MUST WATCH | Pakistan’s Nuclear Program: Past, Present & Future

July 18, 2009

Cover story:
Ibn-e-Pakistan | Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz

Program and arrangements:
Quran Academy – Lahore

SPECIAL FEATURE – a must watch program for every Pakistani

Dr. Inam-ur-Rehman, Scientist Emeritus (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) gives a lecture on the past, present & future of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program including threats and propaganda against it. He also clarifies the role of Dr. A. Q. Khan that nuclear technology is not a job for one man, every specialist played his role and whole team should be given due respect particularly Dr. A. Q. Khan because he was expert in Uranium enrichment and without it nuclear warheads are impossible. He also gives brief history of the Nuclear Technology development in the world.

“Just as creation of Pakistan was one of a miracles of Allah, same was the case with acquisition of nuclear technology for a country like Pakistan – we should be thankful to Allah for giving us a home and strength”, said Dr. Inam-ur-Rehman. He accounts for atmosphere when scientists were ready to press button to initiate nuclear test on May 28, 1998 that it was almost same as what we read in books about Ghazwa-e-Badr that people were begging to Allah for success and crying with emotions.

Dr. Inam-ur-Rehman mentions that Americans had some intelligence about Pakistan’s efforts but their plans to take on Pakistan was second to destruction of USSR – enemy number one of USA. He also explains why US dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You are requested to encourage all of your friends, family members, relatives, co-workers and every other Pakistani you know to watch this program. You may spread word through emails, forums, groups, etc. because it is very important to counter those people who believe that it was better if Pakistan had invested money in sectors other than nuclear technology.

Although this whole program is highly recommended for everyone who is willing to understand more about nuclear technology should watch all thirteen parts but parts marked [must watch] should not be ignored.

Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5





Part 10

Part 11 [MUST WATCH]

Part 12 [MUST WATCH]

Part 13 [MUST WATCH]



  1. […] Pakistan’s nuclear program: past, present & future <– NEW […]

  2. Pervez Hoodbhoy is a Pakistani nuclear physicist and he is the Professor of High Energy Physics, and the head of the Physics Department at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. In this article he regrets pakistan having gone nuclear.



    • Pervez Hoodbhoy, is a Kafir harami living amongst us as Pakistani – he would even say that Pakistan do not need an army, it does not need any weapon and India is not our enemy.

      We should ignore such rascals – on the other hand, ask any pro-Pakistani politician, professor, scientist, businessman, just any one you can, his/her answer will be “Nukes ensure our existence”.

      Dr. Inam-ur-Rehman said, “these should not have been made, but once the race has been started, possession of this weapon creates balance of power, prevents many wars and ensures our existence”.

    • i agree with hell borne. and yahoodboy has been spewing BS for a while now especially with hamid mir on capital talk. he’s either a qadianyani or atheist dont know for sure. well it doesnt matter as both are kafir. you should watch his program on express news (kal tak with javed chaudry) where zaid hamid gives a detailed follow up on yahoodboys lies.

    • No need to use rough language, Dr. Hoodbohy has an option. He has right to speak his mind. What I would like to hear from him is the alternative. What should be pakistan’s defense doctrine without Nuclear option? That is where he and likes of him come out short. In my view the smartest defense posture is “not to have war” and nuclear capability gives us that.

      I consider him similar to the same folks who are against building kalabagh dam. They talk against it but have no alternatives. 7000MW just from one dam, giving you electricity surplus, energizing industry and agriculture. Pumping billions in the economy.

      I still remember from few years ago when people from all parties were talking about how sea water will move in and destroy agricultural land If we build Kalabagh dam. Today, India has cut our supply 25% and the sea water is moving in. Now I don’t see anyone on TV talking about it.

      Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

    • first of all he is not with atomic energy commision as the real patriotic pakistani scientists dont want to work with him this loser cannot be given security clearence. secondly, this is just one of his article you should see some of old geo’s talk shows especially capital talk and do some more research on yahoodboy read some of his other articles you will see what im trying to say here.

