Chinese Poll: 90% say India threatens China’s security

July 18, 2009

Zhu Shanshan | Editorial by PakNationalists

India used the distraction of North Korea’s recent missile tests to reinforce its military presence on China’s border in the disputed territory that India calls Arunachal Pradesh.

Being a disputed territory pending settlement, observers are interpreting the Indian move as a sign of New Delhi’s lack of sincerity in its commitments with China. The move also underlines India’s longstanding policy of unilateral action against neighbors whenever a geostrategic chance offers itself. India has done this in China’s Tibet province.

There is also evidence of close contacts between Indian intelligence officers and terrorists claiming to represent Chinese Muslims inside Afghanistan. Pakistan first identified this unique Indian style in managing relations with neighboring nations in 1956 when New Delhi backstabbed Pakistan and annexed Kashmir, and again in 1971 when India launched an unprovoked invasion of East Pakistan to help break up the country. And after 9/11, India is using Afghanistan to export terrorism into Pakistan in the guise of fake Taliban and fomenting separatism in other parts of Pakistan. India has accepted this Pakistani charge in the joint statement released in Egypt after the summit meeting between Pakistani and Indian prime ministers.

Our advice to China: Do not trust the Indians. They are masters at this game, and they are getting emboldened thanks to full backing by the American and the British propaganda machine.

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  1. I am amazed that Urumqi news didnt even appear on this site…

    This means pakis has accepted the slaughter of muslims in China.This shows the muslim brotherhood they show in Kashmir is just a excuse for getting the land of Kashmir and is nothing to do with Kashmiris.

    Pak claims high on showing ‘muslim brotherhood’ but seems like pak is too weak to even raise a voice against opression of about 60-70 million muslims in China.

    • We didn’t break China and formed Pakistan,,, It was the sorry state of British India. Muslims around the world have problems with Bias Non Muslim regimes. And we protest at every level. Be it China, Israel, India, Philippines, Bosnia or any other country. Kashmir was a dispute since our partition in which we were involved directly. Dont compare China problems to your small Indian Mindset of observing Global affairs and response of nations based on their relationships. Kashmir land is for the Kashmiris. They will get their Independence soon Insha Allah…

  2. Pakis…… read this eye opener which is about the sorry state of opressed muslims in China.

    “Islamophobia of China”

    1. The imam’s sermon at Friday Prayer must run no longer than a half-hour. Prayer in public areas outside the mosque is forbidden.

    2. Residents of Khotan are not allowed to worship at mosques outside of town.

    3. Rules displayed on the wall of mosques says that government workers and nonreligious people may not be “forced” to attend services at the mosque – a generous wording of a law that prohibits government workers and Communist Party members from going at all. Why government officials who are Muslims are not allowed to pray? you can go yourself and see the rules in mosque in Khotan. I think the rules have now been put in the internet as well last year.
    The government restrictions are posted inside mosques and elsewhere across Xinjiang.

    4. Imams may not teach the Koran in private, and studying Arabic is allowed only at special government schools.

    5. Two of Islam’s five pillars – the sacred fasting month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca called the hajj – are also carefully controlled.Students and government workers are compelled to eat during Ramadan, and the passports of Uighurs have been confiscated across Xinjiang to force them to join government-run hajj tours rather than travel illegally to Mecca on their own.

    6. Any educated man would know that heavy-handed tactics like the restrictions on Islam will only radicalize more Uighurs. why the govt keep saying “three forces” of separatism, terrorism and religious extremism threaten to destabilize the region.Many of the rules have been on the books for years, but some local governments in Xinjiang have publicly highlighted them in the past seven weeks by posting the laws on Web sites or hanging banners in towns.

    7. Han Chinese, the country’s dominant ethnic group, discriminate against Uighurs based on the most obvious differences between the groups: language and religion. This is evident as Uighurs are not prefered for jobs sometimes. Why many Han Chinese see Islam as the root of social problems in Xinjiang, when you speak with them.
    Meanwhile Chinese government, which is officially atheist, recognizes five religions – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Taoism and Buddhism. One interview with a Han man who runs construction business in Kashgar, he said: The Uighurs are lazy. It’s because of their religion ” he said. “They spend so much time praying. What are they praying for?”

    8. Signs painted on mud-brick walls in the winding alleyways of old Kashgar warn against making illegal pilgrimages. A red banner hanging on a large mosque in the Uighur area of Urumqi, the regional capital, says, “Implement the policy of organized and planned pilgrimage; individual pilgrimage is forbidden.”

    9. The government gives various reasons for controlling the hajj. Officials say that the Saudi Arabian government is concerned about crowded conditions in Mecca that have led to fatal tramplings, and that Muslims who leave China on their own sometimes spend too much money on the pilgrimage.Critics say the government is trying to restrict the movements of Uighurs and prevent them from coming into contact with other Muslims, fearing that such exchanges could build a pan-Islamic identity in Xinjiang. About two years ago, the government began confiscating the passports of Uighurs across the region, angering many people. Now virtually no Uighurs have passports, though they can apply for them for short trips.The new restriction has made life especially difficult for businessmen who travel to neighbouring countries.To get a passport to go on an official hajj tour or a business trip, applicants must leave a deposit of nearly $6,000

    What on the bloody hell is this ?

    10. One man in Kashgar said the imam at his mosque, who like all official imams is paid by the government, had recently been urging congregants to go to Mecca only with legal tours. That is not easy for many Uighurs. The cost of an official trip is the equivalent of $3,700, and hefty bribes usually raise the price. Once a person files an application, the authorities do a background check into the family. If the applicant has children, the children must be old enough to be financially self-sufficient, and the applicant is required to show that he or she has substantial savings in the bank.Rules posted last year on the Xinjiang government’s Web site say the applicant must be 50 to 70 years old, “love the country and obey the law.” A govt employee might very well lose his pension if he went on the hajj.

    11. The rules on fasting during Ramadan are just as strict. They vary by town and county but include requiring restaurants to stay open during daylight hours and mandating that women not wear veils and men shave their beards. One rule that officials in some towns seem especially intent on enforcing is the ban on students’ fasting. Supporters of this policy say students need to eat to study properly. in Kashgar university locked the gates and put glass shards along the top of a campus wall. tried to force students to eat during the day by prohibiting them from leaving campus in the evening to join their families in breaking the daily fast.

  3. Long live China-Pakistan friendship!!!!!

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