“403.8 Access denied while hiding truth” – Is PPP government going to arrest CEOs of Google and Yahoo! also?

July 14, 2009

Frustrated over continued failures, PPP-led Government is now resorting to worst ever desperate measures by threatening its citizen from speaking truth about failures and corruption in government of Pakistan not to mention anything about Mr. 10%.

“Pakistan will start tracking and prosecuting people who send threats or propaganda via email or SMS against political leaders”, said Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

“People think it is easy to get away with such things but in reality, routing can be very easily tracked. We have also set up a special center where people can report such offensive emails and SMSs and we will catch the culprit within 48 hours we can catch them,” added the federal minister.

Okay, we are scared but is our government going to arrest CEO of Google for providing a search engine that gives following suggested search queries (generated automatically):

Click on image to enlarge


“Various concocted stories and propaganda against political leaders have come to our notice. We have marked some websites that are based abroad and our teams will be paying a visit to these countries soon. The Interpol too will be helping us, as the whole world is united against cyber crime,” he said.

“This campaign was started about two weeks ago and has only been made public now.” said Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, in an exclusive talk with a local news channel earlier today.

Probably little Bilawal got tired of receiving jokes about his Papa and asked him to take stringent measures to stop SMS and E-mails, so now Mr. Rehman Malik will be getting arrest warrants to apprehend Mr. Eric Schmidt (current Chairman and CEO of Google) with all his assets? If so, then what about Yahoo! for giving us following suggestions:

Click on image to enlarge


As a matter of fact, Government may clamp media from airing truth, it may cancel licenses of newspapers but it can never hide truth. Before we sign-off this post, let’s not forget our charming Ms. Sherry Rahman, suggested searches for her are also surprising:

Click on image to enlarge

sherry rahman_logo

So what about sending some feedback to minister@interior.gov.pk?

PKKH is not sure on the intentions and the extent to which PPP Government may go in their desperation – sending unnecessary emails to above address is not recommended for obvious reasons.

PKKH does not in anyway suggest pranks with Ministry of Interior.



  1. Funny

  2. Forget Zardari, I like the stuff on Sherry Rahman’s on photos 😛

  3. what a cry baby law

  4. ha ha ha another fake thing by PKKH guys.. type zardari in google and see for urself. this blatent lies will be wide open and stands exposed just as any other article.. ha h aha ha ah aha LOL

    • type google.com… and see. the results are indeed different.. PKKH.. please dont expose our lies like tihs.. lets keep it hidden..


        Dear Mr. Babblu,

        Renaming yourself would not make you Zaid Hamid.

        Being moderator, I can see that your IP belongs to an ISP in India – perhaps you don’t have shame to come here to lie again and again, and then putting false allegation on PKKH just like Mumbai attacks – perhaps this is the best Indians can do.

        The screen shots are NOT fake – we do not need to lie. Our screen shots are based on http://www.google.com.pk (Google Pakistan domain). Even if you try on http://www.google.com (International) then still there would be similar results but in different order.

        We have not checked http://www.google.in (Google India) because we do not consider it necessary.

        PKKH Moderator

    • its not fake, i tried it . *slap* now go back to your room.

      • hen putting false allegation on PKKH just like Mumbai attacks – perhaps this is the best Indians can do. ????? The whole world knows whos putting false allegations on mumbai attacks…. u cannot ignore the whole world’s comments on paki land. open ur eyes and see it for urself…… when the same PKKH member(The moderator) is posting pro-paki and anti-india messages by different names.. why not do the same.. but again its a moderator.. as said history will be written by the winners.. moderator can comment on anything and assume anyone’s identity…

      • get lost indian rat.

      • Way to go PKKH moderator….expose these rat face losers….

  5. I checked it. The suggestions list will change time to time because of what people search. But I have checked it and it is true. more of those links are still suggested like for example “Zardari Kutta”. hahahah

  6. This is a warning message. Our all-time popular government has enforced a law to hunt down those who joke about the government and the “LEADERS”. They will use the help of Inerpol if needed. You cannot hide. Dont send funny SMS about Mr.10% (Did I say Zardar??? NO). If you still do they will catch you even if you are in Sweden.

    dear Mr. president, kindly forgive me this last joke in the true spirit of free speech.

    Robber: Give me all your money!
    Zardari: Don’t you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari!
    Robber: Okay. Give me all my money!

    ………… ……… ……

    Terrorists have kidnaped Our Beloved ZARDARI
    & demanded $5000000 in ransom, otherwise they will Burn him wid Petrol.