    • One of the great programs i have ever watched. I think the message was whatever you can do to help muslim Ummah regradless the nature of your work. We should Unite and do it. Or take measures to start it yourself the rest will follow. Ultimetly Allah is the One who we believe and he is the only One who help. Salam u aliqum to all

  3. If Pakistan doesn’t need such nukes or an army then why does India,USA,Isreal and Russia??.Let everyone disarm or play the nuclear game.

    Obviously many believe that there should be one rule for Pakistan and another for the rest of the world which is bullshit!.Lets play the nuclear game on a level playing field.

  4. Pakistan zindabad!

  5. @ Imran, Hassan, Hell Borne.

    i agree that nukes prevents india from attacking pak. but pervez hoodboy is a nuclear scientist for christs sake! an MIT post graduate. (no.1 college in the world.)So he is xtreemly intelligent unlike zaid hamid who can only talk nonsense.

    • What a ridicules argument … being a genius in physics doesn’t make you all knowing and has no impacts on loyalty yahoodboy is a traitor to his religion and country. His job is to BS pleasing his masters in Israel. Henry Kissinger is a genius so were Mountbatten and Churchill and Hitler for that matter as well. Yahoodboy talks about religion and social science issues in all his articles which btw are not up to journalistic standards and I see no PHD there. By your argument every PHD anywhere in the world has their best interest at heart for Pakistan.

    • Shoudn’t he be talking about nuclear weapons of other countries in the same tone he is talking about Pakistan.(If he is MIT post-graduate)

    • SAL Bro… see if you analyze that which is the most corrupt portion or sect of our society???

      It is the western educated goons who can be called “BROWN BABUs or BROWN MADAMS” — so just an argument that Hoodbhoy is an MIT graduate is like do not curse Mir Jaffar or Mir Sadiq because they were Muslims instead we should see that what did they do to harm Muslim regimes? Because of them how much loss of Ummah occured?

      Same is the case here, this guy should officially be declared a GHADDAR – I remember YahudBHOY sitting at a public forum and saying Pakistan has terrorists bla bl bla and they create problems in India bla bla thus causing problems in negotiations bla bla.. this is bullshit, he is admitting all the fake crimes without any intellgience??? Hope you will agree and MIT Graduate does not have INTELLIGENCE INFO.

  6. sorry my mistake.
    i dint read this properly:

    Pervez hoodboy never said that pakistan should not have nukes. He told indian president abdul kalam that india should not have made nukes forcing pakistan also to follow suit.

    U guys are wrong. He is patriotic pak nuke scientist. read the above article and u will see.

  7. Yahoodboy also said that Drone attacks are very effective, killing all Al-Qaeedas Members.. IS HE STILL RIGHT? IS HE STILL PATRIOTIC?

    • Listen dude if the trash from your home starts irding your neighbour then he has a right to take you on (depending upon how he can).

      agar aap apni gandagi saaf nahi karaingey or uski badbuu kisi or ke ghar jaaigi toh phir usko aaker safai kerni paregi

      GOT IT?

      Before you show your anger on PH please say some words to MR KIYANI who acts like obama’s puppet whenever he meets an American GENERAL.

      here: http://publicmb.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/jinnahpmb.png

      and here :
      [ General Kiyani’s bhaashan – Islam and Pakistan = http://publicmb.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/general-kiyanis-bhaashan-islam-and-pakistan ]

      Its your ARMY, YOUR POLITICAL LEADERSHIP who has requested and allowed the Americans to bomb the TALIBAN and AL QAEDA terrorist.

      Stop talking nonsense for the sake of nonsense

  8. […] Pakistan’s Nuclear Program: Past, Present & Future […]

  9. my advice to this gentlemen is it is better not to utter bullshit because the bull will ram his ass and will fill it with all the shit up his ass hole.
    Pakistan has got all the right to have nuclear weapons if other countries like India can have it there should not be any one dictating us what to have or what not to have. Screw all

  10. AlhamdulillAllah
    Ya Allah aap ka shuker aap ne itni himmet aur taket di k tere ye bende ummet-e-muslima ki hifazet k liye ye azeem kaam kia, ker rehen hai aur InshAllah kerte rehen gey.

