Insurgency in Swat: Dr. Israr Ahmed sheds some light

July 18, 2009

Dr. Israr Ahmed sheds some light on historical aspects of demand for Shariah Laws and Qazi Courts by people of Swat which was tired with corrupt Western judicial system. After sketching backgroun till third part, he explains the bigger game of Americans against Islam from fourth part.

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  1. While I have a high regard and respect for Dr Israr Ahmed’s interpretation of the Holy Quran but in this instance I beg to differ with him in his approach.Mostly humbly I make the following observations for all fairminded people to consider with an open mind.

    1.The historical background that he gives suggests that Swat and FATA have done a favour to the country by being an integral part of Pakistan. This is neither true nor unacceptable as the writ of the government can never be uniformly implemented by applying two different judicial systems in one country.
    2.When Sufi Mohammad refuses to believe in Democracy as haram why should the government deal with him in the first place ? Sufi Muhammad represents whom ? By default, we have elected representatives from Swat and FATA sitting in the Parliament for what? What is their position ?
    3.Dr. Israr always maintains that declaration of Jehad can only be made by the incumbent government and not by ibdividuals. Why then did Sufi Muhammad go to Afghanistan with 10,000 men ? He`has no locus standi for this. Then incurring a heavy loss of
    lives is his direct responsibility to all the affected families.Musharraf did well to put Sufi Muhammad under protective custody and Sufi should be grateful that he was not tried for murder.
    4.Despicably in all such encounters all such self styled leaders never lose their lives but the common ( brainwashed) men are used as cannon powder.
    5.What is the qualification of such religious leaders to assume their self righteous positions of authority ? They do not believe in Democracy and think nothing of appointing their own family members as successors which is unIslamic. Why should Sufi’s son in law Fazlullah assume leadership in Sufi’s absence?
    6.All such religious militants have a limited exposure to a braoadbased education and are products of madrassahs with a very confined and narrow indoctrination and interpretation. They have absolutely zero worldview. Their followers are worse off on this count and are easily malleable by such ‘leaders ‘ who manipulate them to serve their own personal agendas.
    7.Any region constituting Pakistan cannot demand a special dispensation of governance. This amounts to challenging the writ of the State. How can this be encouraged? There is the forum of a national legislature which includes their representatives
    as well through which any change can be brought about. Holding a gun and making demands unilaterally should not be tolerated.
    8.Why does the Supreme court of Pakistan not take any suo moto action against the likes of Sufi Mohammad when the judicial system is challenged ?
    No Pakistani is against Shariah Laws but it has to be implemented nationally and not selectively.
    9. Under Musharraf, there was no problem in either Swat or FATA in terms of a local uprising. Sufi was duly kept in check. To Musharraf’s credit, he not only accepted but never interfered in the elected MMA governments in Frontier and Baluchistan. Sadly though the same religious MMA aided and abetted the inroads made by Talebans of all shades and description which finally led to an army action towards the end of Musharraf’s tenure which was fully justified.
    10.Again Dr. Israr is unfair in maligning the MQM for not allowing the IDPs to enter Karachi.The correct position is that a provincil Sindhi antionalist party had taken a hard line , the MQM only wanted the incoming IDPs to be registered and documented which is essential as in the past the Klashnikov culture only infested Karachi through and identical route during the Afghan War no other Pakistani city suffered on account of it. Dr. Israr himself concedes that a significant foreign element
    has been purposely infiltrated into the Frontier region by enemy intelligence services , should we not be vigilant?
    Additionally, in the best of Islamic traditions why do the IDPs ( Muhajirs ) have to cross all over lower Frontier, the whole of Punjab , upper Sind et al and be dumped in Karachi alone. Where are the Ansars in other provinces ?
    11. Dr. Israr must remember that the Pakistani Army is also Muslim and we must support any action taken by it as their constitutional duty to ensure the integrity and sovereignity of Pakistan at all costs.Its current operations are duly endorsed and ratified by the Parliament and is not being done under the dictates of other countries. If Dr. Israr believes otherwise as he does, he must directly approach the Army Chief, the President or the Prime Minister and counsel them ( all of then are Muslims ) instead of sitting back and hoping that Allah ‘ dilon ko pher day ga ‘
    The Army Chief has repeatedly given an in- camera briefing to the Parliament on the compulsions of the Operation in hand.
    12.When Dr. Israr can take the trouble of going across all the way to speak and advise Sufi Muhammad ( and still support him and condone his stubborness ), why cant he go and meet General Kiyani and understand the truth about the Operations ?
    13. Unfortunately, from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and upto the righteous caliphs we had Imams who were well versed in both the religious and worldly knowledge and hence their worldview was balanced and respected with outstanding results.
    The dominating majority of Ulemas/ Maulanas etc since then sadly continue with their tunnel vision not realising that their ignorant utterances from the pulpit have far reaching and extensively damaging effects which has reduced the Ummah to the pitiable condition that it is in today.
    Notice the deafening silence Dr. Israr maintains on the indefensible destruction of hundreds of girls’ schools, the beheading of those who disagree with them and the flogging of girls.

    14.Lastly,even if we agree on all the logical scenarios that will arise out of the current Operations as articulated by Dr. Israr why should we not include the distinct possibility of our own Pakistan Army that itself will harbinger the fullfillment of the Prophet’s(pbuh) prophecy InshaAllah in bringing about the inevitable Muslim Renaissance. It could have been led by Musharraf or by Kiyani now and not necessarily by a bearded fanatic zealot like Fazlullah, Mehsud or Sufi Mohammad !
    May Allah guide us all and Protect us ( Amen )

    • well said mate!

