Pakistan’s operation doesn’t serve US interests

June 18, 2009

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Army Operation Not Intended To Disrupt Afghan Jihad

Islamabad has not targeted Washington’s main enemies — Afghan Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders on the Pakistani border — and instead has directed its assault on Pakistani Taliban, US officials and analysts say.

Pakistan’s interests ‘don’t necessarily align 100 per cent with the US as well as allies’ interests,’ said a US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s offensive against Taliban militants has won praise from Washington but may bring little benefit to US forces in neighboring Afghanistan, experts and US officials say.

Having pressed Pakistan to take on militants on its soil, Washington has hailed Islamabad for its anti-Taliban military campaign launched in April.

But Islamabad has not targeted Washington’s main enemies — Afghan Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders on the Pakistani border — and instead has directed its assault on Pakistani Taliban, officials and analysts say.

Pakistan’s interests ‘don’t necessarily align 100 per cent with the US as well as allies’ interests,’ said a US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Pakistani forces are focusing on the Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud and his network, blamed for a wave of attacks that have killed nearly 2,000 in the past two years.

‘It appears as though Pakistan still has the same policy as before and continues to differentiate between the ‘good Taliban,’ being the ones who attack US and NATO forces, … and the ‘bad Taliban,’ like Baitullah Meshud, being the ones who attack the Pakistani government,’ said Malou Innocent of the CATO Institute.

The problem is that ‘at a strategic level Pakistan and the US are not on the same page,’ Innocent said. ‘Until US lawmakers recognize that, we are going to be in Afghanistan in perpetuity.’ Islamabad remains reluctant to move against Afghan Taliban, such as militants led by Mullah Omar or the Haqqani network, as it views them as useful in countering the influence of its arch-enemy India in Afghanistan, analysts said.

‘Indians do have an influence in Afghanistan and Karzai has a friendly relationship with India,’ said Caroline Wadhams, national security analyst at the Center for American Progress.

‘They are scared that the US will get out of Afghanistan and that Afghanistan becomes more and more of an Indian satellite.

‘So they keep these groups of Afghan Taliban around that are attacking into Afghanistan to stem the growing influence of India in Afghanistan,’ she said.

President Barack Obama’s administration insists the Pakistan offensive serves US interests, though not necessarily delivering a direct benefit in Afghanistan, where 56,000 US troops are serving along with about 34,000 allied foreign troops.

‘The Pakistani extremist threat was a very urgent threat, very close to Islamabad and extending in geography,’ said a senior US defense official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Islamabad’s army operations have put pressure on members of the Al-Qaeda network allied with Pakistani Taliban and cut off a potential safe haven in the Swat Valley, the official said.

‘There are some groups that we’d like the Pakistanis to take more action against, for example the Afghan Taliban, but we share a common interest against the Pakistan Taliban,’ he said.

US officials acknowledge the army assault in the Swat Valley has had no effect on the movement of militants across the border into Afghanistan from bases in Pakistan.

While Washington has welcomed plans by the Pakistan army to open up a second front in South Wazirstan, some analysts say the move in the lawless tribal belt could push militants over the border to neighboring Afghanistan.— AFP



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  3. this is good , we should not target the afghan taliban.. we should only kill bait and his associates, let them cry as much as they want.. they havent been able to handle afganistan for 8 years now, and they are whining abt Pakistan not doing enough.. go suck an egg!

  4. That is how it works, at the strategic level, between the countries. Any two countries of the world would cooperate and support each other only to the extent that serves their national interests. That fact can not be truer than the case of Pak-America relations since early fifties. Pakistan joined SETO and CENTO to get military h/w to safeguard its sovereignty against the Indian aggression, which started right after the partition in 1947. USA, on the other hand, wanted Pakistan to act as a blocking wall against the rapidly expanding Soviet communism. Americans slammed an arms embargo against Pakistan in 1965 war accusing Pakistan of using the American supplied weapons against India. The two countries again cooperated during the Afghan war against Soviets in eighties. As soon as the Soviets retreated in humiliation from Afghanistan, USA not only ended the cooperation but rather went out of its way to spoil the strategic fruits, then expected for Pakistan, of that huge victory of historic proportions. Rather Pakistan faced more sanctions and blackmail – so much so that USA reneged a commercial deal to buy F16 fighters and robbed the money that was paid upfront for those planes. The money was later returned in the form of wheat and soybeans. These are only a few of many such instances.

    It is no secret that the TTP is funded, equipped, and actively supported by Pakistan’s enemy countries active in Afghanistan, which is under the effective control of occupying foreign forces. If NATO and USA can not stop that mischief and terrorism against Pakistan being staged under their nose in Afghanistan, how can one expect that Pakistan would spare the TTP terrorists and open a new front against the Afghan militants (only some of them are Afghan Taliban) who are not the enemies of Pakistan or fighting against Pakistanis. Both Pakistan and the USA share an interest to fight against their common enemy and that is TTP of Bait Mahsud.

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  6. the bottom line is this. Any group that murders innocent people by encouraging others to commit suicide bombings and the blowing up of mosques are traitors to their religion, their country and themselves. This should be the biggest clue who exactly they are working for and its not for the best welfare of Pakistan or Afghanistan. They are foreign agents, but what is so sad the people working for them who they command have no idea. Its time for us to reject them where ever they are.

  7. I am sorry- I do not agree because this is sposnsored ‘war’ and PAK is well paid by US and more money is demanded few days back[ USD 2.5 billion ] and I am of the view that very soon PAK may ask USA for insurance policies of it’s soldiers.

    Friends- this is loud and clear that US is calling shots and not only in PAK, in India too. This is Sam Uncle which is playing tunes and we all are dancing and those who do not dance- are treated like IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and now IRAN. PAK is helping US by being on PAID SERVICE because US can not fight with afghan and taliban- they just can not tolerate heat and body bags. Moreover- USa also wants to take away world from questions of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which no one could find in IRAQ and now we all know that thousands of killings in IRAQ was not for weapons…but for PETROL. This was a plain loot and no one dared to raise voice. Not any UN or any one in the world..because big daddy , Uncle Sam may get angry.

    As for as I see- PAK was best , tensionless while under army rule. Gen. Mush was better than PPP and Mr. 10% and still army should come forward and takeover but problem is USA do not want army right now-because it can not pay to a army regime. So?
    PPP is required by USA right now to continue it’s fight against terror !!

  8. America should go to hell, they have no business in Afghanistan, they are unable to capture Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri, the main culprits who as per American claim are behind 9/11.

    Actually, Osama Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri are the “COVER STORY” of illegitimate American invasion on Afghanistan. America invaded Afghanistan because of its strategic location and now Afghanistan is the centeral place for all anti-Pakistan and anti-China activities. The sole beneficiary of American invasion on Afghanistan is Hindu India, which is able to recruit agents like Brahamdagh Bugti and Baitullah Mehsud to create mayhem in Pakistan.

    America is responsible for all suicide attacks in Pakistan and for current wave of violance. All the attacks in Pakistan are Indian+Israeli funded which are carried out with the TACIT UNDERSTANDING of American CIA. So, America is an equal criminal on current situation of Pakistan.

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