    Plz Donate!!!

    I have donated 5 litres.
    ………… ……… ……… ….

    • third class jokes.. u want me to laugh on thosee.. .ok.. theek hain.. ha ha ha ah ah.. is it ok???

      • if you dont want to laugh, I wont force you. On the other hand, you are free to cry but I wont recomend that. By the way, its my president, I do have the right to criticize or appriciate him. Who the hell you are feelig such sorry for him????

    • hehehehe 🙂 Good ones!!!

      • ofcourse, its ur president, did i ever said that he is my mr.10%, the answer is a BIG NO. or may be if u can read better english u can make out that in my statements. hmmm and regarding feeling sorry?? did i anywhere mentioned that i felt sorry?? only if u can read/write better english. the way u have every right to talk, in the same way i do.. isnt it. mr. paki… u dont have any right to ask me if i feel sorry or not. if i feel.. wats up to u.. if not.. wats up to u.. grow up kid.. be broadminded .. and dont behave like a frog in a well.. hamido…

  7. Just goes onto show that the biggest enemies for a common man in Pakistan and India are not their neighbours but the thieves that they have in their own society. These politicians will make us fight for their gains. If only both our nations used our energies to get rid of people like him, we will have more prosperity in the region.
    God bless you all.

  8. Reading comments from Bablu, its funny how much an ordinary indian wants zardari to be respected….i think he is going by the adage ” an enemy of your enemy is a friend”…. he seems to be a fast friend of Zardari’s..

    • It is an old tactic, Baniya nation does not have courage to fight battle in grounds so they tend to culvilate and support hostilities in enemy territory.

      • ha ha ah look whos talking.. dont have enough courage to fight in ground.. introspect dear introspect.. we dont support any so called insurgencies like LET, Al queda.. etc.. etc.. thought u might say that, give us proof, there is enough proof that the whole world had seen.. .. and why is this site not talking about the chinese agression in URUMQUi.. arent they ur muslim brothers, or is it that if china does brutul massacre of muslims in their motherland, its not called a massacre..open ur eyes and be broadminded.. or to sum it up if ur friend does killings of mulims.. u wont call for a holy war.. JEHAD.. i think westerens are right in displaying their freedom of expression.. he he he…

      • Chota munh aur bari baat Bablu beta……

  9. What a shame this f#$%%K governemt is bringing to Pakistan. Corruption is up 400% according to reports.
    Rehman Malik ko uskay manhoos baalon say pakar kur road pur reengna chaiye hai. Allay miya Zardari and Co ko Kuttay ki maut dena.AMEEN!!!!!!!!

    • Ameen….. will I go to jail for saying ameen???? 😉

  10. Guys I found this Facebook group:

    The name of group is ZARDARI KANJAR “Kanjaro Ka Kanjar” — HAHAHA…

    Must watch the Zardari’s photograph at title page.

    • lol… i saw it, its awesome..

      • Hey whtz this Zardari Kuta ringtone??

  11. Oh heeheehee

    This article is indeed funny.I like jokes on politicians.

    I did a search and cant stop laughing.Here is a complete list of popular searches on Respected Sir Miyan Zardari :-

    zardari thief
    zardari witch
    zardari to resign
    zardari ullu ka pattha
    zardari unpopular
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    zardari flirting
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    zardari harami
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    zardari corrupt
    zardari bastard
    zardari biggest loser
    zardari sucks

    and last but not the least….. its uncensored

    zardari madarchod

    Try it yourself 🙂 😀

  12. President Zardari is fighting for Pakistan ; he is true hero of Pakistan ; he won the war at swat Malakand front ; he will win war at Bait Ullah Mehsud front in Waziristan agency ; He has tried his level best to improve relations with India ; He has put USA on front to triple aid to Pakistan ; he created “friends of Pakistan forum” to help Pakistani IDPs ; he created reconciliation with Political opponents ; he is savior of Pakistan nuclear program and Pak army ; he is giving full attention to Balochistan province and so on……….; I think some people have no other job instead of making fun of Zardari ; If federal government want to keep track of fake , bogus , ill motivated and anti Pakistan , anti army and anti PPP leadership SMS and E mails then I appreciate this step ; positive and result oriented criticism is required instead of fun and waste of time

    • wow!!! you my friend are seriously delusional. And who said that being anti-Zardari means that one is Anti-Army when one is looting the country and the other is giving it’s blood to save it! We love our army and always will, they are the mujahids of this Ummah.

