Tired Americans in Afghanistan

July 21, 2009


When asked “who is gaining ground in war against terror?”, an American marine fighting Afghan mujahideen, sighs and says in despair, “they (mujahideen) are!”.

See: Facing the war Afghan way

And on Sunday, LA Times reported, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying, “US-led forces must gain ground against militants in Afghanistan by next summer to avoid a public perception the war is un-winnable.”

While noting that the Taliban would not be defeated within a year, Mr Gates told the newspaper it was critical that the US military and its allies showed they were making progress. Defense Secretary also said that “Troops are tried and American people are pretty tired”.

See: Americans won’t back long Afghan war, Robert Gates [must read – latest statement by Mr. Gates]

Puppets like Hamid Karzai and his drug dealing warlords are proving of zero worth in US interests and as a matter of fact, US forces are loosing ground fast with European allies, even staunch ones like UK, are desperate to withdraw troops support to USA in the war USA is just about to loose – insha Allah.

Traditionally, if we analyze Iraq war and recall severe resistance by Iraqi Mujahideen who were fighting as one unit causing serious losses for US forces from 2004 to 2006 then USA realized that they need to do something about it. A propaganda was started to divide Iraq into three zones one as Sunni, second as Shia and third as Kurd and thousands of jobless and hunger stricken Iraqis were recruited in Iraqi army under Al Maliki’s government to fight against Iraqi mujahideen. Thereafter, from 2007 we saw drastic reduction in American casualties and with only Iraqis dying on both sides, USA successfully managed to achieve her objectives.

Now let us put Iraqi scenario in Afghanistan, what are USA’s rescue options?

1) Divide Afghanistan into Pashtun / non-Pashtun or Sunni / Shia?

Afghanistan cannot be easily divided because of ethnic group mix which is dominated by 41% Pashtun and 38% Tajik remaining being other minorities like Hazara, Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluch, etc. since Mujahideen emerge from both of the ethnic groups thus it is not possible to separate pro or anti American people. While with a majority of 80% being Sunni Muslims, divide based on Sunni/Shia will prove to be an attempt that is a definite “fail”.

2) Recruit jobless local men in to Afghan national army under government of Karzai?

This option was exercised but failed to achieve American dream of gaining grounds and such armies have barely made any success against Mujahideen except to act as interpreters for US soldiers to guard Karzai’s Palace in Kabul.

With Iraq formula getting failed, US has still not exhausted all options – keeping view the latest developments, two options are most likely to be available.

First option

Inflate some courage in Indians and pat their backs to land Indian troops as peacekeepers in Afghanistan and for this purpose, India may be fed with USA’s usual friendly gestures, extra and over-the-above supply of arms, business deals and supporting Indian diplomacy in UN.

This option looks lucrative as India has world’s 3rd largest army and has recently signed arms deals upgrading its weapons with Israel besides Indians are already very aggressively involved in covert operations against Pakistan with support of Karzai government and have ready-to-use infrastructure and logistics at disposal.

But, this option has big problems like:

  • India is an un-welcomed country in Afghanistan due to supporting Soviet invasion and supporting battles within various Afghan groups by proving them arms and ammunition.Only few elite Afghans would favor Indians or her army’s presence in Afghanistan for their lust for power and interests.
  • Pashtun will never welcome Indians at any cost and it is evident by Afghan Taliban’s policies for India during their regime.
  • Directly engaging Indian army against Afghan Mujahideen will open new dimension of fighting against an army of Mushrikeen attracting more Afghan youngsters to participate in Jihad.
  • Indians have not tasted full blown war in world’s most difficult terrain. It remains an open question whether or not India will be able to engage and Mujahideen who buried one super power and almost near for second.

Nevertheless, extra ambitious Indians may be willing to dive in despite of all the odds but USA may not risk its core objectives and huge investment in war by involving an hostile country directly and may ask India to continue to play her current role of covert operations against Pakistan, creating and supporting terrorists networks to enable USA to exercise second option

Second option

Second option is simple and more likely to be successful, that is, turn Afghan war into “Pakistan’s own war” through propaganda against Pakistan and due efforts of agents like Baitullah Mehsud who successfully managed to hijack Tehreek-e-Niffaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM)’s 20 years old peaceful demand of Shariat to turn it into Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan (TTP) movement.

USA is desperate to give impressions that “war against terror” is “Pakistan’s war” and Pakistanis must fight America’s war for their own existence not only for safety of their land and democracy but also for securing nuclear arsenal getting into hands of terrorists. The circumstances leading to this ultimate end are undeniable, we know USA started propaganda of Pakistani land being safe “heavens” for Mujahideen in 2004-05, then TNSM gets hijacked by never known Baitullah Mehsud, then TTP comes into scene and claims to wage Jihad against Pakistani government and army unless they establish Shariah Law, then we see Mr. Zardari’s two months mysterious silence for no apparent reason to sign Niffaz-e-Shariat Ordinance as President, then despite of Ordinance being passed TTP ran over Buner the very next day and then Pakistani army had to come into action to take care of terrorists.

