting with Radcliff, at lunch on 12August, 1947, until then the whole of Punjab and Calcutta were part of Pakistan, awarded by Radcliff, strictly on the principle of the division of the British India, advised to him by his Prime Minister back home, in England. Radcliff was so afraid after doing such a big injustice, which he knew what he was going to do, that he told Mount batten to delay the announcement of his departure from India as he was afraid of being killed by the Muslims on the sub-continent. Otherwise there would not have been so bloodshed and there was no Kashmir issue at all. I can provide the photo copies of these facts as I have the copy of Time, August, 1997.

    2. Secondly, the late Pundit Nehru has played “Monkey Game” to annex Kashmir, Hyderabad (Daccan) and Juna Garh. He annexed Kashmir by claiming that Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir had opted to go with India at the time of partition, although the majority of the population, 85%, consisted of Muslims, but on the other he took-over Hyderabad (Daccan) and Juna Garh claiming that the Hindus are in majority in these states whereas the Nawabs of these princely states were Muslims and had opted to be with Pakistan at the time of partition. It’s a fact.

    3. The late Pundit Nehru took himself the case of Kashmir in UNO in 1948 but UNO passed resolution to decide the fate of the territory, Kashmir, on the basis of Plebiscite, in 1948 as well as in 1971. But the Plebiscite being denied by UNO as the territory will go to a Muslim country, Pakistan, whereas UNO hurried up in holding in E. Timor by cutting it out from a Muslim country, Indonesia, in just 3-4 years time, simply because the majority of the population in E. Timor was of Christians. So UNO did not arrange to hold Plebiscite in Kashmir even after 62 years.

    4. In view of to resolve the long-standing dispute, six heads of the states offered their services of arbitration, including Nelson Mandela, but India refused, simply because her stand on Kashmir is very weak an she knows that she would lose the case, in arbitration too.

    So, this is Indian stand on Kashmir.

  43. then wat do u all hv to say about 26/11

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