Pakistan’s northern Iraq

July 11, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi | http://www.AhmedQuraishi.com

Like Turkey, Pakistan too has a northern Iraq. It’s called Karzai’s Afghanistan. Islamabad needs to adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward the Karzai regime. Pakistani fighter jets should cross the border and bomb the terror training camps that send terrorists to Pakistan, including suspected Indian intelligence outposts. If the U.S. military and Karzai’s intelligence service can’t do anything about a third country like India using Afghanistan to export terror, then Pakistan should. It may sound farfetched considering that the elected Pakistani government has just conferred the highest civilian award to a fourth American citizen in less than a year. But it can be done. Here’s how.

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  1. attacking indians assets in afganistan is only solution to stop nonsense in Baluchistan and NWFP and rest of Pakistan. India is a snake for whole sub-continent; it is spreading the poison against Pakistan with every possible mean. indian army is dominated by hindu extremists, trying best to create as many narendra modi as they can. best sign of hindu hate campaign is the indian army. Muslims are 15-20% or more of whole indian population and their representation in forces is 3% or even less.

    what india is doing under the americans’ umberalla in afghanistan should only be curb with a direct attack on afghan soil by Pakistan Army. This is war and everything is allowed in war and love and we are in love with war now.

    “a stable Pakistan is not wanted” indian analysts concluded many times so answer them in same manner “stable india is not required full of hindu rats”

    long live Pakistan

  2. @Kiani aka obidient servant of US

    Kiani sahab aap to ek bewkoof general ho jiska kaam sirf America ka hukm bajana hai.This pic says all in which Kiani is taking ORDERS like a obedient boy from Pakistans Supreme commander US chief Mullen:-

    Let me educate you about your OWN pak fauj.

    “Pakistan army recruits first Hindu cadet”

    Hmmm… how many Hindus are in pak army? Just one recently and his name is Danesh which is a muslim name so not sure if he is indeed a Hindu.
    Hindus are 1.6% of pak population.

    pak fauz is 600,000 so the % of a Hindu in pak fauj is like .000001% which is PATHETIC.

    In comparison there are about 30-35,000 muslims in Indian fauj which makes up about 3%.

    This tells the difference.

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