  11. Dr. Inam-ur-Rahman did not serve in any important project of the nuclear program. He was not involved with any classified project or the civil or nuclear weapons program. Although as a teacher and builder of the Centre of Nuclear Studies, he has a lot of respoect, but he has failed to mention what it takes to enrich uranium and what was the significance of the steps before and after uranium enrichment and who were the scientists and engineers responsible for it. He has also not talked about the plutonium program including the Khushab reactor and the New Labs reprocessing projects.

    Nor did he mention the changes made by Mr. Bhutto at the Multan Conference regarding PAEC in terms of the appointment of Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan as the new chairman in place of Dr. Usmani and why this happenned. He has also not explained how uranium is enriched, who were the scientists and engineers responsible for enrichment at KRL (after all AQ Khan had a whole team working for him), where did they come from (PAEC/PINSTECH), and how much of the effort, both in terms of significance and amount of work was carried out by PAEC led by Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan, chairman PAEC, 1972-91.

    He also failed to mention the work done by the Theoretical Physics Group and Directorate of Technical Development led by Dr. Riazuddin and Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Qureshi in the design, manufacture, development and testing of nuclear weapons program in PAEC, starting in 1972-74.

    He also did not mention the role played by Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood in starting the Kahuta enrichment project and Khushab and the role played by Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan as head of the PAEC in organizing, starting and running over 20 labs and projects, every one the size of KRL and how PAEC mastered the complete nuclear fuel cycle, although he does mention the fuel cycle. He has also not clarified who was heading the nuclear program, and what part was headed up by whom.

    Nevertheless, a very informative lecture, but he should have been more frank and clear.

  12. Dear Hell Borne, Name Witheheld, S.A.M, Sadiq, Hassan & Imran

    May I request a bit of restraint and tolerance. It is most uuncivil to call names and use expletives. It is unIslamic. Hoodbhoy has a right to his opinion as well. Like each one of us he is as much qualified, if not more, to express his views freely and without attracting any insult thrown at him.
    The point of any discussion, debate or interaction is to generate more light rather than more heat.

  13. @ SS Panzer

    The points you raise have no direct bearing on the objectives of the lecture here.
    Given that the Nuclear Program , like all our national spheres of life are not above personal rivalries, turf wars, provincialism, gunning for prominence and credit or for straight politicisation.
    But that is a national disease that we have to collectively eradicate.

  14. A very informative and good lecture.Dr. Inam could not be specific or go in details on certain thingsfor obvious reasons. Iwas disappointed by the quality of some questions from the audience.
    Also, the comments are disgusting.As civilized and educated people pls. refrain fro using bad languageand expletives.

  15. Main mer ker bi Arz-e-Pak ka muhafiz hu, qasam mujey shehadet ki
    Ho k defen isi metti mein, main ben gaya metti isi Pak zameen ki
    Koi kerey zinda Sunnet Muhammad SAW ki jeng-e-beder wali, phenke metti jannb-e-dushmen
    Main hu wahi metti sunnet wali, main ker du ankhain andi dushmen ki


  16. it is the most rediculous thing to realte intelligence with MIT or with any other institution of great prestige.I can not see how one can evaluate the parameter of intelligence just by saying that one once belonged to that particular institution.In every institution there are bright and dunce people and there are a lot many people who despite of their degrees can not achieve much. there a lot of foreign graduates or PhD s who despite of their degrees couldn’t even get any reasonable job abroad but when they come to developing countries like pakistan or india, they are seen as intelligent and highly educated,so there is no need to get impressed by anyone just because he’s an MIT graduate as i know personally few people who are Phd frm Harvard or MIT but in real sense they are mentally ill people or they are unable to contribute anything to the society.the worth of any person is judged by his or her contribution to the society.

