Rape the one you like, laws are there to cover-up

July 11, 2009

India’s draconian laws
Amjed Javed | Daily.PK

On May 29, a housewife Neelofar (22) and her sister-in-law 17-year-old Asiya went missing in occupied Kashmir. Their dead bodies were later recovered from Rambiyar stream. The local residents were convinced that they were assaulted and killed by Indian-army personnel. However, the local police shrugged off the matter as a routine death by drowning.

Following villagers’ sustained protests, the `state’ government was forced to initiate an inquiry into the incident. The commission, led by Justice Muzaffar Jan, was asked to `find out the causes and circumstances leading to the death of the two women, fix accountability and punishment, recommend remedial measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents, and establish the role of government agencies including police and the civil administration’.

The Commission rejected the police account of the incident. It confirmed shoddy investigation by the police, civil administration, medical team and the Forensic Science Laboratory to cover up the truth. But, it refrained from pinpointing that the criminal assault was committed by army personnel.

Indian army and security forces commit human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir with impunity, sheltered by Armed Forces’ Special Powers Act and similar laws. That’s why not only the protestors and opposition political parties, but also the `state’ government demanded repeal of the black laws. On his visit to the valley, India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram promised to `relook into the law giving special powers to armed forces’. However, it is eerie to note that the Indian Army Chief, in an interview to a private TV channel, NDTV, defended retention of AFSPA as a shield for the Armed forces in the occupied territory. He minced no words to flatly admit: “AFSPA is needed to protect the troops legally [against their crimes].”

India claims to be the “world’s greatest democracy”. But, its shiny face has been scarred by its repressive inhuman laws. We would focus only on two such laws, Indian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act [AFSPA], and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The cataclysmic impact of these laws is that they clothe police, armed forces and security personnel with emergency powers without explicitly abrogating people’s fundamental rights under the Indian Constitution (a fundamental right per se cannot be usurped or altered). These laws are called “draconian’ as penalties under this law are akin to those stipulated in Draco’s code of 610 BC to forestall future revolts by common men.

The code provided death penalty for even trivial offenses like stealing an apple, or an earthenware utensil.

India’s Telegraph Act makes intercepts inadmissible as evidence. But UAPA allows it. Like its predecessor, the Prevention of Terrorism Act, it also attaches evidential value to the telephonic, telegraphic and internet conversations. Any mischievous police officer with malafide intent can misinterpret a conversation to send a person to the gallows. The brutality of the law was brought into limelight when S. A. R Geelani, a Kashmir lecturer in Delhi University was implicated for attack on the Indian parliament (December 13). He was awarded death penalty by the fast-track court on the basis of wrong translation of the three words “Delhi kya korua’’, “what has happened in New Delhi”, picked up from his one-minute conversation with his brother.

The police stock witness translated the three words as “what have you done’’. The Kashmiri equivalent for the police translation is “yeh kya korua” which the lecturer did not say in his conversation. After two years of his solitary confinement in death cell, the appellate court acquitted the lecturer honorably when the lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, submitted correct translation of the words. Interestingly, the prosecution’s misinterpreted transcript of conversation lasted for two minutes while the actual conversation took only one-minute’s duration.

The conversation between S. A. R Geelani and his brother Shah Faisal was in Kashmiri. Not to speak of linguistic mastery, the person intercepting the conversation on December 13 did not know a single word of Kashmiri Language. Next day, the Special Cell brought in an “expert” to translate the conversation. But the Special cell’s expert was a person, who knew only tidbits of Kashmiri language, not intonations or linguistic nuances. He was educated only up to the sixth grade.

He could only read and speak Hindi, not write it. As such, his spoken translation of the conversation was converted into a written text by another person. What a pity! It is this translation that was used as key evidence to charge Geelani. It appears unreasonable even for the most fertile imagination to stretch the meaning of the words “what have you done in Delhi’’ as a reference to participation in the December 13 attack on Indian parliament. The background to the conversation is that the lecturer’s brother, as instructed by their worried mother, wanted to know why Geelani had canceled his plans to visit Baramullah (IHK) during the Eid Holidays.

Till the draconian laws are repealed, India’s reign of terror in occupied Kashmir will go on unabated.



  1. @ To the Indians

    This is what happens when you make the lowest scum of the earth the presidents of a former muslim country. India or shall i say the mughal empire of the muslims was known for its justice and peace. And now look, you give the reigns of power to bigots and you see their ugly face.

    During the height of power the Mughal Empire had a GDP percentage of 24% of the World’s Gross Domestic Product. Bigger even than the United States !..and now look the most hungry people are found in India!

    We were so rich that the british came down and they enlightened their tiny island by wealth from our Empire. And who conspired with them ?..these filthy bastards who are now running the show!

    Fear Not..The Muslims will rise again to take their land. Once and for all !.. This time it will be forever Inshallah !