      I have finished watched only 2 parts of this program and already I have so many question for our DR. sahab.

      Any scholar of Deobandi/Wahabi school will NEVER say anything wrong about TTP activities. In fact they will try to justify their crimes. Just imaging what will happen if these scholars manage to impose their version of Islam/Shariya/Khilafa on us.

      I will watch the rest of the parts on monday night and will add my comments later.

      • @Yousuf:

        I am sure you are amongst Shia or Barelvi (who can be said a branch of Shiaism) who belief in just visiting graves and waiting for miracles to happen themselves.

        I wonder you brought in Wahabis in between but you have no idea who has been into Afghan jihad throughout the decades, it was Wahabis and Deobandi people because they do not just believe in worshipping graves.

        Secondly, Dr. Israr is telling ground facts and history of this conflict (which Zaid Hamid also speaks of) – Dr. Israr in no way and by no means defended TTP terrorists and he mentioned a hidden fact of destruction in Northern region – if you have any friend belonging to that area ask him he will tell you then you will know that full villages have been brought down to dust in fighting.

        What media and this site is showing is JUST ONE PART of it just like Operation Cleanup by Nasrullah Babar in Karachi was shown to whole nation with one sided story.

        1) Have a slightly older memory and think, is it really our war?

        2) Swati people had centuries old jirga system and they were still with Pakistan and all foreigners who would go there for tourism wouldn’t get hurt – I was there in 2006 and stayed a month and no one bothered to stop me to ask “who am I?” or what am I doing here in T-shirt and jeans and joggers?

        3) It is American war imposed upon us and why America was angry over peace deals throughout? Why US was against Shiffaz-e-Shariat ordinance?

        4) Then RAW and CIA terrorists infilerated in this issue to hijack circumstances for their benefit.

        5) Now we are discussing as if Pakistan was failing and only this operation could have saved it.

        6) Recall words of Henry Kissinger in 1970 where he said on Pakistan’s nuclear program that “we will have to stop Pakistan by stick” – it was only a timing difference for them by taking care of USSR first and then it is our turn now.

        7) All they want to exhaust Army and its resources (arms, ammunitions, etc.) then swiftly to walk in to achive their objectives. “Divide and rule” was the formula to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and now same is with Pakistan.

        THE one and only threat to Pakistan is Zardari the beemari, remove him and correct our afghan policy, all will be well insha Allah

    • @ excalibur

      I think you are missing many points in understanding Dr.Israr. Please don’t treat the current running system in Pakistan & Pakistan Army to be flawless. Each and every one of us who doesn’t have the resources or contacts suffers from lack of security to getting Justice under the current system.
      You say appointing successor from the same family is Un Islamic. It was also mentioned that Maulana Sufi distanced him self as there were difference in opinion, approach & implementation. The very democracy we are suffering in is also based on successors in the same families. Be it Bhutto the Sharif bros. or others.
      YES we should consider It as a favor and please don’t forget as the people in that area chose them selves to Join Pakistan. I think they are heroes that stand against this current corrupt system and have the gutts to say NO and endorse the right path. Sadly many of out Mullahs dont interpret Islam in the right way but we do have other scholars.
      Our Government has failed to maintain Peace in the region. We should understand the mindset and local customs of the People living in that area. And in no way can they adjust to our social norms and life style as we live in a very western like life that is not to be followed as per our religion.

      Their should be a different system for them as per their culture & Islamic Law. The current system has failed us again and will never be successful in Pakistan ever.
      Zardari & Parliament are Muslims true. But are they Good Muslims and practice Islam the way it should be practiced. I dont think so. They do all the forbidden things in Islam in routine as no biggie for them as they feel life to be that way. They are now to the level that they can’t even distinguish right or wrong. They just need Money!! After looting, they will be in exile, only for things to cool down and then come again. What will they understand about these people?? I believe the people in that area have been let down by the present Government and the Army has played like a puppet for the U.S. in maintaining their objectives only. The Army has also failed to stop the drone attacks by other forces.
      Please dont justify in any way that what we are doing is right. If we ever had any writ in those areas, we would have never ended in the current scenario. Infact there is no WRIT all over Pakistan. what is your Police doing? how soon can you get Justice in Pakistan? We are now used to live in a corrupt society. We ourselves are so used to corruption that we’ll offer bribe to a Police Constable not to fine us for a violation even if he /she chooses to do their job honestly. Forget the Dog gone politicians. What WRIT are you talking about ??? Maulana Sufi is completely justified only thing is for the method of implementation was screwed by other forces.
      Our Lying two faced Dog gone Government will never allow the Islamic Law, as they’ll be the first ones to be hanged under the system. Insha Allah there will be sharia law. May Allah save us all from falling and playing in the hands of the Enemy especially our Pak Army. I truly hope that our Jawans are already under a disciplined institution, Get aspiring Islamic Leadership to establish a full proof working Islamic system that our Prophet (P.B.U.H) has taught us…

      Pakistan Zindabad !!

      • Dear Hk, you have missed entirely the points I am trying to make:

        1.Dr. Israr himself gave the background and ideology of Sufi Mohammad and himself when they decided to leave their parent organisation the Jamat i Islami and how they differ with each other.
        Sufi Muhammad considers Democracy as haram as also the voting that goes with it.

        2.I am dead against feudal/dynastic political or religious parties.The Sharifs, the Bhuttos/Zardaris, the Wali khans, the Fazlur rahmans, Sufi Mohammads et al are equally despicable.The only two exceptions today are perhaps the JI and the MQM

        3.Musharraf/ Shaukat Aziz again had no feudal/dynastic background or constituencies and hence were honest and objective in their approach as true patriots. But they were hounded out of office by the vested interests of all those described under point 2 above and the vehicle used was the infamous Turncoat Movement of heavily politicised lawyers and judges.

