US, Israel and India backing Baitullah Mehsud: reveals close aide

June 18, 2009

Haji Turkistan Betani, a former close aide of Baitullah Mahsud, has claimed that assassination of Benazir Bhutto was plotted by Baitullah Mehsud.

Talking to Sana Bucha in Crisis Cell programme of Geo News, Haji Turkistan said that he was with Baitullah, who had stated that he had sent two persons to Rawalpindi for assassinating Benazir Bhutto. He also revealed that Baitullah is an American agent and this is the reason he has not been targeted by the US drones.

Haji Turkistan said that Baitullah is misguiding innocent youths on the instigation by Israel and India to destroy mosques and educational institutions and martyr religious scholars inside Pakistan.

This comes after Qari Zainuddin, a rival commander of Tehrik-e-Taliban Chief Baitullah Mehsud, on Wednesday disclosed that the TTP has links with India and Israel. He said that Baitullah Mehsud has acted against Islam as well as the country and if not eliminated now, militancy would surge and problems for the government would grow.

In an exclusive interview with Geo News, Zainuddin Mehsud said though Baitullah was wearing the cap of Mujahideen but all his actions were against Islam and the country, adding they would support military action against him. See (Baitullah Mehsud exposed and denounced by Afghan Taliban)

Qari Zainuddin recalled that his group and Baitullah Mehsud’s were together with Abdullah Mehsud prior to his killing. After his death, Baitullah Mehsud founded the Tehrik-e-Taliban, Pakistan leading to differences between his group and Baitullah’s. The split came over Baitullah Mehsud’s activities inside Pakistan, that Islam did not permit.

Zainuddin said after their split, they moved to Shakai.

Qari said when Maulana Hasan Jan declared suicide attacks “Haram” (forbidden) under Islam, he was martyred within three days. “These people (Baitullah) are working against Islam. When Baitullah accepts responsibilities for all such actions there is no doubt about his hand in the same,” Commander Zainuddin Mehsud said. About Baitullah’s links with al-Qaeda, the Qari said he did not know about any such thing.

On the other hand, a Taliban commander from Orakzai Hafiz Saeed rejected the claims of Qari Zainuddin. He told Geo News that Zain was playing into the hands of the government to defame the TTP. He said the Qari is neither the successor of Baitullah nor has any affiliation with the TTP.

Qari Zainuddin also conceded differences between his group and Baitullah’s when late Abdullah Mehsud took over the movement. They separated over suicide attacks and actions inside Pakistan. Actually, the Taliban movement had been formed to fight against the foreign forces in Afghanistan but Baitullah turned against Pakistan.

Zainuddin said they would have no objection if the Army launches action against Baitullah, adding if the Taliban moved into their area they would fight against them. “We would stand by the Ulema and elders of the area,” he said. He said they would welcome any action against Baitullah either by the military or by the local people. However, they would give preference to the action against Baitullah by the Mehsuds themselves adding this way casualties would be minimised. He said that his peace accord with the government is intact

Qari Zain said that Mulla Nazir in South Waziristan and Gul Bahadur in North Waziristan were their allies. They are part of Tehrik-e-Taliban Afghanistan and their alliance is against infidels and foreign troops in the neighbouring country. Foreign militants including Uzbeks were evicted from the Wazir areas by peace loving Taliban. However, in the Mehsud-inhabited areas there were around 450 to 1,500 Uzbeks. He denied having heard about the presence of Arabs in the area.

Qari Zainuddin said the whole of Fata and areas around the Durand Line including Paktika and Paktia are inhabited by the same tribesmen. People move on either side of the border whether it was peace then or strife now.

To a question about Pakistan’s alliance with the United States, he said it was for the state to adopt a policy. He said if people and Ulema support action against Baitullah Mehsud, he would be eliminated otherwise he would create more problems for the country. “It is time to eliminate Baitullah now, otherwise no such opportunity would come in future and he would further increase headache for the government,” Zain warned.



  1. What will Pakistanis do now ?
    Refuse the US aid ?

    • 100% it has to be done now but…! we have traitors in our lines so it is not possible right now but we must stop bagging from others.
      what good Iqbal said…
      us rizq say mout achi
      jis rizq say ati ho parwaz main kotahi…..

      • You mean brother, that US aid has been refused? I haven’t heard of that. If you don’t mind, any links, please?

    • @neel123

      I guess refusing or accepting aid isnt as bad as selling your sisters and mothers to bollywood so that they can be displayed as cheap porn now ..isnt it neel ? 😀

      • To me, they’re equally disgusting. Dealing in interest/ usury is, according to the Quran, an open war against Allah and His Prophet (S.A.A.W). And that’s what this aid is all about. It’s a form of slavery.

        Selling our women is no better either. That’s a form of slavery too.

