BrassTacks: CIA’s threats to Pakistan | Episode 6

July 13, 2009

BrassTacks presents another bitter-facts series exposing threats to Pakistan and deliberate ignorance of current government. Zaid Hamid exposes the covert war which CIA is waging against Pakistan, as he explains the current domestic scenario of Pakistan and the threats to our nationals security that we face due to CIA covert ops and US policies.

In latest episode of the series, cutting edge analysis of the current scenario are presented by Zaid Hamid.

Watch Episode 1 | Watch Episode 2 | Watch Episode 3 | Watch Episode 4 | Watch Episode 5

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



  1. […] threats to Pakistan Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | Episode 6 […]

  2. How can american marines enter from makraan under Pakistan navy’s watchful gaze?

    • They never come dressed up and in full gear as US Marines rather in disguised form and of course with support from local traitors.

  3. agar mard hai to jo faisla banaane ka baat kar rahe ho kar lo… aise hijron ki tarah us ladki ke saamne baith ke kya bakwaas karta hai… agar ek baap ka beta hai toh kar le jo kar sakta hai.. India is ready for you!!!!!

  4. Dear Sri,

    first of all take a caution in in tone.

    Second, if India was ready for us then why did you not attack us after the Bombay drama or even in 2001 when you had 1 million soldiers on our borders?

    No, we have called your bluff. Talking is cheap. Your leadership can not afford a direct confrontation with Pakistan as your strength lies in covert operations. A direct conflict with a nuclear power would harm you to such an extent that a war would be counter productive, specially in these global recession times.

    But if you think your country has an overwhelmingly power then please come. We are after all right next to you.

    Happy atomic holiday!

    Best regards,
    you next door neighbor Shah.

  5. sri just shut up you cow urine drinker..

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