Another Am-Brit scare tactic for Pakistan and Muslims

July 11, 2009

This is another example of the scare campaign that the American and the British [Am-Brit] media is busy waging against Pakistan.

Hizb al-Tahrir is a small British Muslim group. It is not only based in the UK but some of its members were granted political asylum by successive British governments. There have been reports that the British secret service MI6 has actually penetrated the group and succeeded in planting or recruiting agents to be used in their countries of origin.

The Hizb has always been peaceful and its members were never found involved in violence. But it is their position that all governments in Arab and Muslim nations need to be removed in order to establish a Muslim empire.

Nothing wrong with that. They’re free to believe in this and promote it peacefully. We have Israelis who believe in reviving the Kingdom of Israel from the Niles to the Euphrates. And we have Americans who believe America must wage wars in order to preserve its supremacy and end competition. And we have Indians who believe God is a monkey or a cow. So big deal if we have the Hizb.

The Hizb has never specifically focused on Pakistan because the group is equally present in almost all the major Arab and Muslim nations.

But here we have the Sunday Times specifically creating a scare over Pakistan. Why? Because it fits into the Am-Brit campaign of lying to the world about Pakistan and creating an image where Britain and the US could argue that the world allow these two to invade another nation for the sake of world peace.

Pakistani politicians visit Washington and London frequently but are scared to raise this anti-Pakistan campaign in the Am-Brit media.

Maybe this is because most of these politicians have their properties and assets in London. This Am-Brit campaign has tremendously damaged Pakistan’s image worldwide through lies and inaccuracies.

There is enough evidence that the Am-Brit media is indulging in targeted campaigns that serve the objectives of their governments and their military, like the gang-up on Iran.

Pakistan should demand that this anti-Pakistanism stop.

It’s also interesting to note who is behind this anti-Pakistanism. The Sunday Times is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Mr. Murdoch’s other media group, FoxNews, has been dedicated to the cause of the new empire builders in Washington and their poodles in London.



  1. Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan that can be easily invaded.We’re a nuclear power andmust never shy of using our weapons to defend the nation.

  2. What is shocking is that preachers of NWO (New World Order) at Government level are criticizing Hizbut Tehreer, which is a small organization mainly located in Western countries. Unlike the preachers of NWO, Hizb does not have access to any Government officials for the achievement of their objectives.

  3. And we have Pakistanis who go around killing innocent people in the name of whatever..

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