Zaid Hamid: Iqbal Ka Pakistan | Episode 18

July 8, 2009

With Ali Azmat on Aag TV

Zaid Hamid and Ali Azmat (formerly of Junoon) take live calls and discuss ideology, vision and mission of Allama Iqbal and its relevance with the current times, and answer questions from the youth of Pakistan in his latest episode of “Iqbal Ka Pakistan” series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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  2. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/World/Urumqi-China-bans-mosque-prayers/articleshow/4761082.cms..

    CHINA BANS MOSQUE PRAYERS.. now.. u mullah and moulavis and hamids and querishis .. wat do u have to say about this.. if this done was done by india.. u guys would have shouted over teh top.. hypocrites..

  3. Bablu

    China is trying to quell the violence which you have created in CHina together with your israeli Masters.

    We very well know who is our friend and who is our enemy. Your place is in the doghouse – stay there !

    Remaining portion of your comment has been deleted due to unnecessary offensive language.

  4. And secondly China has not Banned ISlam – They have banned it in certain affected areas .. And people who are responsible for DEMOLISHING THE BABRI MOSQUE SHOULDNT BE PREACHING ABOUT SUCH MATTERS !

    First learn to sort out your truths and then start barking !

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