India to launch media campaign against Pakistan

July 8, 2009

The Indian government is preparing to launch a media campaign against Pakistan in the border areas of occupied Kashmir, India’s Junior Minister Information and Broadcasting CM Jatua said on Tuesday.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, the junior minister said, the Indian government was considering increasing the coverage of All-India Radio and Doordarshan – the Indian state media – in the region.

He said a special package had been approved for the Kashmir region in September 2007, whereby Doordarshan had provided direct-to-home TV sets to the IHK government. Jatua said the ministry had undertaken a motivational programme to sensitise people living along its international borders to check the spread of any anti-India sentiment.



  1. now that they know that their backs have been broken in Malakand, they have to open another front. Plus I believe the Indians know we have proof against them of their involvment in Swat and sooner or later it will surface diplomatically, what better way to counter it, than to start a propoganda campaign preemptively. The Indian motto: Lie consistenly until in the minds of the people it becomes true. That is exactly what they ve been doing for such a long time.

    • And you believe the whole world is foolish enough to belive a false propaganda??

      • i feel like im talking to sheep. Sri man, the whole world was led to believe Iraq had WMDs. now, whats your point again?

      • Yeah like they made believe that 9/11 was done by AlQaeda…

  2. Either way, generally speaking even if one continues to lie frequently,a time comes when they forget, what the truth really was and believe strongly the lie to be the truth. and continue to stick with it…

  3. Someone should remind these geniuses that anything they plan to do in Kashmir is in vein. And they have themselves to blame for that.

  4. India is becoming increasingly desperate!.They know that all attempts to destabalise Pak have failed so must think of something else.

    Naxalites to name just one group are breaking Indian backs!

  5. well i want to say thay
    Israel is game planner
    in 1948 when Israel states is created
    his president i think or his governer general
    said that
    we must destroy pakistan
    but at that time they r not in power like now a days
    in media Israel is not threatening us but means not giving any kind statement that we have to destroy PAKISTAN
    he used america , india
    especially investing in india for there military purpose
    to increase the military of india and make them stronger
    but thanks to ALLAH that ALLAH make PAKISTAN stronger and stronger
    and thts a good sign
    we have to thanks ALLAH every time

  6. lolz !!! no offense but these hindus triEd thErE businesses off to screw Pakis up but no use ALLAH is with us INSHA ALLAH our enemies will face seviere down fall soon (AMIN)

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