      • hehe good one Javed…. your jokes are the best on this site… are you a federal minister by any chance???

  13. well …bablu …if u have any problem i can correct….go to ur fucking country …bhindia….aur us gandhi ko kuch kapre wager pehnaoo….nude ..bastard..saala thand se hi mar gaya …aur apne dimaag ka ilaaj karao ….ho sakta hai tumhare doctor ka bhi dhandha chal jaye…and well about mumbai attacks …not we …u should go and search ..what world is saying about indian bastard …mumbai attack was a fake ….u tried to blame on us but failed..u r exposed….kis world ki baat kar rahe ho ..US ki, Israel ki, Uk ki ….the world already hates these fucking countries ..and the same is for Randia….

  14. india the killer
    india the terrorist country in the world
    india the bastard
    india the fuckig country

    fighting karni hai to saamne aa kar karo na …yeh hijro ki tarha peeche se bakwas na karo…u have sent a terrorist Sarbajeet Singh…in pakistan….ur RSS , shiv Seena, and ur bastard Narendar Modi are involved in many riots in Ahmedabad and Gujrat….Kashmir ka badla abhi baaki hai ..India is involved in samjhota express tragedy…and now new game has been played …blaming pakistan …on all these tragedies ….Hyderabd Deccan, Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, Dehli, Lucknow and all others muslim places are the part of pakistan ….we will get them at all cost

    we are waiting for Gazwa-e-Hind

    and yeah this zardari bastard…the worst person in the history of pakistan

    • Saare Indian khade hoke mootne lage to Pakistan mein baad aa jayega .. So sambhalke baat karo.

      As far I see, Zardari is a perfect Pakistani. He epitomizes the culture and values that you stand for.

      • Thats what Indians are best at when they are faced with fear…

        ((PISS IN THEIR PANTS!!))

  15. Lolz.. Try on Google.ae

    Zardari second marriage
    Zardari killed Benazir <<<<<
    Zardari scandal
    Zardari Kutta
    Zardari kuta
    zardari 2nd marriage
    Zardari corruption
    Zardari SMS
    Zardari biography

  16. nice jokes.
    i also want to tell to all my borthers who ever read this comments.
    plz this is nice lesson for us. I am not staying in pakistan but as i seen in news i am really scared. what will happen to my country.

    Plz who elected this gov. we only given votes and they came in to power. and now these fuckers drinking our blood. and enjoying there lifes. They dont care if anybody die with hunger or with bomb attacks.
    There aim is only to make there bank balance and last they will run from pakistan. as others gone.

    Plz for God sake open your eyes. I am not talking about Muslim League (N)or PPP . I am talking about when you will give your vote think for pakistan. Now this is the time to see there evil faces.
    plz dont forget what happen to us due to these corrupt leaders.

    May God Bless our country. I really feel pain in my heart. when i am listening news everyday. Why these politican not understand this thing. They can earn money and they can settle in any country in the world. But they cannot get there own country. They always untill die will be only recognize as pakistani.
    So why they are doing this to PAKISTAN.

  17. To Bablu

    Sweetheart I know you are a great English scholar and a citizen of “First world” INDIA. I am weak at English because I am a little bit desi. Your comments imply that you cannot digest anything that doesnt match what you think. Perhaps you should grow up and be broadminded to digest such jokes. Dont laugh baby. Cry ok.

  18. that is an international truth man….how this govt especially Mr Interior Minister gona talk about his great leader Mr 10% Zardari….??? Mr Rehman Malik plz plz do contact interpol….hehe n ensure arrest of Google & Yahoo CEOs….or otherwise stop making stupid statements!!!
    anyway forget about Zardari…try your name Mr Rehman Malik…some of the results for u…

    rehman malik qadiani
    rehman malik scandal
    rehman malik and sherry rehman
    rehman malik wife
    rehman malik barber

  19. Babbu
    I know you who you are. You are Babu Bajrangi bravest son of India. You and your gangster under full authority of Indian Government rape innocnent mulsim girls, killed the chidlren in pregnant muslim ladies wombs. You killed mulims in India for fun and than accept committing of these crimes on camera. You burn catholics because they preach the religion which you cannot digest.
    Good on you

  20. PKKH zindabad.

  21. I think it’s injustice not to give rehman malik due :IZAT AFZYEE”.

  22. طالبان اور امریکہ آخری معرکہ لڑنے کی تیاریوں میں


  23. zaradri image was nice

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