    We are with you kashmiris …Our prayers are with you !

  2. I like the way you dream.
    By the way India was never a Muslim country nor will it be. Islam was spread by sword and only people who converted were the ones who were people didnot have courage to stand up for what they believed. They chose to convert and cut their penises for the sake of a second class life. Not much can be expected from the decadent of such courage-less people.

    • Dreams!!!!!!!!

      Ahhhhhh… thats what pakistan has…. sweet dreams of destruction of India.

      At least we should allow them to dream… it does no harm 🙂

      Seems like “Emperor.Babur” is always sleeping 🙂

    • Agnostic Indian
      Every time u talk it amazes me that how can someone come up with so much $hit!

      Firstly forceful conversion is forbidden in Islam, there is a verse stating that in the Holy Quran. If Islam was spread by sword there wouldn’t be a single hindu temple or any other seminary in the sub continent! And it’s amazing how you talk about ‘cut there penises’ in every other topic coz nowadays there are LOT of Christians who are getting there sons circumcised due to hygiene and health reasons. Google the scientific benefits of getting a circumcision you ignorant fool!

      Secondly all the people residing in the sub continent are NOT converts MOST of them are descendants of arabs and other Muslims who either conquered these countries or came people to invite to Islam and settled in these regions!

      Now get back to changing ur daughter’s diapers!

  3. @To one of my illegal son Babur whose mom I raped.

    Allah gave you 1000 years to convert Hindus but you were not able convert even 50% and there are 850,000,000 Hindus in India today.Also you did not rule whole India and mainly North India.

    I am ashamed of decendants like you Babur.You are a dirt drop of my brave blood.

    • Dear Raped Woman’s Son and my Dad Genghis,

      Keeping in view the legacy of your family where every woman was raped, I thought I will not do this with Indian women during my regime and that’s what I exactly did.

      Also, after your death as kafir, I am sure you will be enjoying in hell with your friend Pharoah, I knew that there is no forced conversion in Islam, therefore, since I was not a murderer like you or your friends in India who murdered innocent Muslims of Gujrat in 2002, so from your point of view I failed.

      I failed just like your dynasty faded into history with your kingdom left in the pages of books but still, other than morons like you and cow pee drinking Hindus, big number of people consider me a great Emperor and are proud of me.

      Keep burning in hell daddy, but don’t worry many from Indian army will be joining you in hell soon.

  4. btw…..

    I cant see ANY MENTION of the massacre of muslims in China in Xinjiang on this site.

    WHY??? This is not a small news.

    So this means pak has secretly admired this act by chinese.Also China is supressing its 60-70 million muslims and not allowing to live like normal muslims.Muslims are even forced to live like traditional chinese which includes eating pig meat everyday.

    What happened to paks claim of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’???

    • Because they need help from the evil chinese to fight Indians. When you need to fight Indians, you can forget small things like Chinese muslims or what Quran says about killing innocent people.

  5. U afraid of publishing comments mate? I thank ur religion for spreading hate and the fake prophet Mohammed **********************************

    ***MOD WARNING***:
    Your comments have not been allowed due to severe abusing of Prophets of Islam, particularly Mohammad (s.a.w.) and Islam itself. This is first and final warning, if you do not refrain from using such vulgarl language you will face a ban forever. From this comment of yours, abusive words have been removed.

    Again, this is first and final warning – choice is yours.

  6. @ Agnostic Indian

    Islam prohibits killing of ANY innocent human being regardless of religion!

    And where does the sayings of Bible go whn Hindus are killing Christians in Orissa?? Where does those sayings go when Christians including priests complain that Jews in Israel spit on there faces as they find them dirty??

    where does the sayings of Geeta go whn you kill innocent Dalits, or when they are showered with Piss when they sit for exams with brahmins as dalit may be unlucky for the brahmins? And where does your LOVE for Gandhi go whn u take help from a country 7 times smaller thn u (Israel) as Gandhi was anti-Israel??

    But like AGNOSTIC said India can forget lil things like wht there religious scriptures or there founding fathers say whn they fight Pakistan! NOW BUZZ OFF YOU MORONS!

  7. […] Rape & The Ugly Indian Rape as you like, laws are there to cover-up ‘Secular India’ is a myth – Emraan Hashmi India Drowning In Its Own Excrement Molested In The […]

  8. To hindus,
    Why u talk about other religions when ur own religion is not least civilized. You hate shudars but like to eat with rats… u have highest rate of rape in ur country… u r the largest HIV+ nation…killings based on religion specially Muslims is ur routine… DO you have any ethical rule in ur religion or india. You have born to suffer in this life and afterwards. Are u proud on ur so called 62years of history which i tried to depict in above lines. Have u done any thing good in these years??? btw why you try to convince us on ur nobility on our forum by abusing our religion??? We know the reality and will cop with u. What ever u think or do but what we know is that you are indecent people and can never cure.


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