PPP Government’s PromiseMeter!

July 17, 2009

Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS)

PPP Government’s PromiseMeter for 2nd Quarter of Year 2009
PromiseMeter is an effort to keep track record of the promises that mainly the elected officials have made. This meter is a conscious effort to keep reminding the Government of all the promises that it would have made with the people of Pakistan. At the same time, this will act as a performance checklist for the people of Pakistan who voted in their government in historical February 2008 elections. The readings from the PromiseMeter is interpreted statistically and graphically for better understanding of the people interested in Pakistan.


As opposed to the first quarter of January-March, 2009, in second quarter of April-June 2009:

• President Zardari made 75% more promises.
• PM Gilani made 14% more promise.
• Other government officials made 14% less promises.
• Overall, the government officials made 75% more promises with Pakistani people.

Click here for all the promises data (MS Excel workbook).

Click here for comparison of both quarters of 2009.

Click here for PromiseMeter for the first quarter i.e. January-March 2009.

Click here for PromiseMeter for the second quarter i.e. April-June 2009.



  1. @ To all My brothers and sisters of Pakistan

    I must say guys and girls that these are revolutionary ideas you are comming up with and this is a very positive development. The day is not far now when we will Inshallah have a leader which is reflective of such accountability.

    Keep up the great work !

    Pakistan Zindabad !

  2. When are we getting rid of them? Every morning I wake up praying that we’d be rid of these !@@#$%##@#$ forever.

  3. Jaza-k-Allah,
    Excellent effort

    I would also love to know if the govt. has mistakenly fulfilled any one of these promises.

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