Unidentified chopper seen flying over Masjid-e-Qadsiah

July 10, 2009

**PKKH Exclusive**

Is Hafiz Saeed still on target?

Is Hafiz Saeed still on target?

Friday, July 10, 2009:

PKKH has received some reports that an unidentified chopper was seen flying over Masjid-e-Qadsiah in Lahore when Hafiz Saeed of Jamat-ud-dawaa was giving a speech in Masjid around Asr prayers and after awhile gun shots were heard.

Witnesses have informed PKKH that first they observed a private chopper in white color closing in and flying at low altitude it circled around masjid twice. As the chopper was completing second circle gun shots were heard. It could not be confirmed whether the shots were fired from chopper or who was the target or purpose but no casualities were reported.

PKKH anticipates that most probable target was Hafiz Saeed, however, we are trying to get further details relating to incidence. Watch this space for further updates.



  1. is it for real ?

  2. Watching this space, please release an update.

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