        4.Islam does not recgnise tribal and cultural idiocities and compulsions and is above all such non sense. If this was not the case Islam would never have succeeded as the tribal/cultural jahiliya was far more in the Arabian peninsula at that time. Our frontier areas are in a similar time wrap.Honour kilings, child brides, revenge killings over generations,subjugation of women, prohibition of female education etc are all unIslamic and our Ulemas are dishonest in failing to point out to and rectifying such unacceptable and un Islamic activities. Why ?

        Another idiotic and criminal tradition is the misplaced concept of ‘hospitality’ which has been the root cause of all the trouble we are in today.The fig leaf of hospitality has been used to provide safe havens to thugs, criminal war lords, foreign mercenaries from Uzbekistan , Chechenya, Middle Eastern countries etc.
        It is full justified then for the Army to move in and clear the areas of such criminal elements and the so called Paksitanis who choose to harbour them and in effect provide human shields for them. So why should we sympathise with such elements.Drone attacks are a direct consequence of all this and collateral damage will always be there.
        All such elements came in when the MMA governments ruled both NWFP & Baluchistan.
        Musharraf immediately recognised this and had initiated the Swat operation to nip this disease in the bud.

        All these areas that you say have done Pakistan a favour could not have survived individually under any circumstances.Once they are a part of Pakistan the govenment’s writ has to be respected.You cant have an anglo saxon system of judiciary in the rest of Pakistan and have the Sharia in these areas alone. We all are Muslims and we all should have Islamic laws but the forum is the Parliament .
        Their militancy as much as the Laweyrs street justice and the trial by media unfortuantely decide matters in Pakistan.
        Sincere and well meaning leaders like Musharraf are pilloried and hounded out of office by the same elements so that they can continue to exploit the gullible masses either through sham democracy or relgious thuggery.
        We have to be watchful and must have ownership of our destiny by following genuine leaders.

  2. DEMOCRACY (SHAITAN KI MAJLISEY SHOORA) We are following selected ones, not elected ones. Selection is better than election. Selection coming from heavens, election coming from people. And people now they follow the way of election, that is the way of Shaitan.

    • Had Musharraf not acted courageously and effectively as a true patriotic leader ,in a timely manner post 9/11 you would be posting your ridiculous comments from Guntanamao Bay if you were still alive and sane.

      • LOL. mate this is top score!

      • True Mush did exercised the best option – we are nationalists not Muslims. Some people despite of everything do not understand that this is FAKE WAR by America against Muslims in the name of terrorists.

        Alhamdulillah, Muslims like these came only after 1429 years of Hijra, else Muslims would never had reached Spain and then to Sindh.


      • Ummm…

        Mushi had NO CHOICE post 9/11…..


  3. MUSHARRAF: According to The Canadian Jewish News (September 1, 2008) – Resignation of Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008 – “brings end to the great friend of Jewish people, an ally of the West and a relatively moderate leader of a nuclear state with powerful Islamist elements. He also had some ties to Jewish groups”
    In 2005 – Gen. Musharraf addressed a Jewish gathering in New York and promised that Pakistan would recognize Israel after Palestinian have their state. During the same visit Musharraf shook hand with the butcher of Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Israeli prime minister, Ariel sharon, at the UN General assembly. Musharraf also, allegedly, has exchanged letters with the Zionist terrorist, Israeli president Shimon Peres.
    Jack Rosen, Chairman of American Jewish Congress (AJC), who travelled to Pakistan and had face-to-face dialogues on Pakistan’s recognition of Israel, told Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) – “I am confident that the new government in Pakistan would not sever country’s dialogues with the Jews (pro-Israel). I know everyone wants to talk about Musharraf the individual, who was at the centre of the stage for a few years, and everyone wants to know what happens next. Our reason for initiating the contact, and his reason (having powerful Jewish Lobby on his side), doesn’t change with the new administration.”
    Musharraf’s rule saw the first high-level contacts between Tel Aviv and Islamabad. Both countries foreign ministers met in Istanbul in 2005 and after Zionist-regime’s withdrawal from Gazzah in September 2005 – Musharraf stated that “it was time for Pakistan to engage with Israel.”
    Pakistan’s ambassador to UN once even hosted a Kosher lunch for some Jewish leaders at his residence. Malcolm Hoenlien, the executive vice-chairman of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations – was one of the attendees.
    Even if the pro-West Zardari-Sharif secularist regime endure in Islamabad – it is not sure whether they, or the next western puppet leader would be able to control the anti-Israel feelings among Pakistani public.
    “Pakistan could choose someone with Islamist orientation. I am very worried about it,” – Malcolm Hoenlein told JTA

  4. MUSHARRAF:(17-07-09) India is not a threat to Pakistan. The main threat is from TALIBAN AND ALQAEEDA. Is he still getting Dollars from US. I think now he is getting from India also. Please ask him to pay 500,000/- to KESC.

    • Musharaf is right as ur friends, TTP, are causing the trouble for people of Pakistan.

      • @ Yousuf

        The Tamil in Sri lanka were not Indian aswell. But we all know where they were supported from. Same is with TTP. They are backed by the same old enemy and will be soon crushed the very way the Tamil Tigers were in Srilanka…

      • @ HK

        U r right mate. and i totally agree with what u mean.

        Support of TTP by our FANATIC friends boils my blood. and trust me these FANATIES will not take a second in joining TTP if TTP were showing signs of resistance.

