BrassTacks: CIA’s threats to Pakistan | Episode 5

July 8, 2009

BrassTacks presents another bitter-facts series exposing threats to Pakistan and deliberate ignorance of current government. Zaid Hamid exposes the covert war which CIA is waging against Pakistan, as he explains the current domestic scenario of Pakistan and the threats to our nationals security that we face due to CIA covert ops and US policies.

In latest episode of the series, cutting edge analysis of the current scenario are presented by Zaid Hamid. This episode was aired on 5th July 2009.

Watch Episode 1 | Watch Episode 2 | Watch Episode 3 | Watch Episode 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



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  2. Here is the MP3 Format of this program.

  3. We need more people like Zaid Hamid to come out in the media and tell the truth. My Allah protect our country and muslims all over.

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