Indian World Record broken by Pakistani villagers!

July 16, 2009

Ministry of Environment on Wednesday scripted the Guinness World Record of tree plantation by planting 541,176 saplings in one day from sunrise to sunset, breaking the Indian record of 447,874 trees set on June 12-13 this year in Keti Bandar, Thatta.

Through the plantation held at Keti Bandar, Tehsil Thatta, some 150 kilometres in the Southeast of Karachi, broke Indian record of 447,874 trees that had beaten Mexico’s record of planting 348,493 trees on June 12-13 this year.

PKKH has received first hand exclusives images of the record breaking saplings plantation frenzy which are presented for our readers.

The plantation, kicked off by sunrise was culminated by sunset as per requirement of Guinness Book of World Records, in which the ministry three hundred planters, wearing green jackets, planted local species at Keti Bandar, Tehsil Thatta, some 150 kilometres in the Southeast of Karachi. The event was monitored by the IUCN representative Tahir Qureshi and independent monitor Marvi Memon.

After culmination of the plantation at sunset, the Minister for Environment Hamidullah Jan Afridi received a shield and certification of Guinness World Record in maximum tree plantation category from the representatives of the world body.

From becoming world champions in T20 cricket and setting up new world record to winning against Indian/CIA supported terrorists in North, Pakistan is rising and insha Allah – it will be our time and nobody can take it from us. Now, let’s see if our “fifth column of the enemy” media projects this side of Pakistan to the world or not, although the chances are very unlikely.



  1. now lets see Indians crying on the blog.. waiting..

    • boohoo… now pakistan has become the worlds greatest cuntry

      • thanks for proving my point.

  2. wooohoooo!!!! We are the champions my friend……


  4. While our India centric comparision is irrelevant,the achievement needs to be widely applauded and sustained

    • Now I don’t know if you really are a Pakistani, it is not centric comparison — it is a fact that India held record which was broken by Pakistan so saying Pakistan broke Indian record is NOT centric comparison… c’mon man, you seem to have some issues with Pakistan.

    • That is well said. There is no need to compare with India in all things small and big. This is a great achievement and wont harm anybody is other countries or others in Pakistan break this record. Go Green.

  5. so u guys competing with us indians? just like we competing with chinese? nice. healthy competetion is always good.

  6. why are people thinking that there is some comparison being done here. Inda was the record holder, Pakistanis planted more than the record, hence the headline. What else would you say?


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