        Other than that, I my self was Wahabi for a long time and i know what goes on in their minds. And it is not their fault either, they have been institutionalized(cannot think outside of the box at all). Every thing is a Shirk and Kufr in their eyes.

        The purpose of commenting here is not to bash anyone. But these fanatic ideas have to be kept in a check otherwise they will destroy our world.

        Understanding is given by Allah only. It cannot be acquired. We can only acquire knowledge but not wisdom. Pray Allah for wisdom. Ameen

        I also apologise if i have hurt anyone’s feelings. but trust me, I am a friend. Please get out of this narrow view of the world.

      • Musharraf was always wrong my brother. BUTCHERRAF isnt this name suits

  5. MUSHARRAF: He was the one who allowed CIA to operate in FATA and other areas after 9/11, even ISI was not allowed to operate. Please watch GEN. HAMID GUL’s interview. HE IS THE KILLER OF 1 MILLION AFGHAN….


      Yeah no wonded the Taliban of Afghanistan are soooooooo against Musharaf. Infact they have not said any thing against Pakistan. U r confused. Try to understand the situation Pakistan was under after 9/11. U surely want to spend some serious time in an Orange suite 😉

      • hmm Under 9/11 pressure, what a joke, so u have license to kill if u r under pressure.

      • @ khalid kakar

        No one killed anyone. We have the right to think for ourselves first. And that is what Mush did.

        Like it or not, we were under pressure after 9/11.

      • MR. YOUSUF who gave u this right? Don’t you follow QURAN? Yeh kaisi baey kertey ho yaar tum. ALLAH k AZAB ko mat dawat do


    • Your comments are not even worth responding to and must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.
      But lies that extremists like you mischievously so propagate need to be nailed.

      !. Mushrraf rose to power be Divine intervention alone. Individuals like him and Shaukat Aziz will never get ‘elected’ by our brand of feudal/dynastic democracy. When he was Chief Executive, he did handpick outstanding professionals to the Cabinet. Not a single charge of corruption has still been brought against them so far.
      2 Brainwashed religious fanatics like you will never understand why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh )engaged the Jews at all times . Musharraf did as all right minded Muslims also do.
      As a Muslim if you do not have the guts to engage and talk to people of other faiths you should be ranked with the idolaters who have no faith in their own religion and hence are always scared to discuss and reason with confidence.
      3 Regarding the personal remark about Musharraf’s Electricity power connection please see the archives on this blog and elsewhere where the lie originally perepetrated by your friend Ansar Abbasi has been conclusively buried.
      4. For Hamid Gul and what he is all about, please see my observations on this blog under ‘Loud and Clear Episode 3/ Hamid Gul’

      The Prophet’s ( pbuh ) prophecy can be fullfilled by any Muslim. Remember, ” Islam is neither in the beard or the hijab; the hijab and the beard are in Islam.”

      • @ excalibur

        What you say is true to alot of extent like engagments and dialogues between different faiths. Mush did alot of Good. I feel there are other rogue elements that lead into mishandling the FATA situation and Lal Masjid fiasco. But in no way we can justify them to be correct on behalf of the Government. They could have been handled in a more professional and wise approach. Our elders are still there. Local cultures can’t be ignored at all to get your point across or to understand others aswell. It is the same as when the West tends to ignore our local culture, social setup and bullies us into doing things against our will.. Enough is Enough we have to stop living the life we are living and should seriously reform our selves following the best practices in the Islamic way of Governance.

        Democracy is Hypocrisy !!

        Musharaf said it right that Pakistani can’t be ruled with Democracy.


    • Yet again it is nothing more than religious rhetoric aimed at whipping up emotional frenzy among the masses. The madressah culture must open their minds to ground realities and arrive at ijtehad instead of remaining rooted in personal bias and sitting in judgement over others motivations and intentions which tanatamounts to bohtaan .The bottomline of any debate should be to generate more light rather than heat !

      • Dr. Israr should not be using the sacred pulpit to further his own political agenda whether purposely or otherwise.If there is a personal vendetta against Musharraf for any reason he must come out with it if he is a true Muslim.
        To say that the Lawyers’ ( Turncoats ) Movement was an independent, non political movement representing the educated middle class is absurd. It only shows the shallow understanding he has of such matters.
        Did he not see who were in the vanguard of this movement? Was he blind not to see how many different party flags adorned each function and rally.? Did he approve of the filthy language and expletives used by Kurd and others against Musharraf ? Did he not notice the kind of despicable language used by Aitzaz in his taranas he wrote ? Is he not aware what class of people enter the lawyers profession ( every plain vanilla graduate is also an LLb. )?Is he not aware how Nawaz Sharif had hijacked the movement and funded it ? Is he not aware that Iftikhar Chaudhry and Aitazaz begged and touted some baubles from institutions in America which is the greatest enemy of Islam as per Dr. Israr himself ?
        Is he so naive as not to understand who financed, funded and sustained thsi movement ? Is he so immature not to see that when there was nothing that could be used against Musharraf, the Movement was used to provide traction to street agitation eventually ,duly supported by a poltically motivated and funded media ( GEO & AAJ in particular )? Is he so miserly that he cannot credit Musharraf on holding a free and fair election which people like Dr. Israr had mischeviously doubted from day one ? ( When the result suits them , it is fair and acceptable, if they lose then the polls are rigged ! ) What happened on March 16,2009 was not Divine intervention Dr. Israr! It was General Kiyani’s intervention
        The actual Divine intervention was in October 1999 when Musharraf got into the driving seat and saved Pakistan.

