Indian helicopters can’t fly above 6,500m

July 21, 2009

11thJuly2009 Gulf News



  1. so we can be sure the ‘”advanced” technology vessel (ATV)’ wont go below 900 feet 🙂 – they might as well rent some U boats

  2. BOOOHOOOOO….very sad, very bad…… UR DEAD…… 😉

  3. I hope they’re still in the mood to produce more such marvellous indigenous military hardware. Luckily, we know they are.

  4. haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa !

    pussy indian helicopters lolz !!!!!

    by the way….one indian reporter said in his analysis about indian missile program, that India after spending more than 2400 Crore Rupees can’t even produce a working missile which can be capable of taking nuke war heads.

    & still they’re trying to finger Pakistan….looks like they don’t wanna live peacefully with their freedom…..lets attack india & make them our slaves 😉

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