  17. it is the most rediculous thing to relate intelligence with MIT or with any other institution of great prestige.I can not see how one can evaluate the parameter of intelligence just by saying that one once belonged to that particular institution.In every institution there are bright and dunce people and there are a lot many people who despite of their degrees can not achieve much. there a lot of foreign graduates or PhD s who despite of their degrees couldn’t even get any reasonable job abroad but when they come to developing countries like pakistan or india, they are seen as intelligent and highly educated,so there is no need to get impressed by anyone just because he’s an MIT graduate as i know personally few people who are Phd frm Harvard or MIT but in real sense they are mentally ill people or they are unable to contribute anything to the society.the worth of any person is judged by his or her contribution to the society.

  18. instead of discussing personalities i think it would have been more constructive to discuss their contributions.

  19. The problem with PAK people is they relate every issue with religion and nationality. And they have been brainwashed by the MULLA-MILITARY alliance since 1965 for this. Therefore just about every issue for example state which is purely administration is also tagged with religion (the evil work started in 1956 when frew morons changed name to “ISLAMIC” republic) so as to justify and legalize all their acts under the pretext of religion and nationality. If you dont like someone (parvez hoodbhoy in this case) simply tag him as indian agent , west funded/agent bla bla and all that crap . .

    The issue of going nuclear is not separated from this context. Had PAKISTAN developed itself as a state envisioned by QUAID and SIR SYED and IQBAL and acquired NUCLERA status along with advancement in other areas there was no problem.

    But the problem is the grand hijack under which the GENERALs and the MULLAZ join hands so as to keep the nation under control. Therefore anyone who opposed these two was labeled as kafir/agent and all that nonsense starting with Abdul Salam. The poor guy who was more loyal to PAK than the Generals was sidelined just because of his faith.

    Read the hijack here :

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    After this grand hijack, all resources were diverted to ARMY and NUCLER reasons, while nuclear reasons were justified because of INDIAN aggression , PAK ARMY under the cover of NATIONAL SECURITY started grabbing power and to justify their acts they always had the indian aggression ready. The mistake people of PAKISTAN made is allowing the GENERALS to hijack the PROGRESS and bring a RELIGION-ORIENTED MECHANISM so people first dont demand education, health and other services and even if they do, they were told that due to NATIONAL security requirements one cant divert resources to these areas.

    If the Nuclear power had been diverted to some useful means for example power generation and other requirements people would have been happy but this was confined to NATIONAL security rhetoric and it is common sense to ask what this national security has done for a common man in 21st century when the real power is the ECONOMY.

    Parven hoodbhoy has been doing an awesome job to wakeup the sleeping nation who are blinded by religion and nationality , and this blindness is caused by the 4 decades of brainwashing of PAK ARMY and MULLAZ.

  20. and since i am mentioning 1965 many times , here is a link you all should read PLUS i am quoting some main lines :



    “The performance of the (PAK) Army did not match that of the PAF mainly because the leadership was not as professional. They had planned the ‘Operation Gibraltar’ for self-glory rather than in the national interest. It was a wrong war. And they misled the nation with a big lie that India rather than Pakistan had provoked the war and that we were the victims of Indian aggression”, Air Marshal Khan said.”


  21. in the end somewhere the respected sir mentions

    [ agar aap ne bunda PAK bheja toh hum apka bhi “khana peena” bund ker daingey ]

    hahahahaha. . . .
    bai PAK ko dollar pe dollar mil rahe hain , or PAK generals ki ayyashian lagi hui hain . . please ye daal roti bund mat kidjiyega nahi toh GENERALs ka “kharcha” kaise poora hoga ?


    i hope 10% of this 665M is enough for Zardari too (a crook deployed by Kiyani+Mush+Bush+Saudia)

    some more links on our bhikarism :

  22. 50+ muslim countries cant make one Israel answerable to the world for its “badmashi”

  23. hahhaha
    this is interesting
    i made many comments but only the one which suit this blog is allowed to appear

    goes to show the hands behind lol

  24. the war on terror drama 🙂


    According to the paper, US military and intelligence officials said there were evidences that parts of Pakistan’s security establishment continued to support the Taliban.

    and our nation things our ARMY is fighting against TALIBAN hahahaha. . .

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