        If Dr. Israr is raelly honest in what he preaches, he should not even have an iota of tolerance for the existing Anglo Saxon Judiciary leave alone the Lawyers Movement and he should have himself initiated a struggle for Nizam i Adl ( Shariah )instead in all of Pakistan .As a conseuence Sufi Mohammad’s actions and its fallout would never have happened.
        It is hypocrisy of the highest order to be running with hare and hinting with the hounds ! Is this his version of a good Muslim ?

  8. my response to yousuf, it people like you who start this crap of wahabi and this and that sorry dude pakistanis are always very confused about Islam.Most of us added innovations in islam which is the reason we are devided.

    Impose on us (are you hindu or Pakistani)

    • Brother do not dare call me a Hindu. My ancestors created Pakistan. where people like u have the right to be confused about everything 😉

      U r confused. and if u cannot understand a simple concept in religion, It is not my fault.

      I do not like to get involved in sects business but this is affecting my home(Pakistan). Few fanatics are messing things up all around the world. and they need to be pointed out.

      All these events are a blessing in disguise. we are learning who are our friends and who are foes.

  9. @Hell Borne

    Haha. I am from NWFP. so please do not tell me what is going on there. Also I was a Wahabi for a long time then Allah gave me hidayat. SO do not tell me that i do not know what i am talking about.

    Afghan Jihad was fought by Pakistanis as well. and a lot of them were not Wahabis(Fanatics). Infact if it was not for us, U lot would have been mustardard by the USSR. So please do not take the credit for that victory. It was us who won that war and yes u were involved under OUR command.

    AS for villages being destroyed in Sawat, that happens in wars. Why don’t u request ur boys to lay arms and surrender?

    This is our war because we have people like u among us trying to destroy the whole world in the name of Islam.

    Henry Kissinger is not God. Atleast not mine. and will be proved wrong. InshaAllah.

    Army is not exhausted but better trained now with higher spirit. plus we had the opportunity to test our weapons on these terrorists. InshaAllah this will turn out to be a blessing.


    • What a joke and coincidence, you happen to be from NWFP and you were also Wahabi – what a loser!

      No matter if you are from NWFP, the matter is where are you at the moment??

      Do you really have insiders and ground realities??

      My friends have been there after wars (not as Jihadist) but as aid workers.

      Secondly, TTP guys aren’t boys from Wahabi or Deobandi groups. We don’t breed liars and terrorists – unless you reall want to start like Indians.

      Insha Allah — all biddat from deen will be wiped out, as the final destination of biddat is jehannum. Till then, keep crying!

      • I think i have answered ur questions correctly and that is why u r angry. Read on.

        As for breeding terrorists, If TTP had been winning, I can bet u that u would have declarded them the ultimate Muslims and joined ranks. But sorry mate. they are wrong and hence losing and u will not own them.

        Let me educate u a little

        InshaAllah means by the will of Allah. And my friend the will of Allah is visible and infront of us. U lot think that by repeating InshaAllah, u will get what u want. huh.

        Advice for u. Rethink. there is still time 😉

  10. Mr. Hell borne
    (True Mush did exercised the best option – we are nationalists not Muslims. Some people despite of everything do not understand that this is FAKE WAR by America against Muslims in the name of terrorists.

    Alhamdulillah, Muslims like these came only after 1429 years of Hijra, else Muslims would never had reached Spain and then to Sindh.)

    Tauba ker yaar tu Nationalist hai Musalman nahi

    • Dost sarcastic statement thee.. jo na samjhay woh khush, jo samajh hai woh has paray hongay 🙂

      Darasal, logo ke pao pe kulhari lagtee hai par hum ne kulhari pe pao mara hai ke shayad humaray pao marne se kulhari toot jai gee magar…

  11. Dr. Israr is comparing Taliban with ‘Sooraj ki Roshni’???? I realize that there was a lot of propaganda against Taliban before the war in Afghanistan but it is a fact that they did not follow the way of the Holy Prophet (PBUH.I respect them for fighting for their country but they have no leadership and no vision; that has to come from Iqbal’s ideology and Pakistan will be the centre stage for the emergence of that new leadership, Inshallah. Dr Israr has not revealed anything here that Zaid Hamid has not talked about already, and he certainly seems to be confused about the protection that Pakistan has had- he seems to be constantly swinging from ‘mayoosi’ to ‘umeed’ just based on political and logistic events. With due respect I think he should stick to the area of his expertise and leave ‘defence analysis’ to Zaid Sahib and his team. Long Live Pakistan.

    • Totally with u!

    • I presume you live in Afghanistan during Talib regime sis, that’s why you exactly knew they weren’t following the ways of Rasool Allah (s.a.w.).

      At this blog, there is one more entry called “Pakistan’s Nuclear Program: Past, Present and Future” and if you see it then you will note Dr. Inam quoting Dr. A. Q. Khan (both of them can be called “Non-Mullah” or Mullah Incompatible) saying that “If a system of governance like talibs gets established in two or three more Muslim countries, Islam will spread at a very fast pace in whole world”.

      Suit yourself, either the propaganda by West or the facts being buried down by people who visited Afghanistan. You remember that British lady journalist who was captured by Talibs, later released and then she went to UK and embraced Islam???? 🙂 These West people didn’t stoppped their, they declared her “psycho” for having developed infatuations with her kidnappers.

      Taliban of Afghanistan did made some mistakes as they were humans and we may disagree with one or two or ten of their policies but we can’t claim they weren’t living up to Sunnah unless we have witnessed it ourselves.

  12. @Hell Borne and Yousuf

    Whatever prejudices or beliefs you have against different sects, please keep them to yourselves. This forum is for a UNITED NATION OF ISLAM. Grow up and grow out of this if you want to be part of Pakistan’s and this Ummah’s great future because religious bigotry is the last thing we need right now.