Reason why second option is preferred because it serves multiple purposes, in addition to taking care of Afghan Taliban by dragging war into Pakistan to involve Pakistani army, it will be easy to prove that Pakistan is falling to extremists and these elements may takeover nuclear weapons anytime thus UN should resolve de-nuclearization of Pakistan.

It is not a myth, US controlled media is still propagating same propaganda against Pakistan that it is a safe heavens for Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, this is what LA Times wrote:

After U.S.-led forces drove out the Taliban in 2001 for harboring al Qaeda leaders responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, the Islamist extremists retreated to havens inside Pakistan, regrouped and launched an insurgency.

Instead of giving link of LA Times, I am pasting here a Google search query so you could see a whole list of foreign websites and fifth column of enemy media of our country who are relaying the statement in italics.

Finding a way around?

To find a way out, we will have to think in a broader perspective, we will have to keep in view the ultimate aims of Zionists and enemies of Islam and of Pakistan as only Muslim military power having nuclear capability. Additionally, we will have to keep the history of American military aggression against other countries and their suppression of weak people – the whole US nation is controlled by a group of lunatics who would not think twice for murdering Inmate American tribes to capture their lands for expansion, they would not care if “Black” people are considered and treated as dogs, they would not worry to start bombing and military campaign against any country they want which include Mexico, Spain, North Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on.

Not only these facts but we will also have to keep in mind the prophecies of Rasool Allah (s.a.w.) that mention area of Khorasan as uprising of Islamic forces fighting against forces of evil and also those ahadith that relate to Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Keeping all factors in mind, Pakistan will require some courageous steps including:

  • Eliminate foreign agents from key offices and institutions so true representation of Pakistani interests is made at all levels.
  • Negotiate with Americans putting forward all Pakistani concerns as a party to conflict not Mr. President taking dictation from master all alone.
  • Put forward an exit plan for US army to be replaced by Islamic Peacekeeping Force (IPF) headed by Pakistan.
  • Align diplomacy to raise support for this plan with primary focus on China which has been a time tested friend for Pakistan.

USA is stuck in recovering from economic crisis and US forces are being thrown off the ground by Mujahideen in Afghanistan, this is the best time to turn the circumstances for best interest of Pakistan and to prepare every Pakistani to participate in fulfillment of prophecies of Rasool Allah (s.a.w.) and to emerge as founding Islamic state of new Khilafat because until Muslims are not united, all of us will fall one by one. Everything is possible if some courage is shown, otherwise, fate of those who have no courage to stand for the right is clear from this hadith:

Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “When you enter into the ‘aynah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are content with farming, and give up jihad, Allah will cause humiliation to prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your commitment to Islam.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 2956; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

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  3. great article!!


  5. @ABDULLAH ji

    Educate yourself first in this ‘muslim brotherhood’ subject.

    You are so bothered about your ‘muslim brothers’ BUT why are you not supporting or even speaking against muslim slaughter in China?

    How come pak govt and media has nothing to say against BRUTAL opression of 60-70 million muslims in China for decades?

    Is your govt afraid or showing a classical example of double standards.

    If you are real supporters of muslim brothers then go and raise a jihad against Chinese who dont even allow muslims to practice their faith and forcing them to eat pigs which is a national food of China.

    • the usual indian propaganda .. there are problems in china but nowhere are they close to what muslims are facing in india and other parts of the world. it is not brutal opression brutal opression is what hindu bunyaans do to supress muslims in india .. BBC did a servay a few years ago and they found out indian muslims were the poorest muslims in the world… satistics speak for themselves.

    • @ Amit

      Oh here comes the Half tranvestite “bubul”.

      Amit, the last thing we need is advice from people who support sodomy. I mean with all due respect people that due support sodomy are mentally sick and such people cannot be the source of anything sane let alone wisdom.

      As far as China and Muslims go, this is an internal Muslim Matter and we will deal with China and we know how to talk to them, Because this mess is again created by RAW to drive a wedge between Pakistan and China – which wont happen EVER !- Inshallah !

      As for you, why dont u first take peek in your own backyard and clear up the mess for not only the muslims and christians but also the DALITS and SHUDRS and Naxalites …all those people who absolutely HATE living with you !

      So please MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and sort your affairs out before commenting on others.

      Cow piss drinkers cant preach morality to anyone !

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