In news but noteworthy: Biggest scandal in Indian history…

July 18, 2009

After big financial fraud in India and one of the major ones in world, yet another but biggest scandal in Indian history which resolves around key defense official. Read details in following news clip:

Indian Army



  1. Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by rogue elements in India itself to act as a catalyst in making / closing these deals as early as possible and also to eliminate their top Anti Terror Chiefs who knew about it… Just like the 9/11 was for securing Oil and selling Arms Contracts to their own companies held by U.S officials… Telling Iraq to have WMD, AlQaeda to be responsible for 9/11 and Pakistan a Terror state all part of it. And our corrupt officials are also cashing on it along with them…

  2. this proves both india and pak have corruption issues. but india seems better in this regard rit?

  3. @ sal

    Our army and defense people are not taking bribes for arms. Atleast they make money of the aid they get. india on the other hand robs itself. India is much much worse in this situation.

  4. wow
    what a big scandal.there is no such corruption case in our holy army.our generals are true heroes.they are living in rental houses and doing jobs for survival after retirement.our musharraf owns a flat in london worth 600 million rupees only.

  5. 1 million is average value of a good flat in good London area. Plus Musharaf has been delivering lectures and charges 150,000 to 200,000 dollars per lecture. With this kind on income he can buy a million pound flat. So what I am trying to say is that lets not jump the gun. Mush is far more open in discussing his personal affairs than any other leader. Plus we have not heard of any REAL corruption by Mush himself.

    Lets ask Nawaz Sharif about the tax he paid last year and ur eyes will pop:)

    • Dear yousaf
      i dont want to open a book against mush.you called him mush, can i ask why.?i have the right to ask so bcz for me there is a mere difference between bush and mush.you r looking a supporter of that cruel person,why u used same words for him.?
      as far as nawaz is concerned,i would like to make dua to Allah that” oh Allah give us rid from all these munafiqeen where ever they are and to which ever institute they belong.
      give us a Khalifah like Hazrat Umar(RA)

  6. 2 billion out of 30 billion as bribe . .Now that is less than 10%. India needs to work hard to catch up with Mr 10% government.

  7. @sharpedge
    it used to be Mr.10% now its Mr.20%.
    BTW would i be thrown in jail for 14 years for my above comment???

  8. Amjad,Mush had declared his wealth before taking over.None of the so-called leaders in Pakistan has done so except Shaukat . Why all this argument.If one wants to verify,he can do to prove if Mush had ill-gotten wealth.Others got their Haram wealth thru’ SROs.There was heavy customs duty on import of steel scrap and BMWs. When the ships arrived, SRO is issued to eliminate duties.Ships unloaded,SRO is issued to bring back the customs duties.It is all white collar crime.Noted journalist, Shaheen Sehbai,is a witness how Mush stepped in to stop corruption in a defence deal.
    Let us look forward and not allow corrupt politicians to loot the country again.God save Pakistan.Aameen.

  9. @paki
    bhai the topic was corruption in army deals,thats why i wrote about this.Mush declared his wealth before take over but did not announced after loosing presidency.wallah,for me this is non issue.what make me cry is the innocent people killed by this barbarian in Lal masjid,what make me cry is my sister Aafia siddiqie,what make me cry is the innocent killings and handing them over to USA.this all make me hate Mush from the core of my heart.

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