    @Excalibur, you raised some very good points in your first comment up the top. I totally agree that why should we not include the distinct possibility of our own Pakistan Army fulfilling the Prophet’s(pbuh) prophecy InshaAllah in bringing about the inevitable Muslim Renaissance.This possibility has been talked about by Zaid Hamid as well and I hope and pray that it will be a reality in the near future. Pakistan Zindabad!

    • Just to add, our religious zealots always propagate the Prophet’s (pbuh ) Sunnah only in terms of his manner of attire, personal grooming,the length and shape of his beard, his turban etc.and totally ignore the essence of the Sunnah which formed his character and conduct.
      In every ghizwa for Islam he always led from the front while our so called leaders of any type use their blind and indoctrinated followers as cannon fodder be it any street protest or a full scale armed engagement. Such leaders swear by self -preservation and their diet and body weight
      is not even remotely comparable with the spartan
      food intake of the Prophet.
      Hence, it stands to reason that the Muslim resurgence ( Prophecy )that Dr. Israr talks of can only be brought about by a leader with a military background not the dozens of religious fanatics who have a blinkered view of this world.

      • yeah yeah… a Muslim by name and by birth to Muslim family — is the essence. Only those talk of essence who don’t want to follow Sunnah in its right way, the four pious caliphs did and then their followers followed them and those who are standing against the menace in Afghanistan are the ones still following.

        @Summayyac: See who brought in this sectarian issue first. I wrote a point-by-point response to excalibure but then did not posted it as Indians may use that information for their benefit against Pakistan.

      • I agree with you excalibur. From what I understand through the limited knowledge I have, the Muslim resurgence will be brought about by people who are true ‘Momins'(as defined by Allama Iqbal) that is, in their character, through their example they will lead this nation. Zaid Hamid in a recent episode of Iqbal ka Pakistan spoke about that and made it very clear that the new leadership will be well versed in not just the true and beautiful spirit of Islam but also will be very competent and educated worldly-wise and have vision and wisdom. I think we should forget about the so called religious leaders in our country right now who do nothing but posture and make speeches and focus on our young guns who under Zaid Sahib’s leadership shall rise and shine Inshallah soon!!
        @Hell Borne, good on you for not posting that response; our first priority is not giving any cannon fodder to the Indians in their propaganda against us.

  13. Mr.Khalid Kakkar,
    the second last line of the last para in my concluding comment on your post of July 20 should read as ‘ …..and hunting with the hounds ….’

    Please also read through ‘ Operation Blue Tulsi’ on this blog . Dr. Israr could also benefit from it when analysing matters beyond his basic competence.

  14. As per my knowledge this site is PRO-MUSH, how could they publish such interview..

    • When you cannot support your arguments with any valid point, this is a convenient exit strategy.

      If this site was pro -Musharraf , neither your views or any other views against Musharraf could ever be accomodated here what to talk of Dr.Israr’s monologue.

      You should have the moral courage to concede when
      relentless propaganda and slander is proven wrong and reduced to tatters for everyone to witness.
      Unlike the street goons of the Turncoat Movement and their co conspirators ( including their lapdog media bankrolled into servitude )this forum stands up to any scrutiny



    thats DR. ISRAR NAIMI opinion abt MUSH

    • Takfeeris say these kind of things often mate. It eases the pain of defeat 😉

  16. Now dont say that he was fanatic (SARFARAZ NAIMi)

    • Aaj kal kay fanatic Musalmanon ko deykh kar to saree duniya sharmati nahin balkay jaez taur par nafrat karti hai aur bilkul sahee karti hai

      Such extremists and fanatics` have sullied the pristine glory of Islam and embarrased true Muslims everywhere. Shame on such religious bigots

      • lolz at extremists, read about Syedna Umar (radiullahu wa raduanhu) — such ignorance. First doing something wrong and then justifying it with another wrong, wrong upon wrong about wrong for wrong.

        Not intended to hurt you bro, Excalibur, but you sound to have studied in USA or UK high school.

        There is difference in being Islamic and extremists, I am NOT defending TTP or Baitullah Mehsud but if we think like the Ummah as you guys are talking about, then a simple hadith should suffice (meaning in context) “Muslims are like one body, when one part hurts other also feel the pain”.

        Unfortunately, today we have become more logical, we calculate and think but people like Syedna Khalid bin Walid (r.a.) didn’t knew these scientific calculations – indeed it was Allah’s help with him that he was never defeated in any battle he lead but the amaal (doings) should also be of such class.

        Pakistan will become center of caliphate or we will lead Ummah 🙂 but with deeds like ours, chances are less than remote.

      • @ excalibur

        U r very right mate. I have to explain things to Westerners all the time that Islam is not what these Takfeeris project. But the truth is on our face and the picture of Islam is not looking good due to these actions by our so called brothers.

        Recently a Wahabi friend of mine realized this as well and came to the same conclusion. Good for him.

        Also living abroad is considered a sin by these SPECIAL friends of ours. I am still waiting to see a Hadees against living abroad.

        Also they are against any kind of planning or strategy. Then just want a conflict and kill people.

        As for Pakistan, These people were against the formation of Pakistan in the first place. and now they just want to use it as a battle ground. this is the whole truth. they just like destruction.

        I can go on and on about the limited approach of these BROTHERS but in my experience, their hearts are sealed. Pray to Allah for hidayat for these people.

        I leave this discussion with the following statement:

        “We know who and what u r and we are not going to be fooled nor let u destroy Islam or Pakistan. We are not scared of u infact we are coming after u now. So RUN!”