    • This is bogus. Why would US attack against him?

  2. Iqbal may say anything. One thing everybody understands is ” Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”. I do not know where this PKKH site get these stories from. Why are they not reported in the main steam media. Maybe they have only writers who hate the USA and makeup stories to satisfy a small portion of the people from Pakistan who love to read some BS conspiration theory.

    P.S. I am sure Iqbal has also said ” Dont bite the hand that feeds you”. Remember the country of Pak is only solvent because of the US aid…

    • “first I would like to know where iqbal says that.”
      next its not muslim thinking money talks.
      “Ghaour” muslim prefer death over life. and as russia colapsed with us aid now us will also colapse with his own aid. just wait and see.

    • Sad But True

    • Now, Hindu terrorist will tell us that what should we do.

      @SK: One of your “DEVTA” named as “CHANAKIYA” told you that whenever a foriegn power indaves you then you should first try to appease that invader by giving him your in-house “Female-stuff”. Is this the teaching of your HOLY DEVTA and so called wicked conspiracy theorist.

      “CHANAKIYA” also taught you to maintain bad relations with neighbours and good with the enemies of neighbours. What nonsense. You Hindus should arrange a “COW MATA” and assign her a duty to pee (Sacred Hindu Cow Piss and record selling drink in India) as much as she can on the “TOMB” of CHANKIYA.

      I can share more quotations of CHANAKIYA with you, if you like so but I think it is unnecessary to write all the filth uttered by him.

      • Mohammad Amir……bravado bro.

        Would you apply the same ‘appeasment’ theory as mentioned by M.Amir to pakistani fighters……….if so…..i would like your bolywood gurlz

  3. @ SK

    If these are mere stories and not worth anything then why are you wasting time here SK ?

    Your mere cow-stinking presence here is enough to validate atleast some facts on this forum.

    As for the US Aid goes ..buddy, beggars cant be choosers is the befitting term for India. We are getting aid for the land routes and logistics we provide to the US..your politicians HAD TO BEG US for nuclear technology :D. But the sad part is that despite being 10 times larger than us, it is an honour for you to consider us as your enemies because you know very well that WE ARE YOUR MASTERS :d.

    For a country where 75% of the people dont have access to a toilet shouldnt be worries about others solvency but rather should be worrying about where they are going to take their next shit.

    If slum dog millionaire didnt ring any bell when will you get your head out the cows ass ?

    • emperor babur, i tried once but couldn’t give a fantastic reply like urs to such idiots. anyway keep it up as ur replies are very important to keep a lot of ppl been saved from confusion.

    • superb….. reply dear….

  4. Here ..this is a mainstream pakistani newspaper repeating the same thing..http://www.thenews.com.pk/updates.asp?id=80878

  5. @SK

    Its quite right Emperor Babar , SK open your Eye and stop your people to interfair in afghanistan and Pakistan
    Be remeber Be remeber Be remeber
    You are playing with fire You are playing with fire

    No one can cheat the Pakistani Nation it is great country have Brave people neither eneimies nor the bloody forign agents

    There are the armies be defeted no one can defeat the Nation, All the Pakistani awaking against enimies 160 million peoples just behinde the one call imagin just behind the one call
    Do not underestimate the Pakistani Nation ever

    Pakistan Payenda baad !!!!!!!!!

  6. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by Musharaf …ask Gen Hamid Gul 🙂

  7. I just saw this on DAWN News.. the guy also said he is an eye witness to Bait Ullah dispatching men to kill BB and he knows who the guys are and that he and some other friends who have broken away from Bait Ullah are ready to testify against him in the court. What we should do now is to secure the area so we can have our army randevous with these people.. and secure the men who can testify against him. Then push forward and take Wana with locl support. F to the U to C to K you India!!

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  11. Assalamu Alaikum.
    My cousin shifted from Swat last year when the fitna was in its initial stages… He went there a few months ago to gather the rest of his household items as he was forced to seek refuge in Lahore with his family…
    He says he saw a med. report of some of the dead TTP fasadeez… their reports showed excess usage of hypnosis and mind altering drugs… And as DAWN NEWS TV showed in an episode, a Russian Scotch bottle was found. I believe RUSSIA and IRAN are equally involved, IRAN more covertly… My maternal uncle Tayyab is the Secretary at Garrison Army Club Peshawar… He says many Iranian miscreants have been captured from Balochistan… Anyways, the main point here is that not to sound conspiracist, but the KGB specialises in mind control assasin buildup like the CIA’s MK ULTRA program (search Google). The fasadeez are not only brainwashed with “jihadi literature” but foremostly with such drugs. Imagine!!

    • US,UK,Israel,Afghanistan,India,Russia,Iran, ….. Go on keep adding!!!!

  12. its true

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