      • Dear Hell Borne,please understand I am not generalsing my comment for the entire Ummah leave alone the Prophets(pbuh)companions.
        My issue is with the fringe fanatic/extremeist elements within the Ummah who have hijacked Islam and like the Jews do not consider any one else as a Muslim.This is unacceptable and all true Muslims will never abdicate their equal rights in defending the trus Islam.

        Yes you are right ASWT made it possible for me to study in the UK and USA besides Pakistan and luckily not in the obscurantist Madressahs otherwise I would also be a hardline know -all like our extremist fundamentalists.
        If you had watched the Madressah Binori’s Adnan Kakakhel’s spat with Musharraf you would appreciate how effectively Musharraf responded to Kakakhel’s superficial diatribe based only upon hollow laffazi and pure rhetoric.

        We all understand the solid Islamic principles of justice and governance right upto the Caliphate but to translate and replicate that in the present day and age demands ijmaa on the methodology for how to go about it . Islam is a progressive Deen and is never in a time wrap as such but perhaps our fanatic friends would want us to wear turbans and ride camels to work ,which is preposterous.

  17. Dear Brothers, You wont get anything in arguments. Get back to your LORD (ALLAH). The only way to SUCCESS and for GOD sake comparing ISLAM with other religion. We are no Doubt SUPREME from others and you will only waste your time by doing so

    • There is no argument or comparision with other religions as such. Islam is undoubtedly the Deen i Haq but we must not have any superiority complex and have no right to denigrate any other religion as a Quranic injunction lest they insult Islam.Jews as you know were punished for the same reason as they arrogantly flaunted that they are the only chosen ones and no one else will go to Paradise.We have to be careful .

      • LOL

        A man in superiority complex telling others not to be in a superiority complex.

        A fanatic telling others not to be fanatic. Typical.

        We have to be careful saying anything to Jews but it is aright to call Muslims names and make fun of them. Typical typical typical.

        Funny u lot. Only u have the right to call names to others. Only u decide who is Muslim and who is not. Well, we are not buying it anymore. Your mentality is Takfeeri and we will not become a victim of this madness.

  18. Mr. excalibur : Sorry to say but the source of your knowledge regarding ISLAM is QUESTIONABLE? The MAIN REASON for JEWS downfall is that they were using their OWN MIND instead of ACTING UPON ALLAH’s COMMAND. These days we are doing same and it is called MUSHARRAF BA ISLAM. Please i beg everyone to stop thinkingon your own and instead rely upon what ALLAH has given usin Quran and Hadith

    • Do not compare us with the Jews while u r serving their plans.

      You people always give idiotic comparisons. Grow up. Please.

      • No one can help extremists suffering from Musharrafphobia.They will remain incurable.
        I know Islam and what it teaches. My comment regarding Allah’s displeasure
        with the Jews is from the Quran only.
        If you will have the taufeeq to read Allah’s message you will not be what you are now , blinded and brainwashed by Extremists propaganda literature.

  19. MUSHARRAF ka KAKA KHAIL ko jawab bhut hi bhonda sa tha.. don’t u remember the clap of audience was with MUSHARRAF or KAKA KHAIL?

    • Musharaf’s reply was reasonable and civilized. While Kaka was being Critical of Musharaf only.

      But u will not understand this as Takfeeris have a mental block towards reason.

      • If Butcharraf (i like that name yaar, thanks sadiq) answer was civilized then why audience clapped for KAKA KHAIL only. man u dont have answers admit this

      • The confrontation is still on the You tube.
        Please see it again after taking off the opaque glasses of Extremism & Rabid bias against Musharraf.
        Musharraf had very effectively put Kakakhel in his place alongwith his likes, once for all.

        Denying the truth, ostrich like is the hallmark of all extremists/fundamentalist as their minds are programmed frozen !

  20. How Musharraf bought such an expensive flat in LONDON?
    When he will come back? Why PML-Q is now against BUTCHERRAF? Why MQM still support BUTCHERRAF? The most corrupt and Anti-Pakistan Party.

    • Don’t change the topic please.

  21. @ Yousuf: you dont have answer to these questions. The Topic is same

    • I have answers mate but this is another topic. I want to keep focus on the current discussion. 🙂

  22. atleast they dont follow firaun usa like musharraf did

    • You r right mate.

      Why will they follow anyone else if they r FIRAUN themselves. 😉

  23. coz many of us think usa is super power, super power is only our Allah and nothing else. if u think usa is super power then it will be shirk, like musharraf did, and will be in hell forever inshallah

    • sadiq/ khalid kakkar/ zaki

      Please dont try to deflect the discussion by going on a tangent. It reflects very poorly on you when you slander another Muslim by claiming that he believes in the supremacy of USA instead of Allah and then go on to give ‘ bad dua ‘. Why? what is the justification for it ? Or do you also learn thsi at despicable jehadi madressah’s?

      For the record Musharraf can buy anything anywhere by his hard earned money unlike the Sharifs/Bhuttos/ zardaris who have looted and plundered the national wealth and you vote them back into power.
      As for the Mutahidda ,say what you may it is the only other party besides JI who are democratic and absolutely nondynastic/ feudal at all. Can you say that for any other party today ?
      Rise above parochial and regional racism or you will get what the Bengalis gave you in 1971. Pakistan is a Muslim country and we are all Pakistanis and Muslims. Period.

  24. Rise above sects and parties my fellow Pakistanis. We don’t have much time left.Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz. Inshallah.

  25. Dear Excaliber, its ppl like u, so called Liberal or Secular Muslims, who degraded Muslim Ummah. And what you think by the way, Alatf can go anywhere and say any thing abt our country and we will be quite, we are not secular, u may be. I think u must know the meaning of world secular (BAY-DEEN).

    • Either you are a Muslim or you are not a Muslim.There are no subclassifications as ‘firqa parast’ and misguided people like you deliberately try to do.
      I am a Muslim not by birth alone but by conviction as well and will continue to strive against any ‘bid’at ‘ that the likes of you perpetuate.

      Regarding the oft repeated accustaion against Altaf Hussain I would only say that you have to grow up to understand a contextual relevance of the statement,unlike the categorical dissent and fatwa of the Fundamentalist/ Mullah Brigade in undivided India who not only vehemently opposed the creation of Pakistan but also termed the Quaid as a ‘ Kafir ‘. But when Allah honoured the same ‘ Kafir’ with success the Mullahs calimed absolute credit What shameful Munafiqs!

      • Well said mate!

  26. Dear Excaliber, BUTCHERRAF, i was in UK from 2003 to 2007, we still have business in UK and that too in EDGEWARE ROAD and by the way you know the PRICE of FLATS in this area? GROW UP MY CHILD (Its above 800000 pounds Minimum) and u also dont know the BUTCHERRAF salary..

    • Sadiq, If you cannot afford to buy a flat there ( I am quite aware of the range/price of flats available on Edgeware Road as I have also stayed in the UK for quite a bit ) why grudge it against Musharraf who obviously has the means to do so. His Lectures as a keynote speaker on the International circuit is enough to finance the acqusition of a Mansion even. Why be jealous?
      Ask your established corrupt poltical masters who have repeatedly plundered the national exchequer and siphoned off the loot abroad to have the guts to take Musharraf to court and get a verdict against him from corrupt Pope Iftikhar Chaudhry who will loyally oblige. But then these type of people have to be of genuine parentage.

    • @ SADIQ

      grow up mate! do not ask stupid questions.

  27. Haven’t u read In The Line of Fire, that BUTCHERRAF handed over ppl of Pakistan to Americans for Dollars. Later he erased that para in his new edition (Why he erased?) I have both edition.


    • Dont mention the half truth. The correction is to categorically establish the fact that all such unwanted pseudo Pakistanis were actually of a different nationality and Taleban/ Al Qaeda operatives who were being provided sanctuaries on Pakistani soil by their sympathisers and co conspirators. They were dealt with as they should have been. Why the fuss ?

  28. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You don’t know anything about MQM Ministers & Governer, You are so Naive. I dont have time just one little thing, HOW COULD ANYONE AFFORD TO LIVE IN LONDON without job or business but ALTAF is in LONDON from LAST 18 YEARS. (MI6 AGENT) so simple. When he was in Karachi he was RAW AGENT. ANYTHING ELSE.

    • I dont need to hurl baseless accustaions against anyone for that matter and also do not accept your slander aginst the MQM.
      If you are ignorant dont jump to conclusions and call somebody an agent perhaps by your own reasoning you may well be a RAW asset in Pakistan passing off as a Muslim and working to destabilise Pakistan and fan differences between Muslims.Slander , Asif, is the last resort of a scoundrel. Please refrain from it.
      Otherwise like your proven zani friend Imran Khan go and complain against the ‘M16’ agent to his government / Scotlandyard and fall flat on you face.Go, do it !What is stopping you ?


    • Yes, indeed, in effectively exposing the fifth columnists in our ranks !

    • @ SADIQ

      thanks mate. This site is helping us prepare for Ghazwa-e-Hind and you r making it sure that we are pushed into Ghazwa-e-Hind. You r a star.

      This site IS doing a wonderful job by exposing people like yourself and the kind of chaos u people create in the name of Islam.

      I guess Musharaf was right. it is our war after all!

      Not only we have to fight foreign enemies but also seriously confused Takfeeris/Extremists/Fanaties within the country. That was u Friend 😉

      so it is our war!



    • Wa to izzo man tasha : wa to zillo man tasha
      ( Al Quran )

      • @ excalibur:
        Wa to izzo man tasha : wa to zillo man tasha
        ( Al Quran )

        You are absolutely right this time, Waqai Allah nai Taliban ko jo Izzat di hai, NATO aur American fauj ka haal sari duniya k saamney hai. Aur coz of BUTACHERRAF aaj Pakistan ki kahin bhi Izzat nahi. But INshallah son Pakistan will regains its lost PRESTIGE Inshallah

  31. @ Sadiq
    Yet another classic case of selective perception ! But not really surprising as Talibs llike you suffer from incurable tunnel vision.
    Musharraf is the only Pakistani President on whom Allah has conferred International Respect and Admiration that he now enjoys through his Lecture Series worldwide.
    If people like you are jealous. So be it !


    • It is good that now everyone can see where you draw your convoluted inspirations from.
      The parochial source that you quote have already been exposed to every right minded Pakistani.

      It is pathetic that you cannot distinguish fact from fiction. You may do so at your own peril. The taasub reflected by the yellow journos is despicable. See for yourself the character of the corrupt politicians and their children.

      Also learn how media contorts facts. The current case is about two judges of the Sind Highcourt not about Musharraf as such.But still the politicised PML ( N ) judge Pope Iftikhar is attempting to malign and exact’ his pound of
      flesh. Try to spit at the moon, you will soil your own face.



    • Grow up mate!

  34. Excalibur & Yousuf: AQAL K ANDHOO, AQQAL SAI KHALI

    • Kiya hoa yaar. kiyin naraz ho rahe ho? Aisa to hota hai aise discussions main.

      • @ Zaki

        Tifl e Maktab guthnon ka bal kab tak chalo gay ?
        Either discuss issues like a man or desist from indulging in such knee jerk reactions



    • Shut up Sadiq!

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